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Reckitt Benckiser Group plc/N.V. (RB) is an Anglo-Dutch multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Slough, England, and Hoofddorp, Schiphol, Netherlands. It is a producer of health, hygiene and home products. The company was formed in 1999 by the merger of British company Reckitt & Colman plc and Dutch company Benckiser N.V.

A former parts coordinator mentioned, "Don’t work at RB! This place doesn’t value you unless you’ve been there 10 + years total joke of a plant they fire good people but let the thief’s still work there."


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Parts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here! This place doesn’t value you unless you’ve been there 10 + years total joke of a plant they fire good people but let the thief’s still work there Cons: Everything"

Medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Ga er niet werken. Dit is een chaotische organisatie."

Técnico Manutenção Mecânica (Current Employee) says

"Devido a frequência de mudança de gestão e desistência de assumir determinadas responsabilidade (menos de um ano), torna a empresa sem rumo, zero comunicação e com gerência desorientada. Muita cobrança e sem recursos fabril."

Maintenance Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Management is expecting big numbers, outdated equipment that constantly fails forcing you to work overtime to get the product out. Their rules don't apply to their favorites. Very harsh discipline on the rest. Very unfair in their all around policies. I wouldn't recommend this place to a friend. I was forewarned about this place and didn't listen, and saw first-hand how things are handled. People are stressed out from the constant pressure to perform. High turnover rate due to the stressfull work environment. No lock out tag out program enforced. The forklift drivers do not drive safely. This a dangerous High stress environment. I am not a disgruntled employee but thought others should know what. I have observed while I worked there.what they are getting into."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"As jobs go it is fine but you will quickly realise that it’s a who you know type of place. Back stabbing is encouraged by leaders and managers. You will scratch your head and wonder how some people are qualified for their role.....they aren’t. The site has failed audits recently which shows a lack of quality and competency from the management. The ‘team’ of managers try and make life miserable for the shop floor"

NHS Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"their knowledge of employment law was laughable and sadly their treatment of staff as a consequence was sub standard. during a particular turbulent time they set out to mislead their employees"

Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"No one wanted to listen to your opinion if it didn't align with theirs. Any time spent away from the desk, even if it was a trip to the bathroom, was disgraceful. Meeting upon meeting of non-value added information. Quality was a joke."

Maintenance Team Resource Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of structure and constant organizational shifts are a direct result of a company that struggles to produce. People are treated unfairly and forced overtime is a way of life. The teams fight and point fingers at each other to shift blame. The factory is driven by greed and dissention. Cons: Everything that can be wrong with a company is found here"

Qaulity Control (Former Employee) says

"RB were just poor management I did not like working there at all but I needed a job and I made the best of it while I was there RB help me improve my skill as far as QC person now I have 1 year experience"

Senior (Former Employee) says

"like they say , if you don't have anything good to say about it. Don't say anything, and that's all I have to say about that. The only thing good about this company the cafe area Cons: more that pros"

HME Formulation Associate (Former Employee) says

"very stressful rushed work environment. they do not respect your work/life balance. you are a prisoner to the company and be at their back and call at all times. Cons: long hours for little money"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible culture, with senior managers who turn a blind eye to obvious wrongdoing. Bonus is ok when it is paid out. HR is not a resource. Cons: Culture, advancement for US citizens, Hr"

Floor Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was a job that paid. It was a typical factory job. It was a Physically taxing and mundance work enviornment. My day to day activites were not enjoyable, but it was a blessong to have a job. Cons: Physically taxing and mundane work enviornment"

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Great environment to work in and management is very family oriented. The workers are friendly and committed. I have learned a lot about how to be a good team player."

associate (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing typical in a typical day at Reckitt Benckiser. Very Toxic atmosphere Cons: I need a piece of paper and a day to"

marketing manager (Current Employee) says

"no respect to people"

Senior Transportation Manager/Procurement (Former Employee) says

"no life ask you to deliver the impossible. set you up for failures on the objectives... bosses only care about themselves and how they can survive. Cons: everything"

Chemist (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be treated like a sack of dog feces, this is the job for you. Wish I could put zero stars; maybe negative stars? Cons: Everything"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The Parsippany building is full of over privileged, self-important, pretentious people with absolutely no concept of respect. People constantly walk all over each other and throw each other under the bus. The environment reminds me a lot of an elementary school where people are constantly telling on each other and going to their managers when they don't get what they want. This company likes to come up with ideas to restructure departments without having any idea why they are doing it and they want it done immediately. This was truly the most miserable job I have ever had in my life. I've seen many people come into RB who are the happiest people and after a few months they are completely emotionally defeated. This place needs a serious attitude adjustment. There is a severe lack of structure and competence, but most of all the overall malicious and negative attitude makes it an unpleasant environment. I would not suggest working here if you value your happiness. Cons: Everything else"

