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Ortek Therapeutics, Inc. is a private healthcare company based in Roslyn Heights, New York which specializes in researching and commercializing oral care products. It was founded in 1998. To date, Ortek's commercial success is based on the company's patented AlkaGen Technology (an arginine bicarbonate/calcium carbonate complex). The Company plans on incorporating this technology in their sugarless soft chews, BasicBites. Ortek developed and commercialized two dental pastes for sensitive teeth and were based on the arginine bicarbonate/calcium carbonate technology. These products, DenClude and ProClude were sold to Colgate Palmolive in 2008. ProClude, is now called Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Desensitizing Paste with Pro Argin Technology.

Morphy shares his disappointing experience on Amazon, "I found that Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Pro-argin toothpaste helped my tooth sensitivity due to receding gums significantly; however, the lining of my mouth started peeling, if that's the correct term, and my gums also seemed to recede more from using this toothpaste, causing more sensitive spots. It also left an aftertaste in my mouth constantly, like I had been sucking on a bar of soap all day. I'm disappointed with the side effects since it did seem to help quite a bit with my sensitivity."


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