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Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian communications and media company. It operates primarily in the fields of wireless communications, cable television, telephony and Internet connectivity, with significant additional telecommunications and mass media assets. Rogers has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Rogers is a horrible company to work for, there's no room to grow and salary is below industry standard, an ex-employee shared a review at

"absolute trash company, no room for growth in the company, you will take calls that drain your soul until you quit, salary is below the industry standard."


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Service and Installation Technician (Current Employee) says

"Worst electrical outfit to work for in the country! Avoid this place at all costs... trust me!! No PTO, they don’t give you steady days to work, one week your working day time shift then the next thing you know is without even talking to you or letting you know they switch you back to early morning shift... this is unorganized and UNHEALTHY!! Owner needs to be more worried about his workers than about his two private jets!No pros, this place SUCKS!Everything in the company is a “con”, from scheduling down to organization, this place just doesn’t have itHi there,Thank you for your feedback - we are sorry to hear your negative experience with Rogers and assure you we have passed this information along to our HR Department with hopes of solving some of your issues. Thank you for your hard work!Best,Rogers Team"

Electrician/Lighting tech (Former Employee) says

"When I was hired years ago it was a great company. Over the years it became favoritism and not what you know but who you know. I believe lin Rogers has lost touch with his employees and company. Between employing child molesters, druggies and promoting people because they are friends with someone in the office. Your abilities do not matter. If you enjoy being belittled, disrespected and told you are property this is the job for you. Not too mention the lack of advancement and being away from your family for months on end. As I said when I was hired years ago it was a amazing company in 5 years Lin Rogers, in my opinion from what I have witnessed, stopped caring about his employees.You get a paycheckNo advancement, raises, lack of leadership, disrespectHi there,Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We hate to hear your negative experience and hope to solve these problems through our HR team. We wish you nothing but the best in the future!Thank you,The Rogers Team"

Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"Its like working for a temp agency. They expect you to call in daily (6am) and beg for work. Some people get 60 hours a week while others are lucky in they break 20. That my experience with them.upper managementlower management."

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Pay sucks!! Hours suck!! Company sucks But If you like working nights without getting night differential pay, driving 2 hours 1 way without getting paid driving home without getting paid, and not getting paid mileage/wear for driving your personal vehicle go for it. You start at 9 pm and work till you finish which is usually 9-10 am working at Walmart. Next day you drive further and do same thing. Never again will I work for a company that's not locale. They do take care of there employees that they have sent from there Head quarters with company vehicles.NoneWhole Company"

current employee (Current Employee) says

"They tell you its going to be flat out wirk then they actually let days go by without contacting you for work. Your time is expefted "to the minute" the office will nit pik you to death. Buying materials is a whole nother problem. If they cant deal with you at the moment its suggested to Quote the job off Do yourselves a favor brothers with all the ads that i see here for electricians. "Pass this one over my friend" You are also have a half hour time deduction for travel per day. Theyre really not used to desling with "Real Electricians" Oh and one other thing. The traveling safety person they have will literally sneak up on you. Sit in the parking lot and surveill you. It will happendecent trucknot enough space here"

Maintenance Electrician (Former Employee) says

"They will work you into the ground make you work injured and tell you not to file a work mans compensation claim if you get hurt! You will work days and nights! Overtime is great but it gets to be over kill after awhile. They will send terrible temp labor. No support from the office that is out of state and you will never meet your supervisor. Your dispatchers only care about your completion codes so they get paid their bonuses. Only use this company until something better comes along.nonehealth insurance and 401k"

manager (Former Employee) says

"-horrible dishonest company to work for -hr dictates to upper management what to say and not to say and how to treat employees -hr uses coercion and intimidation behind closed doors to make managers quit during their downsizing in 2009/10 in the video division in order to save thousands of dollars in severance pay and bonuses when the company knows which stores they are closing -seen area managers act unprofessionally during store visits -hr uses audits illegally and in a corrupt manner to suspend or fire employees without any "reason" -head office uses progessive dismissals very underhandedly -human rights commission should investigatenonehr, management"

Electronics Assembler (Former Employee) says

"soldered components onto flex circuitry. how to use an automated conveyor machine. Management was ok and so were my coworkers the hardest part of the job was the hours and the enjoyable part was learning to solder."

