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SanDisk is a brand of Western Digital for flash memory products, including memory cards and readers, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives. It was acquired by Western Digital in 2016. As of March 2019, Western Digital is the fourth-largest manufacturer of flash memory having declined from third-largest in 2014.

A former product development team lead says, "Management at SanDisk does a very poor job in retaining good employees. Politics and power struggles make some teams very dysfunctional. Training and professional development are almost non existent."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long working hours, zero work life balance"

Operations Analyst says

"Bad management on higher level. Not clear what are their plans for Amsterdam and Dublin office. They are hiring in Prague: law salary and unskilled manager"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Favored few treated incredibly well by local management If not one of the favored few, treated poorly Local management ran off valuable talent"

Former Employee - Staff Firmware Engineer says

"Too narrow domain. Difficult to get employment outside with the skill sets you learn at Sandisk (in case you wish to change). High work pressure compared to the compensation. No travel and no training opportunities."

Current Employee - Operator says

"Not friendly and enyoble environment around there"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of direction with managers that like to play politics. BUs constantly fight with each other and are more focused on expanding territory than doing what's best for the company."

Former Employee - Senior Packaging Development Engineer says

"A very pushy but unreasonably pushy culture, sometimes in chaos. And in packaging R&D you are not respected by your big boss. He even abuses lousy words to shatter your self-esteem. I believe he can only do so in China cause if it's in the West, he'll be sued."

Former Employee - Product Development Team Lead says

"Management does a very poor job in retaining good employees. Politics and power struggles make some teams very dysfunctional. Training and professional development are almost non existent."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely incompetent company - if you are an MBA this should be the last company you should consider to join. Dumb HR and University relations folks, mere puppets and screwed incompetent management. HR is super wannabe and clueless. If you are a Michigan, UCLA, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, grad, they will trap you for a 4.5 yrs. RUN RUN RUN from this culture lacking company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers were in too many meetings"

Firmware Validation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I am working here as contractor since last 6 months... Please dont work as contractor... They will say like we will hire you as regular employee after 6 months.. But they don't.. So don't trust, If you have better option please leave... Work culture is good.. Lots of learning...Flexible work timing...Worst policies for contractors"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"There is no personal life balance. I work 13+ hour days and am exempt. Have worked every weekend 6+ hours on both days... still. Asked for time off a month in advance for one day and told no because of yet another reporting crisis. Management is horrid. No control over deadlines. No idea of what it takes to do the jobs of employees. Am looking to get out ASAP. Always ask what happened to the people who did your job before you. These aren't new jobs. The jobs open are backfills for people fleeing..Nonemanagement, structure, hours"

Material & Inventory Control (Current Employee) says

"Uncontrolled process from top management to down level. No structure and discipline or rules in managing the business.N/aN/a"

Staff Customer Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company to anyone Management has much to be desired They treat you like an entry level person and micro manageThere aee no prosEvceythng"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Culture is very much of the isralei militant style - do as I say or else. I found that key management positions were filled mostly by Iraseli nationals and promotion ceiling was limited. Very matrix, consensus driven - if you work well in bureaucratic and decision by committee then this place is right for you. If on the hand you prefer to be rewarded for your individiual contributions and can drive change without all decisions funneled through groups then this is not the place for you.good paylimited career advancement - everything moves very slowly"

Sales Operations Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"100% turn over during my tenure. Management did not know how to operate systems and were not willing to learn. All training provided through co-workers. No accountability, all failures were blamed on staff. Expected to be tethered to your laptop or phone no matter what time of day, 80+ hour work weeks are not uncommon. Absolutely zero work / life balance."

IT Ops 24 X 7 Helpdesk (Current Employee) says

"on the direction to stable the operation Learning new technologies In a Great Group and management Progress to next level nice environment to work in PlaceGood Salaryworking hours, Travel out site Island"

Senior Reliability Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Only Indians and Israelis get fair promotions. Some hardworking employees with 7+ years of experience get stuck in their roles with no promotion, multiplied by being a female. . Even being a key team person with very long working hours and high achievements does not matter. This is where favoritism talks.Gym and volleyball court is definitely a hit.No sick days! Being sick means losing vacation days!!"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"My ratings says it all. Directors and managers are nothing but figure heads. Co-workers were nice.Free oatmeal breakfastInexperienced management, wrong people promoted to management positions"

Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Lots to know about the technologies used. Work pressure is more when the projects are in queue. Working environment is cool and fun.Friendly environmentWork pressure"

Director, Emerging Technology and Innovation (Former Employee) says

"It is as you would expect at SanDisk. SemiCon company that hires and lays off employees often. Due to the nature of the industry, it is feast or famine. The management of the company seems somewhat reactive/tactical rather than proactive/strategic."

