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Revillon Frères (Revillon Brothers) was a French fur and luxury goods company, founded in Paris in 1723. Then called la Maison Givelet, it was purchased by Louis-Victor Revillon in 1839 and soon, as Revillon Frères, became the largest fur company in France. Branches were opened in London in 1869 and in New York in 1878.

The following article on explains why it is wrong to wear fur, "Many animals are killed for their fur, including mink, foxes, rabbits, sables, chinchillas, beavers, lynx, seals, raccoons, coyotes, muskrats, wolves, otters, cats and dogs. In addition, endangered and threatened species are also illegally poached and traded for their skins, contributing to the extinction of species such as tigers, leopards and ocelots. It is only when people stop buying fur that the fur trade will cease to exist. Do not buy any fur or fur trimmed products and before you purchase anything that looks like fur, be sure to ask the retailer whether or not it is real before making any transactions."


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