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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup was formerly called Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service Roto-Rooter provides plumbing repair, sewer & drain services, and water damage cleanup services to residential and commercial customers. Roto-Rooter is a United States company founded in 1935 which originally specialized in clearing tree roots and other obstructions from sewer lines. As of 2020 it employs


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Apparently they want you to use your own vehicle. Which they didn’t explain in the interview"

Former Employee - Collections Representative says

"I don't know where to start. As a collections representative we have the hardest job and no one will listen to us. If you are a female, watch out, as the men are favored and will never be at fault for being behind on their work. Sales reps consistently tell customers their job is covered and then the customer has water limits, policy caps, or full denials from no coverage and we are expected to get payment to hit our goal. it takes one account to not hit your goal. We have to deal with angry customers who were told incorrectly and then send them to collections no matter their age or reason. Some Gm's will give discounts for their branches and others won't so negotiating is slim to none when handling accounts to collect from the customer. The company doesn't care about the customers and only want profit. Infact they recently are changing stuff on the Xactimate to make certain items cost more, and this is against IIRC standards , and insurance companies are requesting breakdowns for these new line items and we are denying them that. If insurance doesn't pay we collect any balance leftover from the customer. What a scam! Bonuses: They changed every year where we made less and less to this past year where i will be surprised if anyone hits the new matrix given to the employees.  You have to maintain less than 1% bad debt compared to sales that come in for the year and your money is based on a percentage of what you collect only if you hit. 1% is no errors, or a very low account that you couldn't collect on.  Management: Very micromanaged. They say you can do your own thing but it is constant emails asking about accounts, weekly updates and meetings about why you didn't do this or that, and write-ups if you aren't touching your accounts fast enough, however, you are good if you are a guy and will rarely get in trouble for being behind."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Poor leadership skills among management, they don't deliver their promises, bad organization and communication, high turnover, hard to make money when you have to be available for unexpected dispatched appointments but also mine your own opportunities on your own car where you only get paid one way miles and they whine about miles and tolls."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Regional VP, he delivers nothing but fear and bullying everyday, Unfortunately he is allowed to conduct business like this."

Former Employee - Accounts Payable Clerk says

"No training, condescending rude managers- they dont train then they complain when the job is done iij correctly and have no problem complaining to fellow co workers about each other- condescending, rude horrible and h r doesn't care- but the kicker was when management went through personal desk space just because and h r condoned it because its company property. Horrible place to work!!! Anywhere is better!!!"

Outside Sales Representative says

"My pay has declined since the day that I started, Worst of all you walk around smelling like you just farted, They won’t tell you you’re not allowed to have facial hair, Unless it’s about profit, the management will never care! The money is bad and the training is worse, They spout of excuses like it’s lines in a verse, At Roto Rooter Christmas’s just another day, You get to work without extra pay! The charge the customers so much money, For the simplest jobs it’s not even funny! In my position 22 people have come and gone, Not a one of them have lasted that long! So to sum it all up just let me say, Roto Rooter has seen its best days! Don’t fall for the lies of pay, benefits and fun, Those days are long gone.... they are done! Last words I’ll say forever more, This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for!"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Pay, work to life ratio, work environment, managers, TERRIBLE! WOMAN PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TO THIS BRANCH!!!!! (Especially If you are a Female whom displays any sense of morality, leadership, and care enough to speak up) You are a Sales Representative making customers sign a document that states no one came to their home to sell anything... but that is literally what you are sent there to do. They will use your ability to find water damage as the loophole (meanwhile your business cards say “Field Supervisor”) SAVE yourself the nightmares/stress and DO NOT APPLY! They lead you in with big promises of income and once you realize how this all really works (& whom you are supposed to report to and how unprofessional and rude they are) you will wonder why it is legal & how they are allowed to manage other human beings. (Chemed owns Roto-Rooter you can google the amount of employee related lawsuits against them for keeping employees money and hour shaving)."

Former Employee - Tech says

"Everything is a con here, they’re slave drivers"

Current Employee - Sales says

"There is an old saying if it comes too easy beware. That fits with Roto Rooter. I was offered the job 15 min into the first interview. Sales people get a base of $500 a wk. You then get commission but you have to sell over $10,000. . This is almost impossible since 90% of your leads/calls are for very minor damage (Like a leaking dishwasher.) The min. charge is around $1,000 and most people elect to clean up the water themselves. This is especially true if the customer doesn’t have insurance. 60% of the reps. in the company weren’t making over the 10 k min. Three wks in my manager got fired. I latter found out that all of the prior sales rep. were also fired or quit. Then office manager also told me that I needed 500k liability ins. on my car. After reading through the paper work with my agent I found out he was wrong. Had I listened to him I would be paying over $500 a yr. more for nothing. You work 45-50 hrs. A week which includes being on call one day a week. Also, you have to work 1-2 weekends on call a month. (Which could make it 60hrs or more for that week)It all comes out to less that min wage with all the hrs. The general manager is sarcastic. The training is minimal and most of the people there are twenty something’s who still live at home with parents. If you don’t know something the manager blames you for not asking during training. Mileage is good at .58 per mile, but the manager complains if your miles go too high. Then if they are low he complains that you’re not working enough."

