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A former employee said this in a review: "I've worked for Realize company for more than three years and it's been the worst place to work. I have been treated poorly here. I feel like I am not part of a "Team". My opinion doesn't matters and my ideas are not heard. My skills haven't grown and I haven't had the opportunity to learn the newest of technology.


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Former Employee - Network Support Specialist says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: This is a long one... 1. Toxic Work Environment: The drama that gets dragged in day in and day out is absolutely ridiculous. It creates the most unnecessary stress on the employees and an insanely uncomfortable and awkward work environment. I am talking about family members (upper management) yelling at each other’s in the office above (or the same office) as the techs, arguing, passive aggression, and even some family members having complete yelling and cussing fits at the employees. Yes, this actually happened more than once. Do not mix family and work relations if you cannot handle it. 2. “I’m right and you’re wrong” Mentality: The CEO absolutely enforced NO OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING. Why? I honestly do not know why it is considered not okay at Realize to think outside the box and try new ideas. Why can’t someone do something different, quicker and more efficient when it yields the same correct outcome? Just doesn’t make sense to me. 3. Placing the blames on the techs: Everything is the techs fault. No matter what it is, no part of upper management represents the ones doing the client work. No matter what happens, it’s blamed on the techs. Meetings were often called once a week to talk about how bad Realize was doing as a company. How they are “barely scraping by” and blaming it on the techs. The upper management would guilt trip the techs based off of “the numbers”. 4. Profit sharing does not exist: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is a great saying that sums up the myth that is “profit sharing”; It is the complete opposite of that. 2 times out of the year you MIGHT get profit sharing, but that is a slim chance at best. 5. A lot of work for low pay: Techs work around 50-60 hours a week and quite frequently during Saturday’s Sunday’s. On call rotation has techs working 5-7 hours on FRIDAY NIGHT! And none of this is compensated for if you are a salary employee. 6. No flexibility: Scheduling DOES NOT EXIST! They will NOT let you off for ANY REASON! Family emergency, 30-60min appointments, funerals, personal health day, sick days, surgery recovering periods, etc. Of course, no maternity/paternity leave either. I understand planning ahead for a vacation, a day off in the future, etc, but people do not know when a daily emergency, illness, etc will come up in their lives. It is absolutely ridiculous. 7. Insulting pay: Apply for anywhere else. They will undoubtably pay you more for less stress, and will probably be a healthier, more productive work environment. 8. No room for growth: Realize does not have any room for growth. It is a small, stuffy company. Run away and don’t look back. Realize Information Technology is a joke compared to other local Information Technology companies and career opportunities."

Systems Engineer says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology Cons: this is one of those environments where it pays to suck up , the more brown noising you do the more guarantee you will get easy work and let off early . That being said it is a very unfair working environment , The owner holds a lot of Microsoft mickey mouse badges , but as most people in IT with a bit experience will tell you that stuff isn't worth it's weight without the right implementation. I know for a fact one person currently working there is just buying his time till a good opportunity opens up for him as they recently asked me about opportunities with my current employer .No matter when you start your day you will be guaranteed to be there till after 6 or 7 pm . This job is like doing IT work on a salesmans commission NOT worth the time and effort . Honestly I rarely give ratings of employers on this site but, this one was so bad that I had too if anything as a warning to others who may be considering employment at Realize ."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for more than a year Cons: As for the con's Make sure that if your a contractor your hourly rate is LOW I Mean LOW . I found that when you are hired on your making below average wages. SO if your hourly rate is pretty high you will not get hired on. There are no benefits and/or bonus as implied in the interview . Jeff's personnel business gets in the way of being productive. If the conversation is not about Jeff or revolves around him . Then it will not be acknowledged. I don't understand the concept of Billable hours from what I gathered it made the job seem like I was a lawyers associate not a Systems Engineer . Also when you are visiting a client and are onsite to do "maintenance that's what they call it " and you write up billable time for anything extra you did it just gets cut down by Jeff anyways because he always underbids his competition. Which isn't necessary if business is handled correctly . I donated several pieces of hardware to this struggling operation just to do my daily tasks ."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: This place was horrible to work at I mean I would almost recommend working in fast food or even a call center over this. After week 2 I assessed this place was not going to work out . The owner and his wife would always have fights in front of staff. there is loud cursing , shouting and almost violent behavior. There is NO Ownership of process or tasks and anytime you sit down to take it on Jeff just thinks you are being lazy and gets mad at you. Naturally some of this has to do with frustrations over his pending divorce . That being understood you don't take out your frustrations on your staff . This is not a good job to have even as an in between job . I was way over qualified for it and found out the hire on pay was much much lower then my contracting pay. I was only there about a month. But it became evident that this place has a lot of hostility and insecurity issues to work out among st it's owners and staff . Most of the clients they ahave are also rude to you when you go on-site to do work. I almost feel as if the clients and realize deserve each other /"