Social Security Disability Specialist/Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"Never able to meet payroll, Bonuses that were promised were not given and neither were the yearly raises."

Roll out (Former Employee) says

"Don't be fooled by the service electrician title. They want installers to just get the jobs done as cheaply and as fast as possible. They don't supply the proper material or equipment to complete the jobs at all. Let alone properly. They work with shady General contractors which most have no construction experience at all. They want you to travel in upwards of 8+ hours a day then do live work in panels alone. Then drive to another location and do it again. They expect you to pay for stuff out of pocket. Like faxing them sign off sheets with nothing said of compensating. They give you a broken laptop that rarely works to screw you out of your time. They also nickel and dime your time to the 0,01 (or to each hundredth) of an hour. Their management is a joke. No one knows what's going on and there is no direction given as to where or how to get the help you need. That is assuming you get them to care at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HACK COMPANY.Nothingeverything"

Machine operator (Former Employee) says

"terrible this place is nuts your brakes sucks only one person at a time family owned you get hurt there they make up lies and fire you so they dont have to pay workers comp nothingeverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately Roger's reputation is unbelievably bad. Neither the customers or the employees are SAFE. You can find yourself fired along 60 other employees on the same day, without an actual reason. Unless company restructuring is considered one."

Office Employee (Former Employee) says

"If you don't care about raises or promotions, this place is perfect. Family run business that routinely hires husband and wife teams... sometimes even the extended family (brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts) of those teams/managers. If you're in the club, you're golden. Requires brown-nosing for sure. If you come in as an outsider and aren't an a**-kisser, forget it. You will always be considered an outsider. For the last few years I was on board, there were no reviews given, and the question of a cost-of-living raise was avoided at all costs by management and the Rogers family. My last raise was 25 cents an hour, that was after 3 years of service. You will notice that the same people keep getting promoted, and you are passed over even though you may have had glowing reviews in the past. In recent years the company cut out sick days (you have to take PTO when you are ill), shaved off 2 days of PTO per year (the daughter of the owner, who is also the HR "VP" - conflict of interest, anyone? - sent out an e-mail on CHRISTMAS EVE to announce the reduction of PTO) and went to insurance that was cheaper for the company and more costly for employees. As a result, some employees had to get their insurance from another source. You are issued a company phone and expected to be available 24/7, even if you are not a manager, not officially on-call and not salaried. Highly stressful environment. The company does not care about employees (unless you are part of the "club" - and management) and will happily use you for years, then throw you away. BEWARE if you do a goodSome Coworkers Are Good PeopleGood Old Boy Network, No Longer Giving Yearly Raises, Bonuses Have Been Cut... for SOME People"

AP Billing (Former Employee) says

"Very strict company rules! Company is negative towards other divisions w/in itself. Upper mgmnt is joke especially HR who has nothing better to do but spy on it's out facility and classes during lunch timeLow pay, stuck-up upper mgmnt, little rm for advancement"

Service Tech (Current Employee) says

"Typically you wont know where your going that day until that day and it may be 5,6,7 hours away which puts you away from family. This company is only about the their profit NOT YOU. The jersey office is run by a man who has NO electrical experience (that makes for a good boss, ha?) The safety program is a joke and only designed to cover them, not you. There is no room for advancement in this place so dont buy that bull either. The hardest part of this job is dealing with Rogers office staff, seriously. If you like to be treated respectfully, honorably and like a human DONT APPLY! There is one thing I enjoyed unfortunatly I can write it can sleep on their timeeverything else from a-z"

