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Roku (/ˈroʊkuː/) is a line of digital media players manufactured by American company Roku, Inc. The devices offer access to streaming media content from various online services.

The line was introduced in May 2008 with its first model, developed in collaboration with Netflix. The Roku series has been considered influential on the overall market for digital media players, helping to popularize the concept of low-cost, small form factor set-top boxes designed for over-the-top media consumption.

A customer they lost talks about ROKU "What is going on with ROKU billing customer support? I tried to cancel HBO and Cinemax and then sign up for just HBO. They ended up double billing me. OK, stuff happens. It took about 5 e-mails of them blaming me before they finally issued me a refund. But it doesn't end there. When they refunded me the partial charge, they CANCELLED HBO without my authorization. Why - I have no idea. But when I restarted HBO they charged me for the full month, even though I had already paid for the full month. Again, I was DOUBLE charged. So they made it worse."

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Paul Ostrander says "My first Roku Ultra died after a year,yeah I know should not have gotten another one;shame on me.My problem is I forgot my Roku password and have tried at least a dozen times to have them send me an email to reset password, without success.No customer service due to pandemic,give me a break Have sent emails and no response.This has got to be the worst company in the country"
Patrick OMalley says "Worst designed remote i ever used. I have a tv with roku. I hated it so i added firestick. You still need the roku remote to click on the port to activate firestick. The firestick app is so well designed you can use in the dark without looking at it. Well i lost my remote for it and the 2 days it took a new one to arrive, i was forced to use the Roku control. Omg. Horribly designed. Every single time i had to change the channel or click on info or whatever,you have to look at the remote with light on it to see where to click the right button. Very user unfriendly. Cant learn the feel of it like firestick and there is no voice control. Everything has to be typed in like on youtube, etc. Terrible Design!!"
Bob Morris says "I’ve had several problems with my Roku streaming stick and it’s Impossible to get Any Help from Roku You have to Solve the problem on your Own! Awful Customer support!, Apparently, they really don’t care?"
Janie Lazenby says "awful awful, everyone said this gives you unlimited channels for free just pay for the device... so wrong ..... just tried to set up my sons tv and they are saying I have to pay $60 for a new account. HELL NO.... I have 4 different accounts I need to set up. Id rather pay my netfix , staz and Amazon separately.. hope I can get my money back for this regretted purchase from Wal-Mart"

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