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Contact Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Your job is based off customer surveys of customer give you a bad rating you can lose your job . No matter how polite you are to customers they grading is based off the bank policy"

FRC (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous goals. High turnover. No appreciation. The performance reviews are based on numbers ONLY even though the branch is understaffed. So sad. Cons: They don’t care about the employees. Stressful environment."

FSS Financial Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It is hard to move up unless you up kiss or are white. If the manager likes you, great, if you don’t participate in the bullying on the employees they don’t like, good luck to you."

Financial Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job sucks! I left after working there for two years. They wanted you to eat, sleep, and dream Regions. When it comes to outside of work there was no such thing! This company is all about sales, sales, and more sales! Always making you work hard to force products down customers throats! It was mandatory to have conversations with every customer about a credit card or financial review that way you can get cheeks in the seat for the banker to Try to talk them into getting a loan or credit card. Cons: Highly stressful"

Banker (Current Employee) says

"I was out of work for few days due to illness. When I returned I provided papers from the Dr. But was written up for attendance even though I was sick"

Financial Relationship Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management isn’t great toxic work branches are everywhere advancement is more difficult than actually needed and takes too long a process special treatment is everywhere"

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company has a HIGH turnover rate due to their inability to realize needs on an individual branch level. Towns with less than 20k people are expected to yield the same results as towns with 100k. The goals are straight forward all across the US with no leniency. Also there are no "bankers hours" you sometimes are at work till 6-7 at night why yes you are paid it is still ridiculous. There is also LITTLE helpful training, you better hope you get someone in your branch who has figured everything out because if not you are on your own, and if you make a mistake they would rather fire you than own it is their own inadequate training that is to blame. This company is all about the numbers and could care lessa bouts its people."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst company I have ever worked for. Impossible expectations from management who only look at you as a number. If you are looking for a job, look elsewhere."

Financial Services Specialist (Branch Banker) says

"Retail Banking: Upper management repeatedly lied, threw people under the bus to protect their own skin, gaslighted whistleblowers, protected unethical sales personnel that met goals through lying to customers whenever it didn’t go too far, and used HR at the time to enforce these unethical behaviors. Like Diet Wells Fargo. Also, high branch manager turn over for a reason."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worst back I've ever worked for. The leaders, and I hesitate to use that word as their is no leadership demonstrated, are bumbling fools. Unethical lending practices are promoted."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are lucky to work at a busy branch to obtain your goals, the job will be easy. If you are lucky to work at a branch where there is not a high turnover, the job would be great. If you are lucky to work at a branch where the branch manager or team lead is knowledgeable and want to teach you, you will be lucky. My experience at Regions was horrible, a lie from the door."

Accounting Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"Regions is an awful place to work Upper management doesn’t care about the employees. Only about making the already rich VPs even richer. They do not offer fair pay and promote those who kiss up the most."

Financial Relationship Consultant• Teller (Former Employee) says

"DO NOT gravitate towards this job just because of the pay. This was absolutely the worst job I’ve ever had in my life. The manager was on vacation every other week and expected us to do her job for her, we even had to stop telling customers she was on vacation because they asking where she was so often. Kind of hard to take care of customers with no manager around. The assistant manager is just if not more incompetent as she is, he’s only assistant manager cause they’ve known each other for ten years and she got him the job. All in all if you want to be stressed and depressed over people who talk about you constantly and doesn’t help you just tells you to look things up then this is the job for you."

Branch Banker (Former Employee) says

"Love the customers. Too many expectations to reach quotas. Sales goals change during the quarter to make it where it's difficult to meet your sales goals. Micromanaging is too stressful. Your calls are tracked daily. If you don't meet your goals everyone knows about it. Digital banking is pushed daily to ensure you don't have a job in the future. Upper management wants the branches to have kiosks and video bankers instead of real people. If you want to work at a branch find another bank. Your job will be eliminated within the next 5 years. Cons: Too pushy on making sales"

Financial Services Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"It’s almost impossible to break out of a branch role. The same managers sit in their positions until it’s time to retire. Also unethical practices. My old manager was under investigation."

Banker (Current Employee) says

"They don’t care about your well being. Cons: Horrible company to work for."

