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RuneScape, sometimes referred to as RuneScape 3, is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Jagex, first released in January 2001. RuneScape was originally a browser game built with the Java programming language but was largely replaced by a standalone C++-coded client in 2016. The game has had over 200 million accounts created and is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's largest and most-updated free MMORPG.

Brice, a long time user comments on, "Amazing game except they have extremely poor customer service. I’ve been playing RuneScape for 18 years and have never experienced customer service so bad. They don’t care one bit about there players. They will not help you in any way. If you want to play a game with terrible customer service and a company that only cares about their money this is the perfect game for you!"


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Legitti says

"Warning! Your password contains invalid characters. So they don't accept complex passwords that google generates. LOL"

Kiwi Cat says

"Beware of user Dragonurak72. He stole my PayPay account information to purchase old school bonds."

Faquin Wah di'qed says

"Jagex charged my card TWICE after cancelling my membership. I guess the morbidly obese mod mark has a McDonald's addiction to feed."

Anon says

"Totally toxic player base. Pray you're never at the mercy of Jagex customer service."

RH P says

"Offers free Runecoins for filling out surveys but will not pay because quota is met. This information is only given AFTER you completed surveys. Support referral to 3th party, 3th party doesn't respond. The only one that can add the promised coins is Jagex but the customer support is just bad."

Brad Samuels says

"will rather mute you for words than fix their game you pay £8 a month for..."

Authentic User says

"Same as everyone else I have to say the customer support can go and suck my d, they are some scumbags who don't care for customers and they just ruined a cool game by banning people here and there without a reason. fu Jagex and rs you retardded fcks"

Joshua Hinson says

"Beware hardcore Gamers Jagex sees you as a threat they don’t want you to succeed in this game Please I indulge you to play any game other than this I know it’s fun but They don’t give one care about the customer trust me I’ve had 4 accounts over past 15 years all of which were banned permanently for macro Which is complete bs I earned everything myself without cheating If you max a skill they will ban you If you get an inferno cape they will ban you If you learn how to manipulate the Market at GE and make millions ( which is actually really easy to do) Right again they will permanently block You and tell you to appeal just so they can tell You oh your not gonna continue with that account you have spent 2 years on But your welcome to start a new on Paul Gowers ought to be ashamed of himself for letting this happen"

CT says

"you will get permanent ban suddenly. it can't be appealed and you can never reach for the customer support. no one will trust you or help you. the money and time spent are all gone."

ob says

"Terrible game, they make character builds difficult, in game items way to expensive, the best play action only happens when you reach lvl 99+, and even if you grind your avatar to the top you don't get full use of abilities unless you do so unrelated task like farming to get say mage spells. diablo is a much larger game by far and has none of the complexity rs3 does. waste of money!"

Austin Burgoyne says

"runescape itself is a great game and altho its graphics are ehh i have played for a long time and it means a lot to me as it was a childhood past time i shared with many friends. I recently got on an old account (frodoburgins) that had only been through training camp, got my mining to lvl 30 something by mining gems and iron. i was super happy with how this account was going i was trying to make more of a black smith and just work those stats to be able to craft cool gear and sell on grand exchange. the next day i get on and my account was ban permanently due to (Macroing) i didn't know what that was so i had to look it up and basically they think i used some kinda hack to get my skill lvl up. i put in at least 5-6 hours maybe even more on that character and i can not get ahold of JAGGEX. i feel that this is super unfair to me as a player. that is real time that i will never get back and it seems like they do not even care about the players at all. no actual way to contact support and they never get back to you via email. This is not cool especially since there are some people who pay to play. i have a few accounts that are and or have been pay to play myself. A company like this should care for its players because without them there would be no Jaggex. I have never felt more unappreciated as a consumer or as aggravated by the lack of care. If i hadn't put in YEARS on some of my other characters i would never play this game again. I am seriously thinking about it too. It may seem small time to some but imagine putting in a full day of work and not getting a dime for it then you get fired for working too well. hmm. i guess i just though Jaggex was better than that, but i was dead wrong. i hope they see this and decide to reach out to some of the neglected players."

Lazorus 1202 says

"Runescape Support is pretty much non-existent. If you have any issues with the game and need to contact someone, they make it impossible. Unless you want to try tweeting them, at which point they merely redirect you to their support site which is "fully automated". Their security is garbage, as you cannot use special characters in your passwords. My account had an authenticator placed on it, but there was no email notification. My character was not where I had left him, and whomever had taken control had attempted to remove my bank PIN (also no email notification). Is the game good? Yeah. But Jagex as a company doesn't seem to be making any efforts whatsoever to secure their product. Also, what kind of game system doesn't let you change your login email?"

CnPx says

"Such a great game but the staff at Jagex seem to not care about the amount of people abusing this game. Problems are. Bot Farming Advertising Dual Arena Scams Bot farming has completely ruined certain skills like mining. If you are a low level minor and you try to mine certain things like rune or f2p iron then your gonna have a bad time trying to. The bot that has been mining iron for hours is going to be a higher level then you and mine the ore before you can. Also magic logs are another thing that you don't get many of because of botters taking them all. This makes certain skills take forever and must be fixed. Yes Jagex close down 1 bot site every few years but that's not even making the siltiest bit of difference. They need to work on patching bots not closing down a website every now and then. When you goto places where there are many players like the grand exchange or if you goto servers like mini games and stuff your chat will be spammed with all sorts of scams and stuff like buying tbow 1.2m and buy gold here w w w dot ... Ofcourse these are most likely scams specially the one where they are buying a tbow and they are using 2m worth of plat tokens an not 2b worth. But its annoying and your report them and they come back the next day. The dual arena is just full of scammers and should be removed from the game. I don't really need to go into detail but its all players that know little tricks in order to win and its no different then wasting money on scratch cards except the players staking you have an ace up their sleeve. This game is full of people trying to lure you and kill you for valuable items or they will do little trade scams and stuff. Do not trust anyone in this game you do not know."