Service electrician (Current Employee) says

"I feel that Rogers electric has an unfair in racist background. I've worked with the company 2 -1/2 years and have never experienced The level of unfairness and politics on any job until now!Hi there,Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! We truly hate to hear this news and will do what we can to look into this issue.Best of luck,The Rogers Team"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company pays well but the good stops there. High shift differential for night work. Company truck and gas card. Paid for travel after 30 minutes at the start and end of the day. Time is tracked on a laptop. Trucks have GPS units that track your movement. Every minute you are logged in but not traveling is questioned and you are treated like a crook if there is a problem. Any questions about your time comes from the Atlanta office and no one there is nice. You are expected to answer your phone 24/7 and work more than 16 hours straight if they need it. They will drive someone from another city into your area and let you sit at home without working 40 hours because management likes them better. When the other person screws the job up management will call you to come in and complete the job regardless of the number of hours you just worked or how far you are from the job site. Management is terrible. They are not electricians. They are not leaders. They are not even managers. This company is going downhill fast. It will either be sold or out of business in a few years. Customers are getting fed up with the poor service. Field employee quality gets worse with every new hire. Field employees walk into a buzz saw for most jobs because management has upset the customer with their lack of ability. Extremely high turnover. Very few field employees have over 5 years at Rogers and almost none have over 10 years. After several raises it is cheaper for them to starve you out and hire someone else for less money. If you file for partial unemployment they let you go. YouMoney, truck and gas cardManagement, hours, lack of concern for employees"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 2 years and started out as a Service Tech then somehow became a Rollout Tech in no time. If you like missing family functions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays then this is where you need to work. Many of these were missed for me. The money does not compensate for the time missed from family, I was on the road a lot. After being employed here 2 years, I got hurt on the job where I was locked in at a Best Buy, my injury occurred around 4:00 am but I was not allowed to leave until the job was completed around 10:00 and even then it was not complete so I left to get medical attention. After being up for 31 hours straight, I got assistance and was told to see my doctor when I returned home. I did that and was told that I needed to see a hand specialist, did that too, and ended up having surgery 2 days later. After being on Workers Comp for 3 months, Rogers Electric terminated me for misconduct constantly on the job. Very funny because I was never given a warning or notice of such. They even denied my employment for the same issue. That is ok because while I was on Workers Comp, I was seeking other employment. I applied for a job on line and was hired prior to my termination from Rogers so denying my unemployment was not a big issue. If I were you and looking for electrical work, this is not the place to go. Go elsewhere.Gas card, truck, hotel cardLong hours, money not great, miss lots of holidays with family"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Beware of the "managers" in this company, especially if you are in an administrative assistant role. I was subjected to someone yelling at me and belittling me which is inexcusable. (Apparently, this person had gone through several assistants within a 1 year period and continues to do so.)Have a problem? Well, the head of HR is the owner's daughter and the CEO's sister so good luck!Company gym and cafeteriaManagers in desperate need of mgmt training.Hi there,Thank you for your review! We're sorry for your poor experience in your position at Rogers, and we will be sure to pass this information along to make sure this issue is resolved. In any case, we do appreciate your feedback and wish you the best of luck!Best,The Rogers Team"

Human Resource Manager (Former Employee) says

"You learn a lot from your work but by it being family owned, if you are not a part of the family or a suck up, you will not have opportunity to advance. Management is very unprofessional and allowed to be so because of relationship to owner. There is nowhere to submit complaints because you will be mistreated in an effort to get you to quit and if not, they will make up reasons out of thin air to fire you. HORRIBLE work environment but they put on a great front. Perfect place to work if you are fake and evil heartedMon-fri shift, learning exoerienceManagement is out of control, don’t live by what they preachHi there,We're sorry for your poor experience in your position at Rogers, and we will be sure to pass this information along to make sure these issues are being looked at. We do appreciate your review and insight to your experience here at Rogers. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!Best,The Rogers Team"

Brendon Antill says

"Rogers technician cut Bell's coax cable that was providing service to our upstairs neighbors and used it to hook up our internet. He buried what remained of their cable under the ground to cover up his tracks. That was our most recent experience. I have watched family members deal with Rogers for many years, and 1.2 stars is generous. The Bell technician who came by to fix the issue let us know that this is considered normal for Rogers technicians to do to poach clients from Bell."

