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Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple, based on the WebKit engine. First released on the desktop in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther, a mobile version has been bundled with iOS devices since the iPhone's introduction in 2007. Safari is the default browser on Apple devices. A Windows version was available from 2007 to 2012. A review published by SAUCE LABS back in Aug 2011 mentions Safari 5 as The Surprising Worst Browser: Safari 5, the latest in browser technology from the most valuable company in the world, is by far the worst on the market. Go have another look at that number it’s almost twice as bad as second-worst, the oft-maligned IE6. And that comparison is unfair to IE6. See, Safari 5 was released recently, like Opera 11, IE9, and FF5. Those are the browsers whose error rates were unfairly good. Like them, all Safari 5 jobs were run on our newer, ultra-stable OnDemand infrastructure. We should expect it to have an extremely low error rate as they do, but instead, its error rate is ten times worse. At first, we thought the high error rate could be the result of the fact that we always run Safari on Windows, while it's made by Apple.  That's easy to dismiss because earlier versions of Safari were fine. Then we explored the possibility that the errors were caused by always running Safari 5 in proxy mode for arcane Selenium reasons. So we looked at the average error rate for non-Safari jobs run in proxy mode, and it put things back into perspective.


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Room Leader (Former Employee) says

"Was never supported by management, too much work overload, left on my own a lot of time, no clear communication with management owner and staff, staff always upset and leaving, pressured to work over time, never leave work on time, very rarely got breaks, never granted any leave for holiday or even hospital appointments would highly recommend to avoid working for this company, was also forced to sign that if we left we couldn’t work in another setting on Colchester"

Teaching Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Literally DO NOT apply to Safari Childcare there is only 2 locations left and must ask yourself why. The location in Hanover Park SUCKS. It is UNDER staffed, there are LEAD teachers who are not supposed to be leads they do not have the proper trainings or qualifications to RUN a classroom. They are NEVER in ratio it was such a devestating experience working here. I am so disappointed in Safari childcare the directors and owners who are involved there. Work and send your children at your OWN RISK. Cons: Everything"

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Classrooms and school are dirty and things are never fixed, very high turn over rate with directors and teachers and staff is treated very dispensable. Micromanaged and treated unfairly by district managers and worked ridiculously long hours with no breaks. Teachers are not paid enough to do all the dirty work and not given any perks, no teamwork or unity. No job security, always walking on egg shells around upper management, very inconsistent. Kids and teachers were great but the company is going under. Disgusted with how upper management treated people."

Teacher Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It's not worth it to work here even as a starting job. They treat the staff like slaves and don't care about the well being of the children. I went from being an assistant teacher to cook and cleaning lady to shoveling snow outside in the winter. Better off working somewhere else."

Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The company is corrupt, has constant disregard of DCFS standards, under fed children, does not care for health and safety of children, does not care/appreciate staff, treats families horribly, does not properly train staff, etc. Cons: Everything"

Director (Former Employee) says

"This company's horrible reviews are right on! Employees are over worked, hired with no plan. They ripped me off mileage that was owed to me for training with the company and drove over 100 miles a day for them and they sent me a check for 10.00. The "regional" directors talk behind employees backs and have no regard for the teachers or directors who work for them. They are also trying to implement "hooked on phonics" which is worksheets where the kids try to learn to read. The environment is miserable, teachers left out of ratios classroom's are not stocked to DCFS standards and the classrooms are filthy! Kids out of control, while I was there a teacher was so disgruntled that he left out the back door and never returned. DCFS closed down 2 of there centers while I worked within the month I was there. Scary place! Cons: see above"

Teacher Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This place should be shut down."

