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Acteon is a specialist subsea services company. Acteon Group Ltd is registered in England, with its headquarters in Norwich.

A former Administrator from Mount Laurel, NJ shares his/her experience working at Acteon in a review published by INDEED: Cons The list of cons is numerous. 1. No human resource dept or manager to go to for grievances or help 2. Yearly pay rate increases very small 3. Use of employee time to stay late to finish the workday (on employee's time) is okay but in reverse, every minute an employee is not at work (personal reason, Drs appt, etc ) has to be made up and accounted for. 3. There is no general manager just a lot of departmental managers. 4. Very elitist and very cliquey 5. Employees very micromanaged 6. Too much moaning and complaining going on to enjoy the workplace


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