Banker (Former Employee) says

"They have such a high pressure to sell . I would never recommend working there. The managers pressure to get loans out of nothing. Worst job ever. HR doesn't keep anything confident"

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"The culture is terrible. You are only as good as your last quarter. They will train you a lot. Then not let you use the training. Management will lie to you and about you. All performance goals are completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no 'work/life balance', unless all you care about is work. IF you chose to work there, you will put in more than 60 hours per week, and you will be stabbed in the back professionally. There is no chance for advancement. You will be a telemarketer. You will be selling products to those on your list that are in the best interest of the company - regardless of how those products may affect the customer."

The producer (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for regions if you know you will be successful. Being talented and successful is a threat to leadership and your unprofessional peers. Leadership and your peers will go to extremes to backstab, gossip and sabotage you. If you see unethical behavior do not report it or you will be without a job. It’s not worth your sanity, reputation or health ."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Stay Away! The goals are inflated and nothing is ever good enough. You have to open 150 checking accounts a quarter along with 650,000 in loan volume. They claim they are not pushing product to clients with there new needs assessment tools. But you are forcing product down customers throats! This is not a retail store but a bank and needs to be managed like one!"

gamer forever says

"Excuses for a refund for a car rental, we don't do that on weekends. We are not a real time bank, we are useless when someone needs a bank that operates like it's not 1985."

R Johnson says

"After disputing another charge that had been previously disputed for services not received on a Adobe subscription charge. I went to use my card only to find out the card was killed after the unauthorized dispute was filed today. I went into the branch on Church St Decatur Ga, and was issued a new card. When I tried to use the card the store said the card was counterfeit. The police were called and I was detained until I could prove my Identity. I go back to the branch, 2 people were being helped at the counter so I asked a lady sitting in the first office if a manager was available. She says Im the manager but Im on vacation a teller can help you . I said I need a manager. She turns back around and ignores my request. After the male teller finished his transaction he goes over and closes her door. He calls me to the middle of the floor, I explain the what just happened with my new card. Before he gets to his side I place the card my side of the counter reaching for my ID . He says DONT THROW ANYTHING at Me. I told him I didn't throw anything at you, you weren't even on that side of the window yet. He says you can go have a seat. I am a retired 50 years old and wont be talked to this way by a worker Bee. He tries to make me wait for another teller. I don't move and he finally processes the withdraw and provides me with the business card for the manager. I just transferred my auto debits to anther bank and will never use Regions again."

Brittany S says

"This bank held my deposits for 3-4 days to make interest and profit from it. If I wanted access to my deposit same day I would have to pay a $35 fee. If I have a savings account without a checking account account a $5 fee is withdrawn from my savings every month."

Expensive Taste says

"They became an entire disappoint after banking with them for years!

I discovered money missing from my account, only to turn and find out it was them draining funds from my savings!

I confronted them, they passed me around to rep after rep after refusing to replace over $600 back to my savings account. Their excuse, i withdrew from my savings one to manty times. It was probably no more than 3 or 4 times that month. Never got a notification for it or anything. The told be basically just try not to do it next time. .

so you are going to penalize me for using my own money. . .i can see if it was like 30 or 40 dollars, but over 600. . . .like who does that. I refused to bank with them any longer after that, i got another bank quick! Haven't had one issue out of my new bank and its going on a few years now"

Matthew N says

"Banked with Regions for years. When I discovered fraud on my account I couldn’t get any help. I now bank with Chase"

alllen says

"in addition to selling me an investment product that cost me 5,500 to get out of because of a national disaster, they now have refused to honor and e-check i asked citi bank to send to them. i was opening an account with citi bank and authorized them to debit my account at regions with an e-check. regions refused to honor the check for 5 days until citi gave up.i was charged 12.00 bad check fee. regions would not explain their horrible mistake to me for days saying they were too busy. when i did finally get in contact with regions i was told it was not their problem. DO NOT USE REGIONS BANK."

Colette Maraman says

"I am still waiting for my release paperwork. I paid my car off on August 17th and still cannot get a straight answer when the paperwork will get to me. They first said they sent it out on September 1st. So I waited and waited. Then I call back after the 7 days I thought it would come and then they admit they lied and it went out on September 9th. Still no paperwork. These people are the worst. Please don't use this bank."

Colette Maraman says

"I have had the worst experience with this bank. Once I paid off my car loan and now need the paperwork to finalize it. I cannot get it. It has been a month and nothing. They wouldn't even send it with tracking. They insist on sending it regular mail and say it takes 7 - 10 days. They won't send it electronically. It has been the worst experience. I lost 2 car sales over this. Once I gave them their money I get NO customer service at all. Not to mention when I call I'm on hold for at least 20 minutes each and every time. I hope if you are looking for a bank you go far away from Regions."

