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Sampo Oyj is a Finnish financial company made up of the parent company Sampo plc and If P&C Insurance Holding Ltd, Mandatum Life Insurance Company Ltd and Topdanmark, all of which are its subsidiaries. The parent company in Helsinki administers the subsidiaries. Sampo Group employs nearly 9,400 employees. Kari Stadigh is the Group CEO and President for Sampo.

A former employee said this on Indeed "Consultants are mistreated and not paid for the hours they work at Sampo. Does not pay market rate. IT leaders unskilled, unprofessional and in need of training. Consultants and employees are spoken to in an unprofessional manner. Questionable leadership and direction of CEO. Inappropriate relationships".


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production engineer (Current Employee) says

"don't expect to much out of this company and a typical day at work and the hardest part of the job will be getting along with your boss if he/she hates younonelong hours if you have something urgent to finsih"

CLERK (Current Employee) says

"Work place are safe but workmates not safe yung rules ng HR sila nagawa sila naman di nasunod kinukurakot nila ang dapat na ipapamigay sa emplyedo palpak lahat ng activies na ginagawa nilaFree 1 cup ricenone"

machinist (Former Employee) says

"this campany have big facility to fabricate mold and specialist at designing of new mold has a facilities for production area.and it has a large amount of press machine."

Warehouseman (Former Employee) says

"More work in company than salary..koripot korean management... Small salary... Not all ot time never paid off.. Imfortant request related on production not accepted..NoHealthcare"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company do not have a established program for career and salary advancement. Training program is still at its start up stage still no salary increase plan for the whole company."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"I am a visual operator at sampo ... We check all electronic parts that the machine produced ... Before pass through our quality assurance team and go out of the company transportationshort hours"

production manager (Former Employee) says

"PDCA work new techniques from thin to thick metal fab. not that fast in decision making friendly co-workers regular improvement. as big happy familynice canteentoo much humid during summer"

Tom Jane says

"I never signed up for this, however, they keep on sending me spam!"

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