Commercial Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If working for a company that micro manages, then this is the place for you. I have never in my life experience this level of micro management. Cons: Read above"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at RB full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You stay a temp never to get hired on"

Former Employee - Lab Assistant says

"I worked at RB full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible management, employees are treated poorly, unsafe working conditions"

Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"I have been working at RB full-time for more than a year Cons: the job itself is very very boring... don't see the opportunity for advancement."

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been working at RB full-time for less than a year Cons: Culture is horrible. Don't join."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at RB full-time for more than 3 years Cons: BEWARE OF SOME OF THESE REVIEWS. HR FREQUENTLY ASKS EMPLOYEES TO WRITE POSITIVE REVIEWS TO INCREASE THE RATING OF THE COMPANY ON GLASSDOOR. There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to describe how toxic RB is. Marketers that work in the US office are candidates that got rejected from better companies such as General Mills, Coca Cola, J&J, P&G, etc. RB is the company you go to if it's your last option and desperately need to pay off student loans. No MBA grad with a decent offer on the table ever accepts a role at RB. More than 50% of every incoming MBA class leaves RB within 18 months. Meaning, they're willing to break their 3-year contracts giving up their signing bonus & relocation assistance. WHY? The CULTURE AT RB IS TOXIC AND UNETHICAL. SENIOR LEADERSHIP those that last beyond 6 months are INCOMPETENT. Browse through LinkedIn you will rarely come across anyone in the US office that was promoted into a senior role. They leave and instead, RB fills these vacant roles with Europeans who are UNDERQUALIFIED (previously an entry to a mid-level role in their home country of Spain, France, etc.), UNPROFESSIONAL (finger-pointing, harassment, and abusive comments is the norm) and UNWILLING TO ADAPT to the ways of working in the US. What does this result in? CHAOS. Life at RB changes by the hour entirely dependent on whose voice is louder and their mood. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted purely due to indecision and lack of alignment between the internal management team. Brand Managers disagree with their Sr. Brand Managers. Sr. Brand Managers disagree with their Directors. Directors disagree with their VP of Marketing. Where does this leave everyone? Wasting time and money on projects that will never progress and products that will never hit shelves. Marketers at RB are not consumer-focused. They have their own agenda guided by their own self-interests. How many products can they launch and speak to at their year-end reviews? INNOVATION is NONEXISTENT and frankly, should be illegal. Marketers at RB work the closest with their legal and regulatory partners. This is entirely due to their constant push for what they can legally get away with. Even though, boundaries are in place to protect consumers from deceitful practices. A product line at RB consistents of the same "ingredients" contained in different sizes with different artwork labels. They run with it relying on consumers to be "dumb" enough to purchase the more premium and pricier product because it is in a different aisle of the store. This results in SHORT-TERM THINKING, no strategic vision, and no long-term plans. Management is constantly running around cutting budgets. At RB you will never truly grow into a strategic leader. Instead, you will learn how to be resilient because it takes a thick skin to survive. As several reviewers mentioned, the hours at RB are ridiculously long. Benefits like working from home are non-existent. They expect you to be in the office by 8 AM and leave by 8 PM unless you to take the 6 PM shuttle which then you better sign back on by 8 PM. Leaders are so incompetent they ask for hours worth of work on Friday evenings due first thing Monday morning because again they're incapable of thinking ahead. There goes your weekend. Vacations aren't vacations as they expect you to be online and attend meetings, business as usual. This all leads to BURN OUT AND FRUSTRATION. You walk into RB, no one is smiling. No one talks to one another. There is NO COMMUNITY OR CAMARADERIE. The people you end up talking to most are the cleaning staff and receptionists. You will feel high pressure to sit behind your computer all day, often not taking a lunch. You will likely sit next to your manager and their manager(s) to forbid you from ever checking your phone. It's a CULTURE OF SUPERVISION. You are treated like a child from day one even if you have more than a decade's worth of experience. To further paint this picture, I have had a manager go far enough to take my mouse from my own hands and scroll through my outbox to visibly check which emails I sent out while they were away for the day. HR was and is completely useless. They encourage yet do not take any reports or complaints seriously. They justify it as being part of RB's "ways of working". And the day continues, everyone shrugs it off. Likely because again no one here lasts, they're all from foreign countries and more than a handful are dating or married to senior leaders inside the company - fastest way to achieve job security. This company is a joke and everyone is aware of it hence the salary they will flash you. Men run and ladies physically take off your heels if you have to and run as far as possible."

