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Prosafe owns and operates seven semi-submersible Accommodation, Safety and Support Vessels (ASVs) and one Tender Support Vessel (TSV) that can also operate as an accommodation vessel.

A former employee mentioned, "Management at Prosafe were an absolute disaster onshore, both Operations & HR. Ran almost exclusively by people who had little to no experience in their field or that was relevant to the senior position they now hold.

Bullying culture on quite a few rigs that was reported numerous times by various people, nothing was done."


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CRO-Operador Sala De Controle (Former Employee) says

"Empresa com regime militar marítimo.,muitas demissões,por motivos pessoais. Cons: Péssimo ambiente de trabalho."

Able Seaman (Former Employee) says

"Started with them in 2012 and all was good but received a very unfair 25% pay cut while upper levels employed only got 3-5%! Terms and conditions were then slashed as well and gradually the company treated people terribly, I was lucky to receive an enhanced redundancy but lots of people didn’t. The downturn didn’t help but very disappointing the way they treated good employees."

Fen (Former Employee) says

"For Prosafe working good people but managment is very week / not stability at allFen"