Matt Benton says

"I called to get a random Zelle hold on my account lifted. I spent over 1 hour on the phone, and then when I mentioned that to the 4th operator, they decided to laugh and hang up on me. I have never been so disrespected. I will never bank here again. They obviously don't care about how there employees address the customers."

Izabella LeBlanc says

"Worst bank. ATM NEVER works, the app also never works...& they admit to having problens...& they charge you for a mini statement at the ATM. IR THE ATM won't allow you to take out over $800 of your own money b/c it doesn't have enough in the ATM. THIS during a pandemic on a 4th of July holiday wknd. This ATM never works or has little $$ in it & the Mgr admits this!! smh...In Florida, hands down the Worst Bank, Ever. Extremely poor customer service, NO TRANSPARENCY & nefarious agents answering 800 #."

Bob Speaks says

"A terrible bank. When my elderly mother was scammed by a con man the bank allowed money to be withdrawn when she was $2k in the hole. They then charged her over 500$ in fees and overdraft protection."

Nada Drennan says

"I have never liked Regions bank but I could deal with them until today.
Friday I did a mobile deposit. Saturday I received an email they were putting a a 15 day old on it. Monday I called them and asked they remove the 15 day hold as they have done before. They said "No, I am sorry but once a hold has been placed on it, it can't be remove nor can I cancel the deposit." She absolutely refused to say anything else. I know that is BS because I have done both before in Chattanooga. I hate this bank.
I cannot pay bills. I will have to use credit cards that are closed to being maxed out. I have been out of work due to Covid 19 for 4 months. I will be closing this account just as soon as possible."

tyler says

"Regions has TERRIBLE customer service. They make it VERY DIFFICULT to talk to a human. They make you wait in line over 30 minutes to talk to someone without the option for a call back."

DB says

"I opened a business checking account and had over $7K in clear funds. I received a check and opened a separate account so that nothing would be commingled in that transaction. That check was bad and, without even informing me, Regions Bank froze my unrelated business operating account during the COVID-19 emergency. After hours on hold with the only number they gave me, I was advised that I would receive a letter and I should call the number on the letter. I received a letter alright, telling me that my business account was closed and that they would MAIL me a check. Of course no contact information on the letterhead - just a logo. That was last week and the check has not yet arrived because I was separately advised that the check would not issue until April 8th (tomorrow). They refused to let me withdraw my clear funds locally and I have no access to my own money. I filed a Complaint with the Federal Government, but that will take weeks to resolve. Meanwhile my business is shut down. DO NOT TRUST REGIONS BANK WITH YOUR MONEY, you may lose access to it and have your business harmed. They just don't care and make themselves inaccessible referring to their "back office" having made the decisions, terminology that sort of speaks for itself as by definition a negative connotation. If you are thinking of opening an account, try to find a number for your local branch first, you'll see."

James Horvath says

"Regions stopped depositing checks we sent to them w/deposit slip, then sent us to collections (twice). They have successfully dropped my credit score from 820 to 720. DO NOT OPEN A MORTGAGE WITH REGIONS. Save yourself and stick with a large bank (Wells, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citi, etc."

Disappointed says

"Not a good experience....I decided to open a business account at Regions because of their convenient location. However, I didn't know that they have very high fees, they (it has been my experience) make mistakes that end up costing the account holder money, time and aggravation since Regions' agents don't seems to be very knowledgeable, and the bank's policies are intended to protect them, even when they are wrong. I personally spent lots of time on the phone, and had to keep calling back and starting over with other agents, since they don't seem to keep good records. Sadly this has not been a very good experience for me, and I am seriously considering closing my account with this bank; it seems that this bank does not value their customers, and that is very sad."

Rudee Meanee says

"Regions bank is like the only bank i know that is very unprofessional and that is not organized at all.

For instance:

1.) Long waiting times on phone.

2.) Rude representatives

3.)non Knowledgeable representatives

4.) Hard to understand rep

5.) Unprofessional behavior

6.) They do not send you a correct bank statement which causes your balance to go delinquent and possibly ending up in collections.

Please do not bank with them! go somewhere else for better service."

robert failla says

"I was under the imprssion the loan amount will be in my account via ETF next day.I have bills being held up so expedite the loan.Thank you.Loan 6280031097"

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