Assistant Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This company only cares about money! They did not respect their employees and were rude to the parents. The children and parents were the only reason I went to work everyday"

Lead teacher (Former Employee) says

"I would have never applied if I read the reviews for this chain of day cares. I was only there for a couple days and that was long enough after experiencing the horrible care for these children. I had no experience in childcare but they offered me a lead teacher position. When I questioned their offer based on my lack of experience they said its not a problem because they would train me. Their training was an hour video that everyone had to watch and one day of shadowing another teacher. The manager kept telling me that she would come in and show me how to properly change the children's diapers and she never did. Therefor, the kids had to wait till another teacher had the time to come change them. My second day, they had me watch 10 two year olds by myself except for lunch/snack times and nap time. Let me remind you that I have only watched two toddlers at a time in my whole life and this was way past my experience level. There was one child with a milk allergy that they gave milk despite his parents final straw was when I caught bronchitis from one of the employees and a couple of sick children so I had to call off and go to the doctors. I had a doctors note that said I was not to go back to work for 24 hours and the manager called me and said she didn't care I was sick, I still had to come in because they were short staffed. I would never apply there, I would never take my children there, I will never recommend that place to anyone! They should be disgusted of themselves and be shut down by dcfs! Cons: poor management, high turnover rate, inexperienced workers, does not follow parents direction"

director (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Everything mentioned in these reviews is true. I sincerely believe the company will go under soon due to poor management and total disregard for employees and families. Firing people is a sport for them and anticipated by most. Yes, run as fast as you can. Cons: everything from the quality of care to the management."

Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Setting up breakfast, lunch and snack time for a classroom of 20+ children age range 3-4 years old. Story time, puppet shows, play time and nap time."

teacher assistant (Former Employee) says

"i don't like the management. i've worked there for almost five months and i never got the full time job and sometimes they would let me go there scheduled from 1-6 but they'll give me an hour and a half break which is stupid. they also don't treat their teachers and assistant teachers that good. when i worked there, i felt like i was a slave. i hate that place but loved my co workers as well as the kids. Cons: you're a teacher and a cleaner as well. LOL"

Teacher's Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is by FAR the worst company ever. I can't even begin to scratch the surface with how crooked,dishonest,morally bankrupt,and callous this company is. The owner sends out scathing emails to the directors,and has little to no regard for his employees. I worked at the McHenry location,and it is what I would consider trailer trash quality. Those poor kids....there are a small handful of great,caring,truly genuine teachers there,and to be honest,they are typically the assistants. The leads there are absolutely terrible. I wonder how many of them actually LIKE children. Cons: low pay, fluctuating hours, rude co-workers, unprofessional and rude director, DCFS regulations completely disregarded, etc"

maintenance (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst place I've ever worked! If you are reading this, please listen to what I say. Keep looking!! In one year, I seen more people get hired and then fired, about a 190 people!!! Management and owner has no clue, how to run a business. I was like you and read the reviews, that is when I should have gotten a clue but I still took the job. Cons: pay, hours, never happy, will never give an employee a complement."

Center Director/Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"In the short time I worked for Safari Childcare I was thrown around and made to work long hours with no added compensation. A typical day at work started at 8 AM and was supposed to end at 6:30 PM, but typically I was there until 8 or 9 PM with no breaks. Salaried employees were required to work AT LEAST 50 hours per week. No hard work was ever recognized. I was constantly hearing about the owner being in a poor mood and "terminating all directors". The Human resource department was a revolving door. New teachers, directors, business managers, marketing assistants were hired and fired weekly. No one ever received a reason for being fired. They were just told to leave. The entire staff in the corporate office, my school and all of the other 9 schools changed within the 6 months I was with them. Directives were given, but no additional resources to complete the tasks were given or offered. High stress environment all day every day. Cons: very very poorly managed"

lead teacher infant room (Former Employee) says

"I only gave one star because there is not a button for no stars! Avoid at all costs! Poor management, non-comply with dcfs, company in general more interested in money , and building an empire than quality care for kids. Center in Palatine is the worst center I have worked at! Cons: ev, erything, breaks skipped"

