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AB SKF is a Swedish bearing and seal manufacturing company founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1907. The company manufactures and supplies bearings, seals, lubrication and lubrication systems, maintenance products, mechatronics products, power transmission products, condition monitoring systems and related services globally.

Six reasons why SKF sucks according to a former manager:

1. Clueless, self obsessed leadership team, poor strategic thought process. 2. Inexperienced people calling the shots. 3. Very few bright people who are moving out. 4. No empathy. 5. No work life balance. 6. They hire to fire.


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Trainee Engineer (Former Employee) says

"more things to learn but less effective management, for new joiner candidate, should be fit for company criteria which is changes as pr company requirement frequently. hopeless management and systemfoodingless salary"

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"SKF went down when new CEO came in instead of offering and delivering customer value they now focus on producing commodities. The people used to be the best in the business. As SKF’s market share declines the company is speeding up the downfall by getting rid of the people and resources that differentiated them. Sure is embarrassing seeing the radical decline."

Channel Lead (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the strictest and most demanding job i have ever had. the management expected the operators to work 7 days week at 12 hour days while continually taking any perks the employees had away. They also went out of their way o blame the employees for shutting the plant down instead of owning up to their greed in moving the plant to Mexico to cut production cost."

CNC Lathe Operator (Former Employee) says

"No formal training, no tooling to complete tasks properly. Cut throat environment with no advancement. Required to run multiple machines while maintaining tolerance checks for too little pay. Mandatory overtime daily and weekly.Long hours big moneyNo life outside of work"

machienist (Former Employee) says

"I don't have anything to say About SKF. But be cautious check them out I Worked a the LaVerkin Utah Facility they have moved everything to Salt Lake City. I will say. one meeting they had with employees they wanted us to say we worked there because we loved our job, they were told we have bills so we would love the work if we could take care of our bills, food, and our entertainment with the pay compensation.noneManagement was laking"

Bearing refurbisher (Current Employee) says

"loved working with these guys. Amazing people. Friendly customer orientated staff family buisness fast paced good long hours working saturdays was good yolo"

Slave (Current Employee) says

"The North Charleston facility is a joke. Blatant racism and discrimination. Underpaid employees manufacturing expensive bearings. Not the place for people of color. Favoritism at an all time high which leads to low moral. They add all kinds of unnecessary processes to hike the price of the bearings.NoneRacist, underpaid, low moral. Shady management."

Administration Assistant/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A poor company to work for, disregarded employment law at every opportunity. No encouragement or training offered then blamed staff for not completing tasks that weren't actually shown to them.NonePoor wage, no respect for staff"

Assembly Technician (Former Employee) says

"Compensation: Was hired through a staffing agency under a job title that paid less than half of what my team should have been making for the work we were doing. In the end, myself and two members of my team were directly responsible for the company achieving $250,000 OVER their projected quarterly profits, yet did not qualify for the bonus because we were technically temps. There were other people there referred to as "perma-temps" because the company was on a hiring freeze for so long that these "temps" had been working there for over three years.Values: The company as a whole seemed fine, but the particular location I worked at was lacking values in general. By the end of my first week, the only other guy they hired to work alongside me had left and I was alone for the next three weeks before they could hire anyone else. During this time, I was taken aside by my manager and offered a pseudo-supervisory promotion and a dollar an hour raise - which never happened. It was just a way to try and assure that I would stay because they needed someone to do the legwork for this contract they had just acquired. I was fine with the labor, they didn't have to lie to me.Job Security/Advancement: Like I said, the company was on a hiring freeze and they didn't take anyone other than temps, which means no matter what you'd done for them or how hard you worked they could let you go on a whim. Despite working a BARE MINIMUM of 40 hours/week for the six months I was there (all but one week I had at least 48 hours clocked and most weeks was closer to 60 or 70), I was fired after taking a Mondaytons of overtime, somewhat flexible hoursextremely underpaid, no job security"

Líder de canal de produção (Former Employee) says

"Empresa pessima de se trabalhar, trata com mal seu.Refeiçao ruimNao da oportunidade de crescimento"

Coordinador de Producción (Former Employee) says

"Pesima gerencia debido a que puestos fueron otorgados por compadrazgo y no por meritos o evaluacion. Direccion extranjera exigente pero sin colaborar en la mejora Exigencia sin inversion o mejoras en maquinaria y mantenimiento Buena paga y buenas prestaciones pero sin vida fuera de la empresa. No se respeta la metodologia y procedimientos de Calidad mintiendo a clientes en numeros y resultadosPrestacionesNulo crecimiento, Nula capacitacion, 24/7 en la empresa, No existe para ellos vida despues del trabajo"

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"From the top down worst micro managed company Iv'e ever worked for. No team work. Its not my job attitude throughout the company. Most all "workers" are fed up, frustrated, and looking for new jobs. Do not even consider taking a job here. There are plenty of othe good companies with good reviews out there.none"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Did not have a pleasant experience with this company after 10+ years. They force people out on disability when it is not necessary."

Helper (Former Employee) says

"No advancement at all. Buddy Buddy system. If you're just looking for a job then this maybe for you but if you're trying to advance I don't recommend this job for you."

Operador de empilhadeira (Former Employee) says

"sem comentários para está empresa, por não ter argumentos.beneficiossempre relatam os beneficios da empresa"

tool die maker (Current Employee) says

"Very poor management at branch level. You are a target if you whistleblow. Management needs better controlled by upper management. Very hard to move up from within. No confidentiality. Also lots of favoritism. Depending who you are depends on what you can do and how management treats you. Back stabbing atmoshphere and you walk on egg shells. You are not coached or assisted. Manager will not tell you that you made mistakes he will write them down then when he gets several he will call you to office tell you what you did and write you up. Very poor leadership.weekly payno leadership, management weak, co-workers back stab you"

Ingénieur R&Innovations (Former Employee) says

"A éviter absolument: les employés passent leur temps à se poignarder dans le dos et se plaindre de vous à vos supérieurs. Les plus mauvais restent dans cette entreprise et s'y sentent très bien, les autres s'en vont...On ne change pas une équipe qui perd!Salaires correctsIl y en a tellement..."

Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Job secuirty is not there. They not even ask you why and what problem you are facing in organization they only appriciate the mask people who know how to make fool to management. Same way some people take advantage of your and represent his name infront of management for evrything and make his place safe.Salary on time and other facilty like gifts and bonus are goodYou can not say when you will fired from your job"

General Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Just don't do it there is better place's out there to work for. With better wages and Better working conditions and not run by the ss. Go work in tesco yall be happier."

Assemblt (Former Employee) says

"The middle to upper management is quite possibly the worst I have ever come across - the training is abysmal, but you are expected to know everything without being shown. The shop floor staff in the main are an amazing bunch, just let down by imbecilic management. The only company I have ever worked for that I would not recommend to anyone - their working practises are as old as their Stonehouse sote that hasn’t seen a penny of investment in decades... Couldn’t wait to leave, would give a lower rating if possible...Good shop floor staffEverything else"

Management says

"Over last 3 years company has placed inexperienced mangers in place in US HQ in PA. Fire without cause at anytime. Overpriced commodity product. Competition eating their lunch. Sales and Engineering - look elsewhere for work! "

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