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Rosbank (Russian: Росбанк) is a Russian universal bank whose majority shareholder is the international financial group Société Générale. As of December 2014, Rosbank's assets are the 12th among Russian banks.Legally, Rosbank is registered as a public joint-stock company (PJSC) and headquartered in Moscow. On 1 July 2011 Rosbank merged with another Russian subsidiary of Société Générale, Banque Société Générale Vostok (BSGV). The strategy of Societe Generale Group is basic on further improvement of client service and maintenance of leadership in innovation, capturing growth through business development, increased synergies, and delivery of sustainable profitability.

A former employee mentioned, "Rosbank focuses on the processes, not on results. Poor culture with a clear separation between management and the rest of employees, theres no teamplay. Only friends are promoted, even if not qualified. Long hours, shabby office the department is on the outskirts of Moscow."


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