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San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) provides natural gas and electricity to San Diego County and southern Orange County in southwestern California, United States. It is owned by Sempra Energy, a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego.

The article below was written back in September 2008 by Tony Perry for the Los Angeles Times reporting about how a jury awarded $55.6 million to the families of four United States Marine aviators killed when their UH-1 helicopter crashed into a 130-foot-tall SDG&E utility tower at Camp Pendleton. The amount awarded included $15.2 million in compensatory damages and $40.4 million in punitive damages. The jury held SDG&E responsible for $9.48 million of the compensation amount and all of the punitive damages. The four died when their helicopter, a UH-1N known as a Huey, crashed into a 130-foot-tall utility tower at the Marine Corps base. The families filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against San Diego Gas & Electric Co., alleging that the company was negligent for not installing safety lights on the tower in rugged Talega Canyon. The jury's decision included $15.2 million in compensatory damages and $40.4 million in punitive damages. SDG&E said in a statement that it would appeal the judgment. Since the crash, the company has installed lights, said Todd Macaluso, the lawyer for the families. "We feel justice has finally been done," Macaluso said. "At the end of the day, we made things safer for other Marines." Capt. Adam Miller, 1st Lt. Michael Lawlor, Staff Sgt. Lori Privette and Cpl. Joshua Harris was killed in the crash. All Iraq veterans, they were part of a helicopter squadron attached to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit. They were practicing late-night, low-level flying when the crash occurred. The $15.2 million was based on lost income and loss of companionship for the Marines' families. The $40.4 million was based on the jury's belief that SDG&E acted with malice in not providing lighting. Of the $15.2 million, $2.2 million was for the loss of income. Under the jury's decision, SDG&E is responsible for the full amount. Of the remaining $13 million of the $15.2 million, the jury found the company responsible for 56% or $7.28 million. The remaining amount has ruled the responsibility of parties who were not part of the lawsuit, including the pilot. SDG&E is responsible for the entire $40.4 million in punitive damages. Macaluso argued that the utility was aware of the dangers. The company had a policy of putting lights only on towers taller than 200 feet, according to testimony. In its statement, SDG&E said that "we respectfully disagree with the jury's verdict. But we realize that, regardless of the outcome of this litigation, there can be no winners." The company said the power line had been on the base for 25 years and that SDG&E would have installed lights if the Marine Corps had asked. During the three-week trial, lawyers for the utility claimed that the crash was the result of errors by the crew, not lack of lighting. The jury decided that the company bore the majority of responsibility for the crash, although the panel also put some responsibility on the pilot. The Huey and a Cobra helicopter crew were training for a six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf region. The Cobra landed safely. The pilots were wearing night-vision goggles. During the trial, the plaintiffs argued that SDG&E was negligent in its policy of placing warning lights only on towers over 200 feet (61 m) in height.


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Former Employee - Machinist says

"Warning to any Master Machinist, Machinist or Tool Maker seeking employment at San Diego Gas and Electric, it will not take long for you to regret ever setting foot in the Shop Services division. They claim they are all for DIVERSITY and INCLUSION but it's actually the opposite. It is more of a MAFIA or GANG like atmosphere or society than Diversity and Inclusion. You will feel you are being hazed into some sort of secret society. They will humiliate you and make you feel like you are less than human. I am the most recent victim of the managers vendetta against machinist. I am certain this person has some mental disorder, perhaps he is Bipolar, one minute he praises you for the good work you do and the next, makes you feel like you are subhuman. This person has no managerial skills and was appointed to the position without any tested for qualifications, the person that appointed him has since been fired from his position as one of top DOGS at SDGE for accepting bribes from a contractor. This person was never a Machinist but will contradict any sensible method of getting things done you may have."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Management looks down on contractors"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have no clue how some of these people are in management, uneducated and extremely unethical practices from management. Lots of favoritism, politics and lots of lawsuits against SDGE and management from employees. Not all departments are like this but many are. Beware."

training facilitator (Former Employee) says

"Disregard for meaningful compliance and or maintenance of infrastructure. The company is hyper-focused on finding new ways to push projects onto the ratepayers through capitalization of projects caused by negligence."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This company boasts a possitive place to work but in all reality, the financial outlook demonstrates horrible management decisions. The decisions for re-organization of the managerial structures almost yearly. Benefits are great and salaries are enourmous. Those are the only long term benefits but they highlight the poor management structure. Position turnover is encouraged for employee enrichment but leaves inexperienced individuals to manage groups, many times to it's failure.The HR department holds subjective decisions over much of the hiring pool. Years past the company may have been a great place to work for, but lately more and more long term employees are leaving with comments that they are not happy and would never recommend this company to anyone.Huges benefits and SalariesPoor environment."

