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Profire Energy is an oilfield technology company, specializing in the design of burner-management systems (BMS) and other combustion-management technologies. They serve the upstream and midstream portions of the oil/gas industry, providing systems that monitor and manage the burners used in the industry's combustion vessels (e.g. tanks, dehydrators, separators, etc.). In 2012, they were recognize


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Former Employee - Manager, Health Coaches says

"Unwillingness for leadership to take advice from those "beneath" them has led to a toxic environment that engages in borderline illegal activities. Sexual harassment and other violations reported to management & HR (Profile or Sanford) go on without repercussions aside from threatening the employee who reported it. Saw this happen to multiple coworkers over and over as the accused became promoted."

Former Employee - Coach says

"All about sales, low pay, take advantage of hard-working employees"

Former Employee - Health Coach says

"Extremely high turnover of employees, constant change in leadership, and pricing that makes the plan prohibitive to those who need it most, making it the plan very difficult to sell--many reasons to avoid working here."

Current Employee - Senior Health Coach says

"They let anyone buy a franchise. They are unorganized. They are unprepared. They don't treat their employees right and they are very judgmental."

Former Employee - Company Lawyer says

"It feels gimmicky. You are a nutrition powder/protein bar salesman, not really a health coach. As a health coach the qualification bar is set pretty low. I had no nutrition background at all and after 4 days of training I'm suddenly a "certified nutrition coach." You aren't really a nutrition expert in the coaching room but rather a suggestive therapist and shoulder to cry on. My issues with management and coworkers were largely due to my specific territory and are not reflective of the company at large. The owner was extremely dishonest, gossipy, distrusting and an extremely poor businessman (the company is failing in his territory and I believe corporate has plans to acquire his stores). He fired several people after very short lengths of employment because he decided that he couldn't afford the salaries that he initially offered them. He wouldn't stay true to the bonus plans that he offered. If anyone actually reached their bonus goals he would change the structure to ensure nobody would get one. Unfortunately, some of the employees were the same way. People would lie, create drama, and throw others under the bus if they saw it as advantageous. Employment turnover (voluntary and involuntary) was extremely high in this territory. Pay starts at $12 per hour. They do give raises to those who do an exceptional job, but expect a cap at about $18. Overall, this company has potential and I think that they have decent intentions for people. Unfortunately, the work environment was so toxic and the business was so poorly run (with no help from corporate) that I just would not recommend."

Current Employee - Health Coach says

"Everything else: Upper management Zero direction for the company Sales focused rather than "helping people" focused Poor pay Poor benefits No room for growth"

Former Employee - Health and Wellness Coach says

"Owner was all about the money and not the employees. He did not care about any of us and expected us to bend over backwards for him, when he most definitely didn’t do the same for us. There was A LOT of cold calling/emailing and the whole job was VERY salesy. Owner did not like for anyone to have fun- work only. Owner was rude to my family on multiple occasions when they are members there. Staff is majorly underpaid and some coaches are paid significantly more than others. Owner knows nothing about the coaching job OR the program."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to begin. Everything you learn in school you won't use, Profile is all sales. Franchise owners can literally be anyone with the funds so chances are just there to make back what they invested and hope the business survives. If you aren't scamming enough people you'll lose your job quickly. No benefits or PTO. No room for growth. Very easy job but like not in a good way. During training they will say you are to act as if you are "on stage" always smiling, have the sales script memorized, etc. Clients want real people as coaches, not actresses."


"Owners fight, inappropriate conversations, gossip, demeaning atmosphere and constant meetings with no real agendas."

Former Employee - Nutrition Coach says

"Very profit oriented and not focused on client care and wellbeing."

Ops Manager (Former Employee) says

"The owners are clueless about profile Sanford. I truly believe who ever(profile Sanford) is selling the franchise idea is just wanting money and that’s it. But most of all you cannot trust the owners. Do not work at any of the houston tx locations. Waste of time Cons: Everything"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"For a place that preachers healthy lifestyle, they certainly do a number on their employees. my physical and mental health plummeted from working for this place. It’s a newer company, so whenever a question is asked as far as development the response is “we’re working on it “and your concerns where tossed to the side. This was also the least diverse company I’ve ever worked for. I personally did not receive my earned vacation time And the owner at our location would change clock in time so he would not have to pay people properly"

Health and wellness coach (Former Employee) says

"Overall great idea for a business but poorly run and operated. If I could put 0 stars on management I would. They don't care about their employees, managers are more concerned with freeing up their own schedule instead of working on business development or making sure their employees are happy. Few if any chances to advance in the company. Incredibly monotonous and not much job satisfaction."

“Coach” (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I’ve ever had, incompetent owners. Lied to and deceived. Forced to make door to door sales. Was spied on. Awful pay. Products don’t work, awful training. Cons: The entire job"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"The concept of Profile sounds okay in theory; low calorie meal plans to help people lose weight. In reality, these members are stuck on expensive meal replacements for long periods of time. The truth is, these people would do better eating real food in moderation with the assistance of a nutritionist. Cons: Horrible pay, expensive insurance, sales position with zero benefits"

Health Coach (Former Employee) says

"This job is ridiculous, they make you believe you are helping people and actually coaching them, when all you are really doing is pushing them to buy meal replacements. It's ALL about sales sales sales, and coaches are forced to do business development 24/7 whether or not they have any experience. Clever scam though I must say."

