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John Nicholas Ringling (May 31, 1866 – December 2, 1936) was an American entrepreneur who is the best known of the seven Ringling brothers, five of whom merged the Barnum & Bailey Circus with their own Ringling Bros World's Greatest Shows to create a virtual monopoly of traveling circuses and helped shape the modern circus. In addition to owning and managing many of the largest circuses in the Un


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Admission Counselor (Former Employee) says

"This is an average place to work. Nothing special and not a lot of opportunities for growth. Great health benefits and summer hours, vacation time was decent."

Producer Studio Lab (Former Employee) says

"I did not love it here. The management on the projects were horribly educated and way under-experienced. They have a great location in FL and they attract some great artists to come through and help teach their faculty and students, but the work produced is absolute trash. Nothing good has ever come out of there. But you can't knock their hustle. They are really trying. Cons: Bad projects, inexperienced people"

Baraista And Cashier (Current Employee) says

"This place is an okay place to work. A typical day involves servicing all of the college kids on campus. Cons: This place for some reason doesn't like to pay it's employees correctly and or on time."

Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Some of the things RAs are asked to do make no sense. Although there were fun people to work with on desk, I would have appreciated more purposeful work."

Motion Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Began delivering stationary photographic and clay autonomy in film scenery and actors and then creatively designed on graphically on a computer the motion until film project completion."

Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to deal with crisis and created connection with people. It also taught me a lot about planning events and budget management. Cons: boss, co workers, work not equivalent to pay"