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Acclarent, Inc. began as a privately held, venture-backed company, and is now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. It is based in Irvine, Orange County, California. Acclarent develops technology for the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) medical field.

Relief new leadership has destroyed completely the growth and culture of the company, and sales have significantly dropped, according to a review by a former employee at

"With the present leadership has completely destroyed the culture and growth of the company. Acclarent was a hugely successful growth company. Today with the existing president along with the R&D leadership the sales have dropped significantly both against plan and year over year. This is supposed to be a growth company."


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Former Employee - Client Success Representative says

"We are disappointed that your experiences at National Debt Relief were not representative of the work environment we strive to create. NDR’s leadership team has worked to adapt to business needs and to employees’ feedback. These initiatives include, but are not limited to, the upgrading of our systems, the establishment of management training programs, and the implementation of new processes to improve our clients’ experiences and internal communications. National Debt Relief has a performance-based culture; We believe in recognizing and promoting high achieving team members and do not base promotions off of favoritism. Leaders have established KPIs that are used in making these decisions. Additionally, National Debt Relief does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. National Debt Relief is striving continuously to be an even Greater Place to Work!"

Current Employee - Debt Specialist says

"high pressure to perform on a daily basis regardless of situations"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"We are disappointed and saddened that your experience at NDR was not representative of the work environment we strive to create. We have regular roundtables with employees in order to collect feedback and are always looking for actionable ways to enhance our employees’ experience. NDR has a performance-based culture; we believe in recognizing and promoting high achieving team members. The management team at NDR works diligently to recognize and reward employees objectively, based solely on performance and merit alone."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management, no direct room for growth"

Former Employee - Payroll says

"Terrible Management with lack of communication skills"

Former Employee - Negotiator says

"NDR works hard to be a Great Place to Work, a certification we are extremely proud to have achieved two years in a row. We are disappointed and saddened that your experience at NDR was not representative of the work environment we strive to create. We have regular roundtables with employees in order to collect feedback and are always looking for actionable ways to enhance employee experience. Additionally, we have an open-door policy and a “suggestion” inbox and value honest feedback. NDR has gone through some tremendous growth and changes over the past few years and the team has worked diligently to adapt and keep up."

Former Employee - Negotiator says

"everything except for free bagel Fridays."

Former Employee - Client Success Representative says

"Overworked, stressful, new bonus structure is barely achievable, docked for taking bathroom breaks, no after call work, docked for using "online time" to take notes, favored employees get promoted"

Current Employee - Sales says

"shady company, under paid, over worked."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Our employees’ health and wellbeing is our top priority. We closely monitored and followed the CDC’s recommendations and guidelines as they evolved in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are continuing to adhere to the CDC’s recommendations. The IT team worked tirelessly to set up remote working capabilities for employees and everyone has been working from home since. We continue to adapt to this current unprecedented situation and consequently, the changing business needs that result. In addition, we encourage honest and constructive feedback across all our departments as well as welcome suggestions."

Staff Pharmacist (Current Employee) says

"It is OK for me to go to a place that is easy to commute. But it is not easy for this company to find a place that is easy to commute."

pharmacy tech (Former Employee) says

"14 An hour is super low pay !!! That is straight out of school , no experience pay!!!!!"

Pharmacist Retail, Float (Current Employee) says

"wide experience in retail relief pharmacy floating worked as float Pharmacist with Rx Relief. Retail record keeping compliance with pharmacy laws and Third party regulationsgood work environmentnone"

Regional Director (Former Employee) says

"Not too keen on contract labor, much less a Regional Director for the California company operating in Arizona. Very poor management, lousy pay and hours. A lot of travel time on the road in a large State. Glad these days are behind me.The practice of pharmacy in multiple sites.Management and travel"

Relief Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"I just like the pay, that’s it. I didn’t get any other benefits. The companies where I was sent were not a good fit. The only one I liked was the compounding pharmacy, unfortunately, I was only hired for a couple of hours.The pay is really good.You don’t get a consistent job unlike other staffing agencies I have worked for.Hi, I'm sorry to hear that the positions that we placed you in weren't the best fit. If our associates are ever unhappy with the placement, we encourage them to talk to us as soon as possible. That way, we can help them look for a new opportunity that matches with what they're looking for. We wish you the best of luck in your career!"

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"As far as services go they were ok. They promised after 3 months I would get a raise and then it never happened. Very disappointing. I would not work for them again."

Floater (Former Employee) says

"Not many assignments longer than a month or 2 at is what it is. heard they gave me a bad reference even though I was always punctual and never called in sick..hmmmm... so's tempThe length of our available assignments depend on our clients' needs and may vary each month. It sounds like at the time we didn't have an exact position that matched with what you needed. We wish you the best in your career."

Pharmacy Technician, CPhT (Former Employee) says

"I think everything's al right. I was paid 11.00/ hr. and I categorize myself as CPhT. Despite my long years experience. My rate was like that of a freshman technician.On.time.paychecks.Short breaksHi, the pay rates for each position are determined in collaboration with our clients and take several factors like local market trends, experience, and location into consideration. Thank you for being part of our team, we wish you the best in your career!"

Counsel patients (Former Employee) says

"I would have to say Rx Relief is an agency that helps find jobs. The pay is very low, however, it can open up opportunities for a possible long term career. It is a good way to try different setting of pharmacy to see which fits you best. The schedule is flexible. The only negative I would have to say is shifts can get cancelled or shifter around last minute, pay is low and no benefits.Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience. Pay rates take several factors like previous experience, location, and position into consideration. We're so glad to hear that the schedule fits your needs. Sometimes shifts do get moved around last minute, depending on our client needs. Thanks for your patience and understanding!"

Staff Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"No review is forth coming as this was only a temporary position until I could find a permanent position. The staff I dealt with was very helpful and usually knowgelableNonNon"

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) says

"This is a agency so I'm always getting sent to different job sites. Every place is a different experience but always up for the challenge."