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Volkswagen introduced the Golf in 1974 as the intended successor to its popular Beetle. By 1975 the Golf had landed on U.S. shores rebadged as the VW Rabbit. (In 1985, VW saw fit to call the car the same thing worldwide and badges the second-generation versions Golf.) Its styling was revolutionary.

Rabbit car rattles and makes funny noises, it ticks, squeaks, and whines, it's overpriced, fuel consumption is hight, and has no armrest, according to a review by Abqhudson at forums.vwvortex.com

"Rabbit. Cons: Rattles and funny noises, whines, ticks, squeaks YMMV. Bad fuel economy. There is no armrest. Somewhat overpriced."


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OFFICE ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Terrible environment, company makes you feel like you're expendable. No matter how hard you may work, if you're not a higher person in the company then you are let go for the summer. Even with a higher position in the job, they ask you to do the work outside of your job description. No job security whatsoever. Cons: Unfair work environment, terrible management."

PORTER, PORTER (Former Employee) says

"Nothing good to say about this organization. It needs a lot of reform to include on time compensation, better organizational management, employee benefits, etc... Cons: everything"

Operations manger (Former Employee) says

"Upper management lies, allows staff to sexually harass employees, doesn’t support growth, late pay because of lack of money to afford pay. Wasn’t trained properly. Cons: May not get paid on time because they can’t afford payroll."

Worker (Current Employee) says

"This operation is totally for the novice. Horrible pay schedule that borderline illegal. Pay dates are every 7th and 21st of each month. Cons: Lack Solid and Strong Leadership"

Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Wages where nothing to complain about but the communication between employees and managers is horrible completely disrespectful. I had to work in the freezer everyday from start of shift to end . Frezzer reaching temperatures of 15 - 0 degrees and the freezers are as big as your living room . I last there for 8 months total nightmare Cons: Long work hours with disrepair managers"

Barista/Cook (Former Employee) says

"Employers will be absent and will arbitrarily fire you based on their profit margins. You will not receive write ups or even conversation. It is not a great place to work if you are looking for more than a summer college job."

Team Leader/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"lets just say it was a learning experience , I wouldn't recommend this company 2 anyone no, longevity, be lucky 2 work a consistent full year ... ... no chance 4 advancement ..."

Logistics and food Distribution Mgr (Current Employee) says

"The company concept is great. Serving healthy breakfast, lunch and snack to children throughout the city of New York. The most enjoyable thing about the jobs is the strong family bond that is among the employees. The toughest thing about the job is the the poor communication and organization of information needed to run the kitchen efficient."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Went for a trial once and was told I'll be getting paid. Never got paid, gave me a wrong impression. As a worker, you do the job as they expect you to do it right. You have your right to expect them to pay you on time. Makes no sense. They need to get their payroll organized. If that's not a priority for them. Then it's a joke, don't bother trying and applying if you have responsibilities to sustain yourself! life"

Office Staff (Current Employee) says

"During my tenure at Red Rabbit, I've seen A LOT of turnover. Management is a joke. They hire a ton of Spanish speaking staff in lower positions, and hire only English speaking managers (which causes more confusion and disconnect). They do not foster team work and pick and choose when to follow their own policies. They constantly hire under qualified managers and do not promote from within. However, I'd recommend working here if you are looking to gain experience. Be warned - the current payroll manager does not take her job seriously and does not care about the employees needs or upsets when she runs our pay incorrectly. There are plenty of times I've had to go without a paycheck past pay day. They should also either hire a spanish speaking HR person or at least sponsor her to learn. She tries her best to help but the language barrier leaves most teams feeling helpless if they can't find someone to translate. Cons: poor work/ life balance; rarely paid on time; no room for growth; semi-monthly pay schedule"

Prep Cook/Cook (Former Employee) says

"long hours no time for an outside life poor management too many bounced checks to much stress about getting paid on time or having to wait the next couple of days"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"As a driver the communication was horrible, the cars were not safe, often got sent out with no gas. The best thing about the job was the company's mission of serving healthy food to children, which the CEO does not even believe in - he's in it for the money, folks. There are no standards here. Different managers want different things, so you can be suspended ny one manager for doing something another would not care about. Ridiculous. Payroll is horrible as sometime you have to walk to a main bank branch to cash a check. Never work here unless you are desperate for job. Cons: No lunch breaks, bad vehicles, bad pay with no raises, no opportunity for advancement, unsteady schedule and hours, poor management, poor communication"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The company was in its beginning stages so they were making tons of mistakes. Cons: managers were not trained correctly."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Listen I don’t really got no realer tips then this just be yourself always make sure you on top of your game and don’t let nobody stop you from reaching your goal Cons: No real Structure"

Maintenance/kitchen porter/aid (Former Employee) says

"Easy going fast paced job"

PORTER (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work to come in at 6am and make sure me assigned area was clean if not make sure I clean it then during the day keep my area clean as well as help kitchen staff at the end of the day clock out Cons: management had poor managing skills as far as dealing with staff and issuses"


"People get too comfortable and refuse to work as a team. The work is very straight forward but people make it a difficult task. Lacks leadership. But the management has been better over the years and the food too. Cons: too much gossiping"