Director (Former Employee) says

"If there was any way possible to rate using 0 stars, I would. I recently left Safari as a Center Director in 'training' and while I would not have originally thrown them under the bus, they played a pathetic game of “hold onto her paycheck until we have her key back" so here goes: First, they make you sign a contract that you must work 8am-6pm everyday (okay) without a break (NOT okay) and you are strongly looked down upon if you come in at 8 and leave at exactly 6 because "it's hard work that ends up paying off if you put the work in." Sure, I'd believe that except that being a director does not also mean being a cook, janitor, and teacher. Yes, DCFS does say that with less than 50 kids in the facility, a director may act as a teacher in a classroom. However, it is nearly impossible to cook, clean, do daily director duties, and be an attentive teacher to the children. Having the director "step in as teacher" is simply a cheap fix for the company not to pay for the additional- necessary-staff to be there. They were constantly on me for making sure that I send staff home immediately when we could combine kids. Regardless of what stipulations DCFS may have, the safety of the children is first and foremost. It is never feasible to place a barely-walking 2 year old in the same room as 4 and 5 year olds just to save money by not using the staff. Bottom line with this particular subject: they used DCFS as a scapegoat when it meant saving money for them but otherwise did not comply with many of their regulations. Speaking of staff…a couple of the girls there were very hard workers Cons: NO breaks, Ridiculous unpaid hours, No proper training"

Center Director (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited when Safari Childcare hired me. After couple weeks I find out that the company has to many violations with DCFS and the environment wasn't ideal for the children. Also there employees are not properly trained and the safety of the children concern me the most. The company don.t have good benefits for the employees and pay minimum wages. Safari Childcare careless about parents and employees complains when incidents happened at the center. Cons: No breaks, long hours, bad salary and no vacations"

Lead teacher (Former Employee) says

"They have you working over ratio,"

Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place for kids. No advancement. No pay raises. Lots of responsibility Cons: No advancement. No pay raises"