Former Employee - Operations says

"I worked at RB full-time Cons: leadership is poor, focus is completely tactical and reactionary"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at RB full-time for less than a year Cons: Ridiculous workload. Vicious cycle - folks who work at RB and are promoted up, are promoted up bc they’re fine working ridiculous hours/having zero work/life balance. Once they’re promoted up and start managing teams OR are simply on a team, that screw work life balance that propelled them to where they are permeates the team either vertically or horizontally and so everyone on the team feels like they need to adjust bc X person is perceived as successful. Everyone is comfortable doing the job of what would be the job 2/3 ppl at other organizations. Crappy, effed up, toxic culture. Marketing touches everything which means consumers aren’t top of mind....and if they aren’t top of mind with marketing then....."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at RB full-time Cons: So many. For starters they have no training for you in the office. SOP or written instructions are just not their. Every plant operates differently so you can’t rely on them to be able to assist you. As well you will probably not do what the job description says or what you are told in the interviews because they are liars. The have no real direction as a plant or company just product and sell as much as possible so everyone dyes their own goals and no one works together. Run run run do not take it"

Current Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"I have been working at RB full-time for more than a year Cons: There is a complete lack of cooperation between any of the business units. Systems are so antiquated and outdated, constantly crashing and data fidelity is nonexistent. A huge issue with attrition here because people are not valued at all. Tons of people leaving the company, turnover is so high because everyone hates their job and company"

Former Employee - Associate Brand Manager says

"I worked at RB full-time for more than a year Cons: The numerous reviews should give you an indication and I warn any MBA student/graduate to look hard before coming here. More than 50% of each incoming class quits in less than 18 months here. It's not a 'work hard, play hard' type of place. It's a place for those looking out for themselves first. Here are the top reasons NOT to work here: 1) Long hours and high stress: Most marketers average 60+ hours and that's about 8 months of the year. Otherwise, expect to put in 70-80 hours for 3-4 months. And in a highly stressful place, it is clearly not healthy to do long-term. 2) Lack of strategic direction: RB changes by the week based on whoever in senior management thinks that there is an issue so you are always doing and changing things every day for them, not because you think it's right. It's a short-term business model where they obsess about market share and will switch an aligned strategy after just a few weeks due to its highly reactive culture. You won't learn to be a strategic leader by working here. 3) Senior management: Management is primarily from the EU office and switches every 1-2 years so you get a different culture constantly. The lack of respect, no recognition for employees, and focus on negative issues by them are the key reasons the culture is so bad here. 4) Lack of collaboration: RB actually removed 'Team Spirit' from their values and there is a clear reason for that: it is about what you do and people are very focused on their bonus and not the team/company. You are always in danger of being thrown under the bus and having no help sometimes, even from your manager to get through all the projects they force you to do. 5) Culture of fear: You will not survive here if you can't firmly put someone in their place, including colleagues, agencies, and vendors.People are afraid to lose their position of authority so you'll hear threats and ultimatums in meetings. I remember numerous times that a colleague or manager was blamed for an issue even if it was 100% out of their control and it would be done during a meeting rather than privately."

mark aylott says

"I have up until now been using one of the above companies products , Cillitt Bang Bleach and Hygiene , and up until recently found the product to be good .
However , they have recently changed the trigger spray mechanism on their bottles and after using this for the first time , found it not only difficult to use as it clogged up every time , but it spurted out in different directions when it did unclog itself , and covered items that were not supposed to be covered , and have since damaged such items .
After complaint to the above company they stated that they were sorry to learn blah blah blah , and that they would compensate me by way of tokens to use on THEIR products !!!
I did say that I was not happy with their product so was not sure that I would like to purchase their product again but decided that as they are such a large organisation , that there would be a different product under their banner that would want to be purchased so agreed to their compensation
I was then told that this could take 3/4 weeks ?? , not sure why ?
some three weeks late i received their token/s ........ a £5 voucher to use in store on one of their products !!!
I did send an e mail reply saying that this was pathetic , but strangely they did not reply !!
I am refusing to use their products now , and in particular the one that caused the damage and stress"

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