Project Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Can’t argue there’s dead weight and bad managers with an interesting perspective on work life balance. But the favoritism and politics are not for the faint of heart and if your goal is to move up better pucker up those lips. But again that’s probably normal at any Fortune 500. Fun but not fun Hahahaha.PeopleCulture and Management"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"The Investor Owned Utility (IOUs) business models are gone; technology has rapidly eroded and limited the business models growth and stability. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is also a threat to the IOUs business models and is gaining traction as many Cities are evaluating the feasibility of switching to a community choice energy program in order to provide possibly cleaner and/or cheaper power. Finally, working at SDG&E is difficult as the customer base/ratepayers are furious at SDG&E because San Diego has some of the energy highest rates in the country despite having one of the most temperate climates. Talented employees are leaving the company in droves and the work/life balance is quickly deteriorating as more work is piled onto those remaining. Management does not want to replace employees as this would result in less earnings growth than the shareholders demand. The future trajectory of San Diego Gas & Electric is not good.Benefits used to be good, now very large out of pocket healthcare expenses. $800/month for HMO/ family of 4."

Energy Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"I was difficult to enjoy the work with my young Manager that didn't understand the energy market or business. She was a difficult person to understand and support."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was a cut throat place to work. No forgiveness for people being poor. They will turn off your power and gas in a new York minute. It just was awful treating people like that"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Working situation varies from department to department. Some departments require you to be in the office 9-10 hours per day in addition to working from home evenings and be on call on vacation days. Other departments have more flexibility on work schedules and styles. Can be a good working environment, but that would depend on the department.Good benefitsNo work life balance, stressful work environment"

project manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor management skills. Poor working culture. Management treats direct reports with lack of respect. It seems only idiots get to move up. No upward career movement. If you try to apply within department, the management blocks request."

Operations Assistant (Former Employee) says

"SDGE is an excellent company to work for. However, the lack of communication and training leaves employees to go to war without armor. Management needs to improve on helping to keep the morale up by communicating with its employees on a consistent basis. Treat all employees as well as contractors equally.FlexibilityPoor Management"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"SDG&E is severely behind the times. Vacation accrual is horrific...15 years of service to get 4 weeks, no joke. Wages are far below industry standards and the is no such thing as a "raise". There used to be loyalty for this company, but not anymore. People are leaving left and right. The only way to get a decent pay increase is to leave the company. HR process is debilitating. They have a lot of potential if they'd update their salaries, vacation accrual and HR promotion/hiring process from 150 years ago.Pension, but even that is sub-par, not a true "pension"Vacation accrual, non competitive salaries, bureaucratic, Hr"

Logistics & Inventory Management Analyst, Union Timekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Contract employee trained by least senior associate in department. Was afforded little or no interaction with management and peers. Torture!"

Business Analyst II - Residential (Former Employee) says

"SDG&E is insensitive to cultural diversity even though it is highly promoted. They do not walk the talk. However, they do survey a lot but the collected data means nothing.Great benefitsCulturally insensitive"

Senior Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Culture driven by attorneys. Senior management is supported by executive team, but senior management rarely supported subordinates. Good: Many positions with a high degree of autonomy. Pay is fair to good. Bad: Strongest clique culture I've encountered in the workplaceMore autonomy than averageLittle to no management support-generally will not have your back"

Project Manager III (Former Employee) says

"Management is okay. People is nice. I do enjoy the renewable business side of SDGE. They are very innovative and care about their employee. Contract employees do not have same protection"

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Current Employee) says

"An okay place to work, good benefits, and bonus if you are a management employee. They have a strong employee development program but it is hard to advance your career within the company due to nepotism, there is no even playing field."