Former Contractor - Computer Tech says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology for less than a year Cons: This Employer was a waste of time to deal with come day 3 of working there . I got the job almost too quickly , interviewed one day and got the job the very next day. ?? The owner is the "self admitted " bottleneck of his own company . His clients are cheap and mean to you when your on-site and expect you to spend your time fixing their in-competencies which is further caused by horrible tech support and abuse. You have to drive all around Tulsa to do "computer maintenance " that could be handled remotely but are not because of costs . You end up working 11 hour days to do 8 hours worth of work because people talk to much and do not spend time problem solving . You can never stay on task because the task itself keeps changing . They Obviously violate HIPPA and SOX compliance and do not care which is unethical. I recall a time when Jeff asked for something and all 5 employee's discussed for 45 minutes how to solve something that I solved in 5 minutes . Being a contracted It's not my place to offer services that are not being paid for. I was hired to do basic computer repair . I delivered that . and played along with a positive attitude and smile . I also kept my employment options open. Jeff's personal matters overclouded EVERYTHING and he can't take a joke and has no sense of humility. The staff was disorganized insecure and expected you to take ownership of tasks that were CLEARY out of your hands . I pretty much got the vibe i was to lie to clients as long as I didn't get caught or costs REALIZE too much money. unfortunately I'm a little too ethical for that. if your your smart and talented and too legit to quit don't work here ."

Former Employee - Tech says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time Cons: Where do I start? The owners are the two most disorganized, volatile and abusive people I have ever worked for. The company has had no success in keeping qualified support staff. As a new hire, you will be told that the reason for this is that previous employees had poor technical or customer service skills, were rude to customers, were misogynistic, or any number of other reasons. These are also the same excuses that they give to their customers for their inability to maintain staff. The reality is that employees refuse to stay with them due to the hostile and abusive environment. The two owners are distrustful of their employees which leads to extreme micro-management. Any opportunities of a "bonus" that they might mention are a joke. Your "bonus" will be a percentage of all total billable hours for the company, which is weighted HEAVILY in favor of Nina due to the nature of the work that she performs. This is exceptionally odd, since Nina is often absent from work due to illness. I'll also confirm another reviewers point regarding a lack of security in the organization. A 3-ring binder is kept for every customer which contains network documentation and passwords for every user...really dangerous and the company sees this as a fantastic method of storing this information Lastly, the one and only positive review on this site states that it is from a 3-year employee. This is almost GUARANTEED to have been written by either Jeff or Nina due to the fact that they are the only two people that have been associated with the organization for that length of time."

Former Employee - Tech says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: I was told that I was expected to be in the top 10% of technicians in the industry but the pay was less than an entry level position with most tech companies. The entire time I worked there I waited for the next boot to drop Nina the co-owner and wife of Jeff would constantly have vicious outbursts out of nowhere many times screaming obscenities in front of employees. I personally witnessed marital fights that you could hear clear as a bell through the walls. When I raised question of Information Security relating to HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley standards I was told I was belittling Jeff and not to bring it up again. To punctuate the extent of the disrespect for the security of their clients 3 ring binders with the username and password of every user from each site was kept in plain text in an unlocked closet."

Former Employee - Technician says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time Cons: - Constant surveillance. The owner, his wife, and his accountant each have a TV with a live video feed of the technicians and their workspaces. I can't stress enough how uncomfortable this was. - The bonuses for billable hours have a bunch of red tape that make them very difficult to obtain without working 60+ hour weeks for a month straight. Even then, you might not get it because it is also dependent on other employees getting a bonus. - When something is broke they expect you to stay until it is fixed, even if it takes all weekend. Since pay is salary you are not compensated for this. You will also be expected to be back to work Monday at 8 am. Even if something isnt broke there is maintenance that is needed to be done after hours but again this is unpaid and you do not get to come in late the next day. - The insurance sucked and the vacation sucked harder. - Working with family creates an uncomfortable work environment. No matter how hard you try to avoid it there is going to be some degree of nepotism/favoritism. Family members and other senior staff also tend to think whatever they need at the moment is always most important. - Extreme disorganization. The saying "too many chefs in the kitchen" applies well here. With most of the staff being related or having seniority it is difficult to prioritize issues properly. - The schedule changes constantly and when mistakes are made the techs are automatically blamed. - Techs are responsible for sales, customer service, marketing, documentation, troubleshooting issues, keeping track of time, staying on top of the schedule since it is changing constantly, participate in an on-call rotation, etc. but the pay does not reflect this level of responsibility. - Unpaid on-call responsibilities. - The weekly lunch and learns were advertised as an opportunity to develop technical skills but instead were just meetings on what the techs needed to start doing better in regards to the business. - Some employees seemed to enjoy throwing each other under the bus."

Former Employee - Desktop Support Technician says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: Security standards are 1998. Favoritism is definitely an issue. Techs are over worked and under paid. Training new techs is treated as a threat."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Realize Information Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: Very unstable/volatile work environment. The personal issues between the husband and wife owners overshadowed everything and made it difficult just to get daily work done. Some of the clients could be quite rude, demanding, and impatient."