Test Consultant (Former Employee) says

"good to work there ,but knoweledge improvement is less ,worst behaviour with contractors"

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"learned much about sales from that job. didn't excite me much as their products don't amuse me. Achieved all sales targets with in given memory cards.long hours."

Quality Engineer (Contract) says

"Poor upper management, internal politics, treat contractors and external employees showcasing same al the time. Good infrastructure and work culture.Network is good"

operator (Former Employee) says

"work as operator and control the machine tu build a memory card.I learned how to control the machine.Management is overall very okay culture in sandisk is very okay with an aircond.we can do the work very bestfree lunch every wednesdayhealtycare, short break"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"They work you to death there. Exempt employees are seen as not working hard enough if putting in less than 50 hour work weeks. Personal/home/health are not given any weight over work for the company."

marketing manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor management. Very difficult to get work done, regardless of importance. A large number of layoffs of very competent people."

Senior Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very centralized authority. SanDisk acquired by WDC and the environment changed for the worse. Senior management on the whole is quite poor - leadership lacks."

Mask Layout (Current Employee) says

"Diverse, international, mix of cultures. However, people prefer to speak in their native tongue. So, it looks like most people gravitate towards the culture they are familiar with. Few groups are mix. They expect you to always be available and not take time off for family when it's a busy season. You might have to say goodbye to thanksgiving (like you have to work). When it's not busy it's very relaxed. I want to ask questions, although I don't feel like those working there a long time freely give answers that would help the whole team. There are few of them that do. I heard that this is a good place to retire at, and now I get that. If you are young, learn here, you will learn a lot, and leave for better. If you plan to have kids, don't stay, WD benefits suck. Really high deductible, I heard giving birth with WD benefits is 10% hospital bill. It seems like those who climbed the ladder here and are successful here have a bad home life (ie. divorced, or bad relationship with kids, kids say, "why arent you home?", or adultery, or never see their gf/bf)...yes people gossip...So if you want your work life balance, be on your guard. I believe the long commute isn't helping.Good location, free electric car charge, free gymHealth ins is not good, not fun, people here who are successful do not demonstrate good work life balance"

Director Operations (Former Employee) says

"many 14 hour days middle management layer (sr manager and director 1) beware. co-workers are the best. Intelligent and hard working Exec management transparent - good Many positions off shoring."

sweet sue says

"I bought this card I'm good faith and was so dissatisfied with the packaging and failure of this product.i needed extra memory and it didn't do anything! I'm about to loose $38.000.because this card doesn't work .due to the Corona virus I have neither transportation to town or the $ to keep buying duds. I will most certainly file a law suit against SanDisk for the thirty eight thousand they have caused me to loose and three times that amount for all the ainxiety stress a health risk taken to procure yet another dude, I so trusted this company to deliver what was promised . instead I have lost any means of income .the packaging was ridiculous.trying to open this was beyond stressful.unless you carry a knife good luck trying to open this thing. A true business man or respectable company would not promise to provide a solid product but instead decive and steal people s $. . this is no way to run a successful word means everything and I stand by my word.but SanDisk has no intention s to be honest & trustworthy.. this is why America is failing because being g dishonest is rampant & people don't stand by their word,,, ( used car salesman is a better word for this company. I have no other option than to pursue legal action due to negligence.."

Phil R. says

"Bought a SD card via Amazon a few months ago. The Card was in my tablet all it's life but now its broken for some reason. All data lost and no answer from SanDisk customer support yet... Hope they'll improve their customer relations by sticking to their promises aka "lifetime warranty""

Projectile Objects says

"Cheap inferior products. I've been using anywhere from 40-70 microSD cards each year and over the last 4 years almost every Sandisk MicroSD card has failed, become corrupted, slow, and problematic. These are junk. Thus far I have been fine with Samsung, Patriot, and Kingston cards. But all of the Sandisk cards are awful and SanDisk won't do anything about it."

Ed says

"Scandisk doesn't believe in free speech. I am a veteran and fought for that right. I will not use this companies products. I am asking all my veteran brothers join me."