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Roquette is a French-based family owned company which produces more than 650 by-products from the starch extracted from corn, wheat, potatoes and peas. Founded and headquartered in Lestrem, France in 1933 by the brothers Dominique and Germain Roquette, Roquette has grown to become the leader in starch production in Europe and the number four ranked producer of starch worldwide.

An employee shares his thoughts on, "Many good and intelligent people in both Roquette US and France that work hard and with passion. Opinions from France are held in higher regard than those in the US, which is a problem when the US opinion is correct. Speed of communication can be glacial, if at all, which is also a problem. Most resources are focused on pea program and pharma. Other parts of the business are not given the attention that is critical for success, which comes at a cost. No autonomy. Silos are impenetrable."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. The French run the show and they don’t understand they’re not a big player in the U.S. They think they can force the American market to bend to their will because they’re Roquette and their big in Europe but they don’t have that kind of clout in the states. They don’t understand the market they’re playing in and don’t seem to care to learn it. They talk a good game about fixing the problems at the plant, but that’s all it is. Talk with no follow through. They pour money into ridiculous global initiatives and pretty new building designs that actually sacrifice functionality, productivity, and efficiency. The Keokuk plant is so old and run down it’s not reliable for production of good product and should just be shut down entirely. Also, there’s a considerable amount of big fish in a little pond syndrome at play. Many local, “high level” managers have an inflated view of their own and and their teams abilities and worth measured against other, larger companies in the same industries. Elsewhere, with their talents, skills, and expertise, they’d be mere cogs in the machine and more appropriately so."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Beware of this company. The management are two faced and treat their employees very badly and make accusations to their character. They have opened a temporary office in Winnipeg and supposedly are planning to open a manufacturing plant in Portage La Prairie. They are going to give all the good paying jobs to people from France and the lower end jobs will be hired locally.Nothing that I can think ofPoor management, poor treatment of staff"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It is a wonderful place if you like managers who talk out both sides of their mouth, lie and spin their stories to benefit themselves because they think they are messiahs all the while acting like czars. They do not care about the company or their employees as they are simply looking to knock their belt at the expense of the company and employees. Current managers work to push out dedicated employees so they can bring in their friends as either contractors or employees. Their czar like tendencies push employees to work 60 plus hours while the manager looks to simply put in their 4 day work week and split."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Not military friendly stay far away! Will find a way to fire you if you are in the reserves and have to leave for a few months a year to service your country."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a company that knowingly and willfully dumped toxic waste into the Mississippi River from 2000 until they finally got reprimanded in 2012. Not only were they warned on multiple occasions, they chose to ignore and continue to knowingly pollute for the sake of profit and greed. The Keokuk facility violated its NPDEA permit 1,174 times, and on at least 30 occasions illegally dumped in both the Mississippi River and Soap Creek. So, when they write "Committing to the Environment" in their company reports. It is a lie. I had trouble working for a corporation like this. They don't advertise their dirty little truths, and try to cover all with the corporate buzz words and environment show they present, but the truth is far different. The full report is available on the EPA website. On a side note, their customer service is the worst in the industry."

Monitoring Technician (Former Employee) says

"Politically designed. Favoritism at much more than a level of considering professional. Very unorganized company to work for. No sense of professionalism."

Former Employee - Network Technician says

"I worked here in the IT department for 2 years and we went through 3 managers! I think that says what's going on here. Not to mention 2 people from the Indian team quit in the last 3 weeks. Worst management I ever worked for! Management wants to micromanage everything now. The moral here is so low that people in France on in the IT team are looking for new jobs, I worked on a lot of networks over the years and this one is the biggest mess I ever had the displeasure of working on. They had to bring in a contractor to fix a 3-4 month issue with OSPF issue because none of the admins had the skill to fix it. Being a French company based in Lestrem there literally is NO path for career growth! Some of the tickets come in French? Big lauguage and cultural difference. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all cost! it's just a waste of time! The moral is so low now that no one gives a crap and that it NOT a healthy environment!"

Quality Control Senior Technician (Current Employee) says

"Terrible management. No room for advancement or promotion. Poor pay. Terrible work/life balance. Swing shift is terrible. Lack of clear communication. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.Near homeEverything else."

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