Health Coach (Former Employee) says

"My advice is to run in the opposite direction. The franchisers had zero experience managing a team and morale was dead within weeks. Staff felt the need to check the owner's mood before asking him a question. Owners could not give staff feedback appropriately, spent almost no time discussing what's going well, focused predominantly on giving negative feedback, and liked to remind staff of how much money they had to lose constantly. Lied routinely. Completely TOXIC workplace."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Investing in this retail franchise is a mistake: Many original owners have been bought out for peanuts by MSP Wellness (based in Minnesota) & others, & none of these retail locations have ever turned a profit. These new owner-groups don’t want to pay for expertise & education, either: These employees are professional people, including certified health coaches & highly skilled marketers, etc."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"This job is absolutely NOTHING like it is portrayed in the job description. You're much more of a salesperson than anything else. You're pressured to call and pester people over and over again and try to obtain members."

Health Coach (Former Employee) says

"This is a good job for someone right out of college looking to get experience somewhere, but I wouldn't stick around for more than 6 months. Be prepared for constant schedule changes and having your hours cut, management will say one thing and do another, all they care about is if their bonuses get there on time. They promote themselves as a place that cares about it's members, and you truly have the opportunity to change lives and build great connections with people. However, be prepared to be punished for your hard work, stressed and under-compensated, as well as given no opportunities for advancement. Overall very disappointed with the route this company is taking."

Health Counselor (Current Employee) says

"They do not care about you as an individual. They do not care about your success. In fact, they will lie to you about ways to succeed that truly lead you down the wrong path. They are a sham of a company"

Health and Wellness Coach (Former Employee) says

"I was skeptical about the program in the beginning but decided to give it a chance. However, I should've seen the signs about the owner early on, but I ignored them. Owner does not know what he is doing and is running the company into the ground. He asks for too much from people who do not know what they are doing either. He creates a terrible work environment. Job turnover is extremely high. Management turn over is extremely high. Cons: poor management/ownership"

Health coach (Former Employee) says

"I have an extensive background in wellness coaching and have way more qualifications than this job required, and I was basically manipulated into taking the job and promised benefits and opportunities That NEVER happened.The managers have no clue what they are doing,I was a“health coach”but really it felt like I was a slave to the higher up people at corporate doing sales calls. Toxic"

Health Coach (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for 6 months too long. It was unorganized and unfair from the time I accepted the offer. Promoted a person above me that had no management experience and did things based on his ego. Franchise owners were sweet, but did not provide help at all."

certified health coach (Current Employee) says

"I wish coaching was 90% of the job but sadly it is not. Sales is the job, cold calling etc which is not what I wanted to do with my career. It is too bad because my members are fantastic to work with. The plan does indeed work and the meal replacements do their job for members trying to lose weight. The stress to sell is super high and it makes for poor morale among employees- it is consuming. Cons: stress, sales"

Health coach (Former Employee) says

"I regret working for this business. They focus so much on "sales," not on coaching. During our training, they talked about science and "real" health coaching. In reality, once we were in the field, we were pushed to sell "foods." We had to make calls every single day. We were spamming people's mailboxes every single day. If you care about science and real education, Profile isn't for you. If you are a retail person, this is probably the right fit for you. The pay is really bad too -- they cannot give a decent pay for ppl with B.S. degree. Cons: Not science based"

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach (Former Employee) says

"Job description is not clear and management is disrespectful of your time and not concerned about their employees. Very very salesy— cold calling, door to door, business development, emailing customers over and over."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work involves a lot of uncertainty at the management level. Lots of change at corporate and a lot of turnover throughout the company across the board. I learned many great things on how to and how to not run a business. Management is not helpful, and for a wellness company focused on weight management their only focus is on the amount of money and members coming through the door and no focus on keeping those members happy and seeing success. Didn't have any health benefits for eight months while working there. Job security is ok for a coach but for managers and sales managers it is not good with a ton of turnover. Most enjoyable part of my job was working with members and seeing their success. The hardest part of the job is the poor management structure at corporate and constant change with no help at the store level. Cons: Poor management at corporate and turnover"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The owners are clueless and unprofessional. They should not be running a business. The communication is horrible, and they accept zero advice on how to better the location. After not accepting you advice, and putting zero money into the business, you will be blamed for all their failures. Trust me, save yourself and do not apply. Cons: Pay, no benefits, overworked, no HR, etc"

Coach (Former Employee) says

"We generate and follow up with tasks pertaining to new member leads and retention of current members. We are responsible for the business development with no existing plan to follow. We are the blind leading the blind. There is no structure. The counseling aspect is amazing and we are making a difference in people's lives. Overall, great company, but the job satisfaction itself depends on the location Cons: no structure"

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