Former Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time Cons: No schedule just til done"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than a year Cons: I've been wanting to write a review for months but find it hard to put into words what a circus Safari is. I have never in my life felt such negativity in a workplace. Despite my best efforts of keeping my head down and just doing my job well, they still find ways to reprimand you for the most INSIGNIFICANT things! Even for something as silly as NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SHADE OF ORANGE/GREEN. No one is treated like an adult here. It is a complete joke. No headphones or phone calls allowed. The only thing I felt after being gone is pure relief. If you have any respect for yourself, a desire to grow as a professional, or any dignity, do not work here. On another note, the sales/customer care floor has no windows. Expect to feel MAJOR anxiety two weeks in. Please know that all the good reviews you see on here are fake and written mostly by upper management and HR. I know this because I overheard a manager at the time talk about it out loud without knowing I was nearby. If you take the time to read through all the negative reviews and come across those that talk about a "life coach" that was hired, everything said about her is true. Also, something very disturbing to me - they removed paid maternity leave and replaced it with 3 paid days if your pet were to pass away or if you adopt one... Please note that I ignored all the bad reviews before interviewing because I told myself that I will make my own judgement since some people are just bitter or have different ways of seeing things but boy do I regret that. Don't make the same mistake."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than a year Cons: Originally, I believed the biggest challenge at Safari LTD would stem from a lack of systems and organization within upper management. However, I quickly realized that inflated egos, office politics and administrative incompetence would prove to be bigger obstacles. These dynamics are not supportive nor reinforcing to productivity. Due to ambiguous policies - procedures and the inconsistent application and enforcement of both, I feel I was deprived of fair and equitable treatment. They do not hire employees of value and I strongly suggest you (potential applicant) refuse to settle for any form of disrespect or maltreatment, particularly from individuals whose only credibility resides in their job title, as opposed to demonstrated excellence and leadership. I’m positive my experience isn’t an isolated one. The turnover rates and lack of employee engagement and satisfaction are further evidence of their inability to attract, develop and retain talent. I would have shared more information with management but I have little faith that information gathered would be compiled to formulate a retention strategy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than a year Cons: HR and team has been in a panic lately posting laughable fake five star reviews. Do not believe them. The truth is this: Safari Ltd. is by far the greatest disappointment to all current and past employees, not to mention an eyesore within the toy industry. At first glance, it appears a place of promise but quickly becomes known that something is wrong. That something, is everything. The executive teams social and professional insecurities trickle down through managers to employees. Neither member of the executive team hold any valuable, employable skills, or are in no way shape or form servant leaders. The executive team have no respect or regard for the health and well-being of employees. The President has a health care background but it doesn’t show with her inability to act as a decent human being. It’s impossible for her to have a normal conversation. Instead the executive team operates by fear mongering, helicoptering, constant surveillance of employees by monitoring key card access, reading employee emails, skype conversations, listening to voicemails. WiFi and cell phone blockers placed in the building ensure employees have no access to the outside world during office hours. Pay is inadequate and imbalanced. New employees can earn triple the pay of what a co-worker is making that started 9 years ago. If you go to HR to argue a higher wage they justify actions by discussing benefits you’d never actually receive. "Managers" chosen for promotions are also proof of the fact that they have no idea what they are doing. Keep in mind, their solution to everything is firing. If you choose to be employed by Safari Ltd., make it brief. Always know that you are easy to replace. Their words, not mine."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Stay away from this place aka Cult work place. Company will mistreat and bully you till you mentally break down. Bullying and harassment of employees is the norm. Employees were timed while on their bathroom BREAK, constantly watched on camera and micromanaged to an extreme level that disrupts the work place and work day. No room for errors. Multiple employees were restricted from getting water in the kitchen and expect you to not hunger or thirst in a 8 hour work day. There’s no lunch break for most employees and we were not allowed to order any outside food delivery although owners order food all the time. Not to mention they hired a someone that reads the employees tarot cards during work hours and Employees have been forced to get readings regardless of their beliefs or religion. This is a work around strategy to not violate privacy laws because this is what the company uses to tap into their employees personal lives and consequently fire them depending on how the reading goes. Very high turn over rate. You'd think the company is closing down because they have cleaned house but the company will never recover under the current leadership and situation that it is in."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Forced fake work culture. Your first mistake is the beginning of the end, there is no redemption. You can't take vacation or you will put your job in jeopardy. Micromanagement for everyone all the time. In performance reviews no one can get over a 3 out 5 (self reviews or reviews from managers). Business decisions are made based on how on of the owners feel rather than on actual data that makes sense. Priorities for running a company are way out of line. Esthetics take priority over ensuring the company is healthy. You must be mediocre to ensure longevity. Don't be a rock star, it's as bad as constantly messing up. Growth within the company is not possible. Benefits continually disappear. You can't have your own opinion, if the owners ask a question you must agree with them. Appear happy or you could be let be let go for it no matter how well you perform. No lunch break for anyone."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Its ran like a cult . Youre looked down on and constantly walking on egg shells because you never know when you're next to get fired.The "Executives" are real angry people. Don't understand why."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than a year Cons: Toxic work environment, no room for career growth, no work-life balance, questionable HR practices. You can't even listen to music or have your cellphone out (they WILL write you up)."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for less than a year Cons: - No lunch, you work all 8 hours straight. (I think this is illegal) - Management makes stupid decisions, perfect example wanting to cut all PPC campaign budgets and only sticking with organic search to drive online sales. We are in the 21st century good luck competing with Amazon. - Management works with companies that don't do their jobs then wonder why they are bleeding money. - Don't let management catch you with a plastic bag or plastic utensils, you will get in trouble. - Management will go through your desk when you are not there. - Everyone hates working there, but they won't tell you because they need a job. - Never go against management, if they say the blue ball is purple and you tell them no its blue be prepared to be fired. - This is the type of place you come in shut up and just do as your told. You will never really feel free at this job or feel like you can grow unless you kissing someones butt."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Safari Programs full-time for more than a year Cons: This toy company is unfortunately run by two children. They have temper tantrums and blame everything on their employees when they themselves are clearly the problem. You never know what kind of mood they're going to be in. They're not afraid to put their employees on the spot and embarrass them in front of others. Good luck writing any kind of email to them. If your response isn't perfect, you'll get a nasty email back. Getting a day off is a hassle. Company policies change often and they're never for the employee's benefit. They very rarely promote from within the company. If you stay long enough, you'll meet a wide variety of people as they have a very high turnover rate. While the idea of working for a toy company sounds really fun and exciting, you'll instantly regret being there after maybe 2 weeks of being treated like a child."