Jaspreet Kaur says

"Fraud! Fraud! They promise you things but do not deliver it. In promotion they were saying you will get free ear buds it's been 2weeks I do not get the ear buds. Very bad customer service. Now Rogers is saying it's not our responsibilities to get you earbuds it's Samsung. If they did not give you with phone you won't able to get it. Very bad customer service their answers are confusing and not clear. Please do not get flattered with their good promotions. I was with fido and they were best. They deliver you what they say."

Boris Kariloff says

"Cancelled services in April with a better offer from Telus.Paid off Rogers in May have an invoice showing services canceled.Rogers says my Apple Watch not cancelled and continued to bill me for services I never received or wanted .Spent many hours trying to resolve this issue .Filing a complaint with the CRTC .A terrible horrible company customer service doesn’t exist."

Mikayla Voth says

"I just got an account with Rogers because I have heard such great things. But to my surprise, I am everything but satisfied. I am so utterly disappointed in Rogers and most of their agents, as I have been told on numerous occasions that I qualified for a new tablet and was rejected and told that I no longer qualified. Rogers gets you interested in a deal and all of its components and then as soon as you’re locked in; they take out those components making that “deal” just as boring as the rest. I highly, highly recommend NEVER using Rogers as your provider. They almost always promise you things that you can’t have."

amir vafaie says

"I am new to this country and decided to start with Rogers! The process to get a new service with miss Cathy was fantastic but until the technician showed up to my door! Absolutely unprofessional, no ID visible, I asked for his name and he said I don’t need to know his name! I called many different people yesterday and no one was helpful! Very rude! To add an account the phone call was answered 1-2-3! To cancel the order, cost me 2 days! The account is under my wife’s name and I am an authorized person to handle the account on our 3 lines phones and internet! When I called to add ignite to our home, they didn’t ask if my wife is present, but when I was canceling, they asked for my wife’s presence! It doesn’t make sense!!!!!! I make sure that I switch my phones and internet to another company! People, open your eyes, Rogers doesn’t care after you become a customer!"

Man Mani says

"The worst internet service I am experiencing and very soon I am going to switch to another ones because of interruptions and disconnection for day and never stops"

Stephen says

"I have phoned TWICE to try and arrange a viewing of a property and TWICE nobody has bothered to get back to me. I will send a letter directly to the owner of the property and tell them they are missing out on an opportunity to sell their property to a cash buyer!"

Wanda Nestie says

"Rogers is clearly the worst company to ever consider going to for anything. Their customer service is horrible and I had extreme difficulty dealing with their "insurance" company last year. I upgraded my phone August 21/20 and received a new one Sept. 2/20 which had a crack down the camera. I immediately contacted them and after speaking to numerous people, they finally said they would send me another one within 2 days. It has been 8 days and I was just told to wait a couple more days or drive 3 hrs, 45 minutes one way to pick it up at a kiosk. This company should be shut down! I have never dealt with a company as bad as this one in my life! As soon as I can get out of my contact I will be going to another cell provider!"

Ronen BS says

"Such a terrible experience. After calling and staying on hold, 30 min later I got an agent who Progressively placed me on hold numerous times throughout the 1.5 hour call. When returning my netbox equipment at the local store as directed, the agent had entered a cancelation and not a move and replacement work order. I am now on hold again and the store will not do anything."

