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Primrose Schools is a family of accredited, early childhood education providers headquartered in Acworth, Georgia. It has over 301 franchised schools in 23 states and provides education and care to over 60,000 children. All Primrose schools are accredited through AdvancED, and the organization was the first preschool to receive AdvancED's Corporation Systems Accreditation under the new Early Learning Standards.

A former teacher shares his/her experience working for Primrose Schools in a review written for INDEED: "I worked here and they have job postings for pay rates they would never give. It’s false advertising in all honesty. I don’t work here anymore because they wouldn’t give me a raise nor will they give raises to other people who work there, and yet they post the amount they’ll pay is 1-6 dollars higher than what everyone else gets paid. The owner is money hungry and only cares about tuition. Leadership doesn’t care about growth or change in positions. They make promises they never keep."


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Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for about two years and management simply does not care for your well-being. First of all, I asked to call out due to a family emergency and I was told no even though my mother was on her death bed. Secondly, when I’m having trouble in my classroom, management tells me they are “always here to help” even though I call for help several times and no one comes to my classroom. Specifically at my school, I was in the preschool classroom and they would send over younger kids to my room for hours at a time. I would be out of ratio and would also be breaking Florida Health Code because I had no sanitary changing station for the younger children in diapers. Lastly, I walked out of my classroom 5+ times in mental distress because I wasn’t getting any help and was told to “figure it out.” Overall a very disorganized company and doesn’t care about your well-being as an employee whatsoever, they only care about the money. I loved my kids with all my heart but I have never seen a more disrespectful company."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for this company for 7 months. I can't get out the door far enough. I have never seen a place as shady as this one. My current location has several positions posted here on indeed and half of them say they offer health insurance, which is a lie. It's also a lie that will be repeated in the interview process. Cons: Everything else"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I was verbally abused by management on multiple occasions during my career at primrose school of livermore. Before the new management I was actually really happy here and loved working with the children families and teachers. The turnover rate is astronomical some teachers leave after just one day. For your own mental health trust me when I say this isn’t a safe place to work. Cons: Management"

Daycare Assistant Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working for Primrose of Walnut Creek in Mansfield Texas. They are an awful management and franchise owners. They do not care for their employees and are very hard to work with. Cons: ONE 15 minute breaks for assistant teachers for an 8 hour work day."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"- Owners are money motivated and it shows in almost all aspects of work life. Unfortunately that leaves teacher and student health and safety to be compromised. The employee turnover rate is extremely high due to a lack of basic respect and value - teachers treated poorly. Do not expect any raises, bonuses or work praise. Cons: No prep time, little support, poor managment."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"No job security. They will fire you for absolutely no reason. The turn over is a revolving door. The pay is horrible. They do not practice what they preach. The parents think its a private preschool, but it is really just babysitting with a lot of accidents."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Company needs to Provide more time for employees. Enjoyed the job and the Children. Rewarding seeing smiling faces. Location was awful due to lack of positivity towards all staff. High turn around in employees. Unprofessional ways of doing things. Cons: Management"

Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The management is awful, they don’t care about you or your personal life. They will find someone to replace you in a heartbeat. The only good thing about working here is the teachers you get to work with. The kids are not great and the management does nothing about it. None of the kids are learning anything and it’s just a big, messy daycare. The owners are money hungry is the worst way possible!!! They don’t know anything about their schools even though they own them! I would never work here again or have anyone i know work here Cons: management is bad"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Be careful when accepting a position at a Primrose. Some owners only care about enrollments and how much money they can bring in. They lie to staff about raises, and “bonuses” in order to get people to work for them. The well being of staff is absolutely last on their list of priorities!! Cons: Terrible management, and compensation"

o Teaching Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you sleep with the directors son you can do anything and most of the girls up there already have and the owner has no idea what is going on and is never at the school"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"Now don’t get me wrong, the kids and the coworkers are great. They were the best part of the job. Management is where there are issues. When I told them I couldn’t come in because I had to get tested for COVID they tried to guilt trip me. They would have much rather me come in than take precautions. You’d think in the middle of a pandemic people would be more understanding but that’s not the case. The job should be about the kids, their safety and my own but sadly like any other job it’s all about money. Huge waste of my time. Stay away. Cons: Not understanding, bad work environment, forgotten breaks"