Gabriel says

"Disappointed with,
Today 25th/ Nov. (Wedns.) received an email from their CEO about my complain (Reviews) on their TrustPilot webs. Only to realize I had send an email to them about my enquire on their Offers Tours &Packages but got Non, Nil , Nothing reply from them then Only asked me to remove the Review in order to Talk to me !!!"

Leanne Maguire says

"Expectations were high having read the positive reviews and choosing to use to help plan and organise our once-in-a-lifetime special holiday. From the initial planning stages, to the final day of our trip we came across issues including but not limited to; incorrect flight details on the E-Ticket which had to be changed prior to our flight (double flight!), incorrect spelling of one name despite providing passport information making it impossible to check-in at each of the airports throughout our 2 week vacation (almost had to leave my husband at the airport and travel alone!), part of the trip included a 3 day stay at Victoria Falls (it was dry season so why was it included!?), very poor service at Avani Resort, no communication for pick up times and when there was, they differed to the actual timings making it impossible to plan. A note from the CEO 24hrs before we were due to take our international flight home which was nice, but a little too late and sadly the offer of a bottle of wine we could not take due to the limits allowed we had already purchased during the wine tour. The best part of our experience was the 4 day stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge - this was exceptional and we wish we had stayed longer (thankfully we had already increased our stay from the initial itinerary). Overall, we have agreed that we will not be using to plan our trip next year wherein we are planning to go again with our family rather than a couple and have already made plans to organize ourselves. Various apps and within the hotels offer cheaper services for excursions so no need to pay the premium prices and use an agent in our opinion. Wonderful holiday, but the issue with the flights and constant inconsistent information provided by the representative at fell way short of expectations."

Francesca Dubla says

"They do what they say with a few let downs. The experience in itself its spectacular since everybody who wants to do a Safari dreams to see animals and you get to see them. Unfortunately the transfer experience from Johannesburg and back was not that pleasant, 1 hour delay on pick up time and unbearably hot return transfer without AC (4 hrs)"

Donald Mayer says

"The information that they did and did not provide was poor at best. They told us they couldn’t tell us what vaccinations, visas and birth certificates were required (nor did they provide any websites that could help us).
In addition, the information about the safari was incomplete and not given to us until about a week before we left. As a seasoned traveler I was lucky enough to check all these things before we left and even so I missed the need for my son to have an original copy of his birth certificate to enter Botsuana - we were lucky. The information sheet they sent said to bring water bottles and snacks but at every camp they provided those. The safari camps were nice. I would not recommend using this company to plan your safai"

helen says

"Good schedule pulled together, and majority of logistics worked well. The safari was excellent - viewing, accommodation, food, etc. There were a couple of areas - i was not advised I required a visa to get into Zimbabwe -it would have been very easy to add to my schedule. It would also have been helpful to understand the tipping protocol within the lodges. I had a couple of questions whilst I was on my trip - it was difficult to get hold of the rep."

Tracey says

"The rating is really three and half stars ( no option available ) Core was very helpful in organising our safari and worked within our budget .
The itinerary we received did not have any flight times or the name of the airline carriers. We were supplied with this information on our departure at each location. This lack of information may work for some people but we don’t like to travel with out knowing what time or what air line we are flying. Details of how the safari operates was not disclosed . On each of our destinations we had our driver and it was explained this would be our driver for our time , but on 2 seperate Occassion this changed and we were placed in other vehicles. Six in a closed vehicle is very uncomfortable and hard at Ngorongoro Crater . To be place in a vehicle with guested who have justed arrived does not work as the guide start the tour at that starting point which you have already done . Due to these changes we missed a big animals cross of about 800 animals.

Ngorongoro Crater lodge sanctuary would be renovated 2 weeks after our stay . This lodge was not a great experience . I would expect our agent to know this .
Our luggage become an issue as we needed to leave it in a secure place while we were on safari . Took a some time but was organised . However our representive to assist with the luggage on our return did not know where our luggage was. We located our luggage with security , Core took our call immediately and was ready to help , which was relief .

The safari was a great experience but could have been amazing ."