ayoub Yousefi says

"I think is a garbage carrier in Canada they are so lier I was with Telus before I changed my sim cart to Roger last year and I bought one phone with two years finance they took money from my account for two phones and never refund it after that when I receive the phone it was open box and there wasn't headphone in the box I called them to send me headphone but they never sent it to me so I change my sim cart again to Telus last week they called me from rogers and they told me if you come back to rogers we’ll give you good deal I told them I have three sim cart what's your deal for me they told me we’ll give you 15 GB internet+ Unlimited Call and text for one sim cart and Unlimited call and text for other two sim cart + one tablet with sim cart with two GB internets for gift and they told me you should receive it between three to five business day today is 15 days I call them today and they told me you have no order to receive I don't recommend to you guys"

Gordon says

"We have been with Rogers for over 2 decades and need to upgrade older phones - we can do better (on pricing) jumping to a new carrier than Rogers can offer. VERY disappointed and drilling down to see who really wants/deserves our business."

Shibilibibilibop says

"My experience with Rogers was horrendous. I was lied to, conned, and berated. Just thinking about my experience updating my plan makes me angry."

Eleanor Lang says

"Okay, I need to rant. I have been with rogers for at least ten years and NEVER has it been good. They make so many excuses and fake promises. I wish I could switch to another internet provider but my parents don't listen to me and listen to all of rogers lies. STAY AWAY!"


"Rogers is probably the worst network I have seen in all my life! They hide all cost! They just billed my wife $1,729 in sept! They said it’s overage charge for international calls. We tried to reach an agreement but they said nothing can be done. My wife does not work! I have told them to kill us. We can’t afford even $500"


"Hello I am very sad about Rogers fraud billing methods I came Canada 2017 that time to using Rogers first time I was take 2 year contract all the time got extra data usage billing then I changed my plan unlimited plan month starting after 2 day’s Rogers message 90%data usage done at home wifi outside only data usage 10 GB data usage 2 days done and every month ethra payment changes also coming I am very sad to says I lost lots of money"

Justin says

"Cheaters and con artists who did not notify me of an outstanding balance, put me in collection, and now won't tell me which agency has the debt so I can't pay it off. Evil corp who doen't care about anyone except padding their family's fat billionaire pockets."

Rouham Manzoor says

"I took a bundled internet, home phone, and cable connection from Rogers on 12th June. My internet speed was so really bad so after doing troubleshooting with rogers I canceled the line on 20th June. I was told that I would get a full refund since I canceled within 8 days. They finally refunded me after 4 phone calls and almost 5 hours of total hold time. After my first call no refund came so I called them and they said they are waiting for me to return the device. I told them that I sent the device and it was received by them and they said oh yeah I should get a refund within a week. in July my account was charged 27.27. In August I was again charged 185 dollars. I took my credit card information away so they couldn't charge my account. After another 4 calls with them (the last call being 2 hours 50 minutes) yes that's correct. they finally refunded agreed to refund me."

Joey Woodland says

"History with rogers is approx 15years, 1line to a family plan with 4 lines as kids have grown into phones. When covid hit, iwas forced to close down my business. Im struggling without that income still, making partial payments every 2 weeks. Rogers is about to SUSPEND mine and my childrens phones they said in an email today!!!! im a care worker and need my phone when in comminity for emergencies an kids need phone when out and about. Terrible service. Horrible stress on top of living a nightmare. Thanks rogers."

Graydon Leigh says

"Simply put: I'm happy Shaw has entered the wireless market in BC. Rogers offers terrible service and overcharges across the board."


"Extremely bad customer service. They have changed all their subsidy plans that were there before 2 years when I started my contract with Rogers. Now those plans no longer exist. I am still paying the same amount that I paid earlier even though now my device is at 0. So I must either change my plan to infinity or upgrade and get a new phone. If I want to upgrade and get a new phone, I will have to change my plan to infinity and all the other 3 lines that are under the main line under my name have to change as well which will increase the price for all others. If I want to change to the basic infinity plan without a device, even then it changes price for all the other 3 lines . I was with Rogers customer support for an hour last week with no solution and even today for 1 hour and 30 minutes with absolutely no solution . WORST company to be with. I am going to leave Rogers and choose another network."

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