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NatWest Group plc (formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc), is a majority state-owned British banking and insurance holding company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group operates a wide variety of banking brands offering personal and business banking, private banking, insurance, and corporate finance through its offices located in Europe, North America, and Asia.

A former employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "Unfortunately RBS has gone from really great to work, to one of the worst in the high streets. There is no leadership from LCEOS, just talk about mortgages and mortgages is key. Work-life balance doesn't exist and when there is a shortage of staff customers really suffer. It's a shame but branches are closing up and down the country also in key locations forcing customers to leave or travel. The CEO of RBS priorities are not truly focussed on the customers."


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Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Majority of managers are awful, don’t care about the staff. Make the rules up as they go along to suit themselves. Most have no idea what they are doing and lazy. You’ll be doing their jobs for them then get moaned at for not hitting targets even though you’ve been distracted.NoneManagement"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Call centre at RBS was terrible.breaks not adequate for the role. monotonous call after call, typical stats driven. poor management. Complete disasternoneeverything, management, the job itself and lack of care for employees. Avoid like the plague"

IT (Current Employee) says

"Räumlichkeiten sind zum Teil veraltet, Flecken auf den Teppichen, Grossraumbüros ohne Lärmschutz. Es wird an allen Ecken und Enden gespart, vor allem an den internen Mitarbeitern. Einzig für die zahlreichen teuren externen Mitarbeiter ist Geld vorhanden. Internen Mitarbeitern wird auch nach jahrelanger Firmenzugehörigkeit einfach gekündigt, Jobsicherheit ist also nicht vorhanden, es kann jeden jederzeit treffen. Es herrscht viel Unzufriedenheit und es gibt viele Kündigungen, wodurch der Druck auf die übrigen Mitarbeiter enorm gross ist. Selbst das HR hält es in der Firma nicht aus d.h. man hat als Mitarbeiter keine kompetente HR Ansprechperson. Mehr als die Hälfte des Personals besteht aus Externen, die sich hier eine goldene Nase verdienen. Es gibt immer wieder Reorganisationen. Interne Mitarbeiter werden wenig gefördert und weitergebildet, stattdessen behilft man sich lieber mit teuren externen Spezialisten, die etwa die Hälfte der Mitarbeiter ausmachen und zum Teil jahrelang da sind. Positiv zu erwähnen wäre die subventionierte Kantine, wo man für 9-10 CHF Mittagessen kann. Ausserdem hat es einen Sportraum, wo man für 10 CHF monatlich trainieren kann."

Customer Advisor - Full Time (Former Employee) says

"Mis-selling is encouraged. Super cliquey management. Zero work life balance. This company do not value their customers and only care about sales. Literally whatever the sales focus is at the time, that’s what staff are expected to sell to customers, whether they need it or not. At one point we were told to add loan protection onto every loan without alerting customers. (As most said no as it was expensive.) when customers called in to query it, senior management just said tell customers they could cancel within 14 days - this allowed the branch to still hit target and wouldn’t cost the customer anything - they saw nothing wrong with this. Elderly customers were encouraged to tue savings up into bonds knowing full well they couldn’t take this money out for sometimes years without anpenalty, this this information was held from customers. Really no1 cares about customers"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"quando o dono da empresa se torna refém de um colaborador intrigueiro, falso, mentiroso e despota, a empresa não é boa para se trabalhar. inclusive tem uma rotatividade enorme de supervisores, pois quem é honesto não tem chance nesta empresa."

Debt Collector Agent (Current Employee) says

"horrible place to work managers are unfair with staff long work hours and you cannot leave on time when you finish either as you have to continue the phone call that you are on no job security - especially if with agency rude managers"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"- Management is cruel. I cried on the phones because I had been given no support & while i cried, no support was given, the manager tried to pressure me to resign as I’d cried and he thought I wasn’t good enough for the job. I ended up mentally disturbed and took time away from work for a month. He did the same to 3 other people and one ended up in hospital for overdosing. - 6-week FULL TIME training which extended to 8 weeks half-way through the programme and it was supposed to be a part time job, 21 hour job. After 6 weeks: 4/10 newly employed people, including myself left the job. This was because they taught us nothing in the 6 weeks and when they put us on phones, there was no proper experience on phones. It was all classroom based experience."

AML Investigator (Former Employee) says

"The expectations are set ver high immediately after training even when you do not have full system access. The scaremongering starts soon after starting regarding targets and threats that you will require to stay on the office until target is met. Not a healthy environment to work in."

CSA (Former Employee) says

"sack you for suffering with an illness, managers see you throwing up yet you get told to come in work and take calls. teach your staff member about depression and anxiety and don't mug staff members with their illness,"

1st line Support/ IT analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was working for RBS head office as 1st Line support contractor and I was taken out of the job with no big enough reason, The workplace is highly stressful putting a lot of pressure on the staff members trying to make them take 3 chats when they are still not ready, The training provided in the workplace was very awful as it was not provided by professional trainer it was just their senior analyst coming out their job role to provide training and just throwing ton of information with no explanation. I would never recommend anyone to work at RBS HEAD office as they do not value staff members their main values are just targets and pressure the workers."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't want my worst enemy to experience working under some of the management at this place of work. Management want you to fail and you're treated like children. It very quickly became a job where cold calling customers trying to sell products was compulsory despite me applying for an inbound call taker role. Avoid at all costs."

CSA (Former Employee) says

"Staff are not well treated, it’s about ripping the customer off and getting the targets met. Management is awful except for certain cliques ! If you want up go home feeling rubbish about yourself then this is the job for you ! Overall you are treated like dirt and the RBS has no desire to ever put the customer first !"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Pretentious place to work, always acting like it’s best thing for the customer and staff when everything they do is to save money. Awful management heavily targeted and quite frankly disgusting company to work for."

Security officer (Former Employee) says

"They have little regard for there security and support staff. They take no interest and treat contractors like we don`t exist. RBS does not ask enough questions about the welfare of their staff.I am not working there now.Long hours"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Vacancy is misleading as description did not match at all. I went for an interview as it should have been for customer service but instead turns out to be sales "without target" which throw me off guard and I was not successful interview because they expected to answer sale based question in which I applied for customer service in which what I revised for and lied that I could apply again but couldn't immediately"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Your job is not secure they are very unorganized and pay you the worst salary with little to no benefits the expectation that is there is way too high for the money they offer and they have the most unpleasant HR manager i have seen in a while she dose not really know how to work or interact with people she’s definitely a bit of a racist in my opinionGood team to work withBad salary and high expectations"

Bank Clerical Officer (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t advise anyone to work for RBS U under any circumstances . Management and are poorly paid and work everyone till they drop. You can be sacked without notice at anytime . You are timed for every action you take including toilet breaks . Some employees just walked out and never came back . So stressful and demanding a lot of employees go off with stress and mental illnesses and go on full time sick . Only work here if your very thick skinned and don’t mind being shouted at .Might after several years get a parking permit"

Treasury Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Warehouse made employees redundant and no longer exists good hours and pay, good location to Basingstoke town centre on the houndmills industrial estate"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a very good company if you expect working with professionals. I have had a negative experience here colleagues, work life balance, management, employee benefits nothing was positive. Will never recommend anyone to join this company."

Personal Banking Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The company is built on lies and management that do not protect privacy of those customers from RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank. You will not be supported by your management at all, in fact they might as well not be there. Management day consists of ordering take out, abusing staff, bullying, snap chatting personal details, scrolling on facebook. Consists of constant threats, and lack of job security. Do not apply for this job. There are no benefits. It WILL result in depression. This is not a safe place to work.Your team members.Management"

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