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Radisson Hotels is an international hotel chain headquartered in the United States and owned by Jin Jiang International Holdings Co. of P. R. China. A division of the Radisson Hotel Group, it operates the brands Radisson Blu, Radisson Red, Radisson Collection, Country Inn & Suites, and Park Inn by Radisson among others.

Joe shares his disappointing experience and expresses a lack of support, "Having to cancel our trip to England because of the Covid 19 pandemic I was delighted with all of the hotels we had booked with one exception...Radisson. Each one, Hilton, Marriott, and Hampton Inns gave a full cash refund. The one exception was The Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge Hotel in London. In my initial phone call with Radisson, I was told that I could expect a full cash refund but because of the volume of cancellations, it might take several weeks before the refund would show on my credit card. Since then the policy on Covid19 appears to have changed. I have now been told that there will be no cash refund or even an eCredit. Warning to other travelers. Stick with those hotels that are giving credits during these difficult times like Hilton and Marriott when making future plans. Very shortsighted view by Radisson. Something this frequent traveler will keep in mind.


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Tom Tiedgen says

"Very upset that i drove over 4 hours to Amens Iowa to spend the the weekend with my kids to visit my oldest daughter just to find out that there is no breakfast and the pool is not working nothing was posted on the website not happy!!!"

Clive Morris says

"They say valued customers and important But they fail to respond to emails. Twitter response a joke. And phones they drop calls cut off. They only want your money. They do not care!!"

customer says

"Part of a group, booked and turned up. Showed reception the accommodation voucher (payed in advance) they said no booking on their "system" ) thrown out onto the street. BEWARE Radisson Blue, Port Elizabeth, SA."

N/A says

"Cheating on rollover nights on Radisson rewards membership. I'm Radisson Rewards platinum member, and last year I stayed at the Radisson hotels for a total of 53 nights, which means I should have 23 rollover nights for next years qualification (Gold level require 30 nights and platinum 60 nights), but due to rollover nights from last year I get no rollover nights for next year. I feel cheated and will probably not stay at Radisson hotels at the end of the year anymore if I risk being cheated like this again."

Beverly says

"I stayed at one of the Radisson Hotels in Atlantic City the Claridge. Their customer service is "shameful" when a complaint or dissatisfaction is logged. Their only concern is money. I learned it is no longer American owned and is owned by foreigners who could care less if a customer is unhappy with the service or their hotel experience. #MAGA"

Clara says

"Radisson is hosting a conference of declared nazis and facist from all scandinavia. I think radisson should be hold accountable for supporting this kind of violent and dangerouse organisations. Radisson er værter for en konference af erklærede nazister og fascister. Radisson bliver nød til at stå til ansvar for at støtte udviklingen af den slags voldelige og farlige organisationer. Det er dybt forrøgt."

Gaurav says

"Customer care team doesn't care. Customer priorities are second-order to rules and regulations. Instead of listening when there was an issue relating to their loyalty program came up, the customer care team had a "computer says no" attitude and kept quoting their rules with regards to said program. Clearly they don't understand the importance of keeping loyal customers happy."

TravelCriticChic says

"Last year I stayed at Radisson in LaCrosse, WI. The high end feel in the lobby ends there. Hallways and rooms must be grandfathered in, as these are barely making code. Hallways are narrow, and rooms are small, nothing spectacular. When I went to check out the next morning, my card was scammed by the gentleman at the front desk. He ran my card despite my telling him that I wished to pay in cash. The girl who checked me in the night before informed me that there wasn't a problem with doing so. She didn't do much, other than hand me the key. The genteman not only charged my card once, he charged it four times, locking the account until Monday... this was after paying cash!! So I payed 5 times that day. Oddly, while paying with cash, the card should have been the furthest thing from his mind. In the end, the manager couldn't account for her absence during the situation, and publicly blamed me for not knowing how to check into a hotel. I can understand how cash seemed confusing to someone, I suppose, but stay away from my card then. The fact that I paid in cash should not alter how I'm treated, nor should I be blamed for the employees' inability to do their jobs, starting at the top! Staying at this older run down place isn't worth the hassle!! You will likely get blamed for your poor choice. In conclusion, the corporate offices gave me a free nights stay, which isn't honored at any Raddison Hotel, that I've called. Lesson learned!! Don't make the same mistake!!"

Shah says

"After having stayed at the Radisson, I made a complaint and what was being promised to me for my next stay @ a Radisson has been overlooked! What a shambles as to how my complaint has been handled!!!"

Anders says

"This was my second visit and not the best experience, but defiantly the last visit. Me and my girlfriend arrived simultaneously with three other couples and some Emerates personel. The experience was approx. 30 min. check-in and all couples was complaining, whereas the Emerates spend long time small-talking to the hotel staff. After waiting for a while I asked my girlfriend to visit the bar and make herself comfortable while is waiting for check-in. Secondly, disappointed me and are the root cause for my complaint. The personal checked me in to a smoking-room, and denied it to be a smoking room after complaining in the reception. Honestly, the room had an ashtray! You won't make customers denying your mistakes, but start fixing the mistakes you make."

ABA says

"This is about Radisson JFK Airport hotel. It was the worst hotel experience in my life. Please stay away from this hotel at any cost. I stayed there for 2 nights. Room service was always late and towels were not clean. We had a loud noise throughout the night. When I was a checking out 2 guys were checking out in front if me and frontdesk staff wanted to charge them for parking $16.99 per night. Guy explained he was not informed about these charges when he parked. Frontdesk staff named Farah was rude and raised her voice. The manager came out and was even ruder. They kept guy standing for more than an hour while locating his parking ticket. Guy explained he was going to be late for a flight, they didnt care. They told him he was going to be charged whether he accepted or not. Now the fun part: even though the guy was just arguing they called a security guy. Security guy stood behind him and pretended to make phone call to police that guy was threatening staff! I could see clearly that he was not talking on the phone and was just threatening guy. Police obviously would not come for civil matter. Now even the more fun part, guest was leaving, security guy followed him writing his license plate number and taking photos. I could not believe this. This is a gang. Not a hotel. Stay away at all cost. They will ruin your day. I am in the airline industry and I stay in hotels all the time, this is by far one of the worst experiences I have ever had."

Mike Mendoza says

"First off, staff was incredibly rude like we were an inconvenience for being there. Then there was a rap pool party with about 200 gangsters that weren't even staying at the hotel. You couldn't even use the elevators because they took them over. The only reason I have them 2 stars is because I had Wi-Fi in my room. Be wary to stay in the Rochester Ny Radisson."

Rebecca says

"I recently stayed in the Radisson in Nashua, NH let me just start by saying that for supposedly being a higher end hotel, it is not. Nothing spectacular, I have stayed in far nicer rooms in smaller chains and privately owned hotels. It claims to have premium bedding...which apparently means old lumpy pillows and rock hard mattresses. The ceiling paint was falling off and housekeeping will happily wake you up at 8:30 am on a Sunday morning by banging on your door and yelling. Saying anything to the staff simply gets you a cheerful, "Oh, sorry to hear that". Definitely will not be staying again."

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