Former Employee - Office Manager says

"The owner in Livermore is very shady"

Drain Technician (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balanceThey work you alot and very lil pay and u gotta sell sell and manager that was there was a thief because you sell a sewer and. He took u money off thatPay & benefitsHorribleJob security and advancementThey want you to sell so much so they can take your moneyManagementHe was thief and wanted u to work work work for no moneyCultureThere in nothing but back staplers thereOverallYou had to sell sell sell and when u did. Manager took money off your pay so work alot of hours to badly make any money. They basically want you to scam people to make this roto rooter look good as the manger steals money from everyone there."

Plumber (Former Employee) says

"do not work for this company they make u buy a new van and you need to pay for top commercal insurence witch is really expinsive and all the tools with the promise that you'll make a lot of money and its not the case they restrict you from most of the jobs without taking a class which they only invite certain people too, not all employees. If you do not perform to their expectations they will take the drain machines from you which is the only thing they really give you and put you to plumbing only, that makes no money, to try and force you to quit. you get experience plumbingcommission pay, have to lie to make money, doesnt care about their employees"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Place sucks nothing but cleaning up sh** on a daily basis. Work is sparatic, you get paid commission. Most of the time you make less than minimum wage. They promise you 40,000 to 60,000 in your first year. Lucky if you make 20000the day you leaveworking for this place"

Plumber/Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"They make the Sun look bright they tell you that you're going to make so much money in in all reality you do not make anything unless you get a call if you get cause you may good money if you don't you're not making anything they're so unorganized it's not even funny"

Production / Hiring Manager (Current Employee) says

"Roto Rooter can do so much more if they were not worried about only how much money was brought in for the week. No training at all. No customer service training and a revolving door for managers and techs. Roto Rooter is a place to go in if you have no experience, learn what you can and go to another company that can train you and value you without having to buy a van and be on commission only.Good place to start with no experienceThey do not train or value you, techs and managers are treated unfairly! So many other places you can work at and be happier."

Service Plumber (Former Employee) says

"Does not respect employees and under pays employees over works you and treats you like your trash and they will throw you away when you confront them on there wrong doings"

TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"they was not good company to work for..They was not a very safe company they would put our lives at risk we would work from 7am to sometimes to midnight and then having to drive 2hrs back home"

Peabody (Current Employee) says

"Moral is low with new gm..has open door policy which means my door is open but too busy for you. Trying to make us work without pay again becasue salesman dont bid jobs right.lower our percentagesDont micro manageEverything else"

Marketing Director (Former Employee) says

"Racist and sexist boss, uses the company to a fault to flaunt herself, utterly selfish and not knowledgeable about the business world. Every sentence starts with, “I used to be able do that,” and it gets old real fast to have someone. It’s okay to not know how something is done, just don’t pretend to know it and cause problems. There is a memory lapse every few days and emailed proof isn’t enough to justify anything. Do yourself a favor and don’t work here."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good when there’s work but there’s never any. They promise you’ll make so much money you won’t know what to do with it but the reality is it’s all lies. Dispatch plays favorites and gives all the work to the senior techs while the newer guys are left in the cold struggling and most of the time getting no calls or getting your first one at the end of your shift. No help from management, they just turn it on you and say it’s all your fault. If you actually want to pay your bills and survive then do not work here. They give you no work then expect you go out at 12am on callNoneNo work"

Water Technician (Current Employee) says

"I'm a water tech and this company loves to take jobs from their employees and give them to there favorites having some teams making 36,0000 a week while others are only getting 11,0000 a week and cant provide for there family"

Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"Very hostile work environment bad additudes poor management Awful hours constantly changing no chance of changing shifts Very old computer system very little to none on training"

Plumber Service Tech (Former Employee) says

"Only worried about money not employees. Will work you till death end does not care about your family life. Wa0nts you to work 24 hours a day. Very disrespectful to employees. All senior and long time employees have left company do to miss treatment and management."

Call Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management horrible ripped off pay horrible horrible place to work if you value anything of work don’t work here this place is complete garbage to work."

Crew Leader (Former Employee) says

"Under paid scam artist managers are joke owner is a joke terrible benefits u have to worry about ur pay check extremely over priced hands down the worst company I have ever worked forNoneNone"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"My review is the company has No appreciation for it's employee's, they expect more work for less pay. They don't put one in a position to succeed there is no accountability and at times no clear direction"

Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"I don't want to be an apprentince anymore. The pay sucks. You do a LOT of work for bad pay as an apprentince. You would be better off joining a union."

Drain technician and apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Promises of work and training and even paying for your plumbing license. Left the military thinking it would be a great place to be employed. No actual training. Management does not care to listen to your problems. Was many techs and no work ever to be completed. Commission job and paying for you own van, insurance, and you cant afford to pay bills because there was never any work. Left after a year and went back to the navy, and i hope noone else makes the decision to work for this scamful companyCommission?Schedule, training, management, work hours."

