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RIU Hotels & Resorts is a Spanish hotel chain founded by the Riu family as a small holiday firm in 1953. It was founded in Mallorca, Spain, and is currently 49% owned by TUI and run by the third generation of the family. The company's business is focused on the holiday hotel sector and over 70% of its establishments offer an all-inclusive service.


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max says

"Not kids friendly We stayed in Riu Dunamar Warning stay away with families!!!! First I want to say I'm 38 years old I been going to mexico resorts since I was 18 and I know quality and this hotel is not even close. This is supposed to be Riu Family Resort and it ended up being a huge GARBAGE. Let me get started on the most negative thin about this resort, FOOD. We are not food picky at all but let me tell you. The food in the buffet (lunch, dinner) is so horrible all salty, dry or no flavor was disgusting to eat. Hard to even describe how bad it was. Most likely because hotel was not packed they reused most of the food so that's why a lot of it was so dry and hard to eat. Basically not fresh. Breakfast was ok. All the specialty restaurants food was the same situation so horrible. The worst part off the specialty restaurants is if you come with kids they do not offer kids menu's. No kids food at all! This is supposed to be a family resort? My two kids cryed from hunger and we had to leave to feed them in a nasty buffet. Dont get me started on the kids club. It's a tiny white room that looks like a jail cell. Kids water park and adults water park are cool but absolutely nothing to do there for adults. No drinks or snack service by the waterparks and no pools for adults by the waterparks. Also my daughters ear was bothering her on the last day of our vacation and we asked for a doctor they said 150$ for consultation to look at her ear for 5 seconds and 150$ extra if she needed meds. What kind of family resort does this and treats their vacationers like this? Management is horrible no help at all. Again the food I cant explain how bad it is and the bathtub alcohol is very cheep, few drinks u feel like s--t. The hotel is tiny as hell nothing to see and lobby is none existent. Beach is nice. Also service is great. Rooms are great. Big shutout to Taco the bartender he did a great job by the pool bar."

José says

"Stayed in July 2020 at Riu Guaraná in Algarve, and was a terrible experience regarding Covid 19 measures. In the elevators People without mask; Sometimes there was no desifectant; In the restaurant there was no social distance between people, people without mask and the Staff does not bother at all, all clients serve themeselves and toutch in all the utensils; The food was always the same and sometimes not well prepared"

Curt Mal says

"Nightmare....Booked through RIU travel flight and room to RIU Palace in Mexico on February 18th. They sent an itinerary and flight schedule by email that day. For a weeks vacation starting June 8th for 4 guest. April 29th we called to reschedule for later on in the year. We received an updated flight schedule from United but never for or resort. Called back two weeks later trying to get it and now they have no record of our itinerary or our 5500.00 dollars. Till this day August 1st we have yet to get it resolved. Probably 40 hours on the phone and countless dead end emails. Even sent them copies of original emails showing payment and and original itinerary."

Shelli Bergren says

"Worst experience ever! Vacation cancelled bc of covid 2 months ago and still trying to get money back even though we had insurance! DO NOT BOOK THROUGH RIU Vacations!!!!!"

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