Senior Network Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Opportunities are politically driven and management does not understand its talent needs nor how to best utilize the resources it has.High job security, good life work balanceReverse Discrimination openly practiced, arbitrary application of policies"

Billing Associate, Billing Department (Current Employee) says

"I know many employees throughout the company that love their jobs and departments. The billing department is a different story. Micro-managers galore, favoritism and low morale. Managers choose to hire external employees at a higher title/pay-band and have faithful, loyal and forgotten employees who actually deserve the promotion, train the new hires?? The billing department actually brings in revenue for the company, yet the department is always under "Budget Constraints." Other departments (such as the call center)evaluate the job criteria and increased employee responsibilities based on the increased workload and training's due to smart meters and have promoted every employee from Customer Service Representatives to Energy Services Specialist's - well done management in the call center! Good company but careless management in the billing department.stable company to work for, good promotions, underpaid"

Program Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Every day is different.. Let's hope it's a good day. The culture is not diverse. The benefits are good. The cafe has pretty good food. The commute is convenient. Flexible hoursTime offMany"

Mapping Technician Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A job that allows you to work with outside groups is very cool. You have the ability to work at different facilities.People have been working in the business for 30 years so they do love to keep you happy so youll stay. This provides the family atmosphere.great benefits, education, lots of room to move aroundwould hire a friend over more qualified"

M5 Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"I prefer not to answer. I don't like to give negative reviews. Not every department is the same. I just happened to work in a department that used to be great with great leaders. Now that is not the case. Experience doesn't matter anymore unfortunately."

Don says

"SDGE is an outrageous ripoff. They need to be prosecuted. I lived alone in a 1 bedroom apt and my bills were $400 to $500 every month. When i asked them to come and inspect my meter they flat out refused. Ultimately I moved from Orange county to get away from them. Even then they sent me a bill for a month after my departure. "

Kim Zapolski says

"Called to set up an appointment for Today Mon Sept. 14, 2020. Made an appoint friday then recieved a text that the appointment was cancelled. Called the"office" back mon morning and set up the appointment for tues Sept 15. just got another email that the appointment is again cancelled. Wow! Not sure what is up with this service company but very unreliable and did not even want to leave one star!!"

Ivan Blanco says

"This company rips you off!! I would NEVER recommend them to anyone! The technician literally wiped oil off the bottom of my oven with my dish soap and charged me 233 dollars!!!! The SERVIZ company even add a $5 protection fee onto the invoice for who knows what reason over and above the technicians charge and DO NOT care at all about feedback or service values. They couldn’t care less when I called them to discuss the high amount for no service or even repair work done and were not interested in providing a break down of the charge. The technician did not provide a quotation before cleaning the oil off and provided the quote and invoice at the same time - we were then expected to pay this crazy amount for an oven that had nothing wrong with it. DO NOT use this company!"

DAVID says

"I was told a time frame on the phone and then emailed a different time frame, however the guy shows up before either time frames and professional is not the word that comes to mind when I meet him. He comes in and said I was using the wrong pans(this is an induction cooktop and 1 of the burners is not working), so I show him the pan working on the other burners. He say the pan is not large enough for the burner(we used that pan on that burner all the time) I pull out a larger pan and the burner still does not work. Then he asks if I have tried putting a magnet on the larger pan(which is part of the same set as the smaller pans) I then put the larger pan on one of the other burners and after 20 seconds I invited him to feel the pan, he declined. I told him that I already spoke to Thermador and they said it sounds like something is loose. I called customer service and never got a call back on the appointment date. I called customer servce today and the first lady was rude and hung up on me. The second person got disconnected. The third person Sincia listened and explained that the tech is not Therador certified and therefore could not get any info or help from them. You would think they would only send a certified tech for these calls, but I believe that would require a logical thought process. Except for Sincia i would have liked to give them a negative 5 star rating."

Jorge Ramirez says

"Called yesterday morning, booked an appointment for 2 - 4 PM same day. An hour later, get a call that tech cannot make it. Rescheduled for following morning, 10AM - 12PM. I had received no email or phone call. I called at 11:30AM to get the status. Appointment was confirmed. 14 min. later, I get a call noting that the tech cannot make it. They can reschedule for Tuesday, That's three days later. Outrageous! Massive waste of time. Had no management to speak with & Dave said all of their appointments are tentative... Good luck with that!"

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