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Maison Jehanne Rigaud has its roots in the past, it was founded in 1854 in Grasse, the center of fragrances and perfume alchemists. Even today, the in-house working method is based on craftsmanship and the use of the highest quality raw materials (something that only small brands can do), while maintaining the same philosophy; focus on quality. Today, the company is still a small family and everything is handmade and delicate.

Alejandra shares her opinion on, "So the Maison Jehanne Rigaud Vanille Blonde arrived today FINALLY! I waited for about a month and a half. It came in from Italy because I found it less expensive there than anywhere else. It does smell like vanilla but it is very sweet, I would say too sweet. it reminds me a bit of Vanille from Parfumerie Tiki Tahiti but it is more like Vanilla Bean Noel from BBW (which I personally find a bit overwhelming). It gets lighter as it dries down. I do have to admit I am a bit disappointed, I like it but I can live without it."


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