Plumber (Former Employee) says

"Roto Rooter was the biggest mistake of my life. This job sucks and so does management. You’re supposed to buy a vehicle and try to sell services that are sky high only so Mgmt can make big money. How can you charge someone $500 to unclog a sink???"

Plumbing & Drain Service (Former Employee) says

"Run. Do Not work here. Pyramid scheme. Management is poor. Techs get screwed on jobs daily- but this doesn't affect management because they get paid from our hard work. The job posting says 100k?! Laughable... I have less money leaving RR than I had working at a factory. They would send people from 1 hr away to get jobs in my area while I was sitting on my bed waiting for calls.... etc You have to provide your own van as a subcontractor, but cannot write it off on taxes because RRs logo is on it! They even screw you in that way. They write YOUR van mileage off.... On and on......RemoteBasically everything. Especially poor pay"

Dr Hal Garfath says

"It is impossible properly to rate this firm when you can't give negative stars. My house has waste pipes and sewers that need replacement. It insisted on spot payment for camera work, claiming this would be fully reimbursed if I accepted contract to do the work. It very quickly prepared a specification and contract which I agreed. However, as total cost exceeded the maximum amount for repairs permitted under State law, an HIC (home improvement contract) was required. Franchise manager could not or would not prepare a proper HIC for my signature, nor would he provide secure facilities for payment of 10% deposit he was demanding. I sought help from Corporate HQ of Roto-Rooter, but they were not interested. Ultimately franchise manager very rudely "walked away" from the job. Although he promised to refund the camera charge I am still awaiting this. So after a wasted month and $485 out of pocket I am starting over again to get a leaking sewer repaired by another firm. I can only speculate as to whether or not this was a deliberate ploy on the part of Roto-Rooter to get "easy money" at my expense - but it certainly worked."

Lawrence Lamartina says

"I had an underground pipe attached to my downspout that was clogged up The guy was supposed to shoot high pressure water through it to unclog it to see if that would work I said how much would that cost he said $550 I said there's no way I would pay that he said how about $300 I said no this company is a scam they have no set price for anything I figured that he would be there a total of 30 to 45 minutes to see if it worked or not I would have gladly paid him $150 or $200 but when he went from $550 down to $300 in about 10 seconds I said to myself I'm not going to use this guy no matter what he charges I would not recommend Roto-Rooter to anyone seems like a scam of a company"

Glen says

"This company is truly a complete rip off and I strongly suggest looking elsewhere unless you have no other choice. We had a broken tap in our garden. Roto rooter came up as a suggested service. I have 3 young kids so we said yes and by the time they arrived here it was 4pm and our water mains were off so we needed the job handled. They gave us a quote of almost $2000 to repair and replace the tap, they had to dig down only 1ft in very soft soil. Just to cap the pipe they charged nearly $600! The next day I did a comparison and we got another company to quote - $240 to cap it and $590 to replace the tap itself. When I called Roto rooter they were belligerent and offered to refund 10%. We have on camera their hours on site and the work done so it’s not to debate their time but their absolutely outrageous charges. We feel like someone actually stole from us. If you live in Santa Barbara or Ventura pls don’t use these guys it will be a very expensive exercise for you if you do. They are a complete rip off in every sense"

Alisa Kimbrough says

"On 7/4/2020 Bauer Plumbing aka Syracuse Roto-Rooter was called to my residence to clear a leaky/backed up toilet and help make the residence habitable. The problem ended up being more complicated than the technician expected and was not resolved. The technician stayed for about four hours, attempting to resolve the problem, growing more and more frustrated. He ended up bringing in very heavy equipment (he needed my help moving it up and down the stairs). He damaged the plaster on my walls before ever asking for my help. After he left, I discovered that the technician had left several pairs of soiled, used latex gloves lying about in my home---gloves that had been worn while treating my leaky/backed up toilet. Additionally, the technician neglected to reinstall the bolts to my toilet, leaving it completely unsecured to the bathroom floor. The water main for the toilet was also not turned back on. There was a significant amount of mess left behind on my floors and walls. I reached out to Bauer Plumbing, I mean Roto-Rooter franchise owner, Mark Armstrong, who is unwilling to offer even a partial refund on the $1603.80 that was paid in cash, up front. Mr. Armstrong stated that the $1603.80 paid does not guarantee that the job would be completed. Where is it okay to not complete an expensive plumbing job, damage property, leave behind literal waste materials AND get to keep the entire amount paid up front? Bauer Plumbing aka Syracuse Roto-Rooter! I'm not disputing that services were attempted, after all the technician was at my residence for 4 hours. I take issue with the entirety of the price that was paid in advance for a job that 1) did not get completed 2) the damages to my property and 3) the dangerous/hazardous conditions the technician left behind (those different pairs of soiled gloves, the lack of proper re-installation of the toilet, etc. I was seeking a partial refund of $400 of the $1603.80 that was paid, upfront (in good faith) but Mark Armstrong is not open to any type of meaningful conversation."

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