Floater (Former Employee) says

"Since I started my career at Primrose there have been many things I didn't like, but I dealt with it accordingly. I kept telling myself things happen and move forward even if it upset me. It was my first experience in the field and they were kind enough to offer me a position which at the time I was grateful for. But as my career continued I noticed the true colors that management had. On any given day I would have anywhere between 11 to 12 children on my own and be required to functionally do every task from changing diapers to doing all the curriculum by myself. Which as a first time teacher was hard for me to accomplish on a daily basis. The communication was not always there because of the system they use being an app on a tablet. If the notification wasn't received then that's where the communication was disconnected. Being short staffed was a problem in many aspects which include the following; going on our breaks not even an hour into our shift to be able to give everyone a break in the mornings, to getting your lunch late and not being paid your meal premium because you didn't go on your lunch before your 5th hour, to not having support for the teachers who needed it. The food service is not that great. There are some days were the children get enough food and then there are days where there is just enough food to give the children one serving and if we need more they don't have anymore to give to us. The foot traffic in and out of the classroom especially during Covid has been pretty high since they are still allowing different teachers in the classrooms on a daily"

Young Toddler Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I don’t even know where to start with this place. It is corrupt as corrupt gets! Let’s start with how much they “care” about the children. The children are constantly underfed because the owner refuses to order my food to save money. These parents pay at least $2,000 a month, every month, and they can’t afford food?! I don’t get it. The curriculum is education based, which can be okay, but expecting TODDLERS to sit in a circle time for 15 minutes is just simply idiotic. Now let’s move on to how much they value their employees! I promise you won’t ever see a raise, whatever you start at, that is it, no matter what they tell you. You won’t get bonuses or promotions. First they told us on our one year, they would evaluate us and give us a raise, they then moved it to everyone being evaluated in august and getting a raise, neither of these were true. I worked there for almost 2 years and NEVER got evaluated or a raise. They are full of empty promises and will tell you what you want to hear to make you stay but never ever keep their word. This school and the owners are TOXIC. They have had multiple lawsuits opened on them, from both employees and parents. Licensing is constantly being called since teachers are ALWAYS left out of ratio. They have “primrose ratios” but never follow them, even though they tell all parents that they do. The only reason they’re accredited is because they literally gave us a sheet of paper to memorize to lie to the ones interviewing us. Children have been left outside by themselves, have been seriously hurt, or seriously sick. Don’t even get me started Cons: Everything"

Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"This location is toxic in so many ways that I have a giant list/paragraph that won’t fit in this little box. One thing for sure they don’t care for your well being and claim to be a family but turn their back on you when you need it."

Infant Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Child Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"terrible place to work. they treat people terrible, honestly if I could give it negative stars I would. they have lack of communication. The pay is not worth it at all, I feel like you do so much for a little pay you get. so many people apply and then they leave because how they get treated. If you really need the money go for it, but you won’t get treated the way you supposed to be treated. They would move you around, they are not flexible with you. You want to work in a happy place, this place is not a happy place, the only thing that make the place happy is the children. So please I highly recommend not to work in this place. This is not a good place to work at all. DON’T WORK HERE. Cons: lack of communications, and not flexible"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Truth hidden from parents and rarely spoken."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Primrose School of Willow Glen for three harrowing months. This is one of those schools where the staff are lovely to your face and gossip viciously behind your back. Head management is not exempt; they acted lovely and concerned until you were actually in the office, when they turned cold and mean and levelled gossip at you that had no basis in reality. I didn't know who to trust and so trusted no one. Further, the teachers were constantly bullied by parents and totally unsupported by management. You will have no work-life balance if you work at PSWG. You will be constantly torn down and belittled. The class I taught had gone through six teachers by the time I arrived, and within my three months, all of my co-teachers gave notice. It was one of the most poisonous places I have ever worked, and I am not new to the field. Cons: bullying, gossip, backstabbing"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"The set up for the children you can thank the teachers they are loving and care so much for the children but the owners well that’s a whole new story. Cons: Nothing"

Kindergarten Teacher (Former Employee) says

"So I worked at Primrose for over 8 months. Cons: Just everything else"

Current Employee - Lead Teacher says

"I have been working at Primrose Schools full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Leadership sucks, drama, poor pay for a school making so much money, no respect for our other responsibilities and makes it seem like primrose is our only responsibilities, no benefits, poor communication."

Former Employee - Lead Infant Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time for more than a year Cons: Don't follow state code, and treat their employees terribly. I was let go over TEXT MESSAGE because I spoke out about how my manger at the time threatened to let me go because I had a disability. She also looked at my text messages because I had left my phone in the bathroom and threatened me about them behind closed doors."

Former Employee - Pre-K Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time for more than a year Cons: literally everything. the pay, the work, management team. They literally won't let you go to the restroom and there is no break room."

Former Employee - Lead Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: Toxic environment Overload you with children Benefits are not good Poor management"

Former Employee - Early Childhood Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: LOTS OF CHILD ABUSE in centers!"

Former Employee - Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: Management, low pay, owners are nice but need to treat teachers as people and not as if they are disposable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Former Employee says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: Disrespectful and difficult to work with owners and high turnover"

Current Employee - Lead Toddler Teacher says

"I have been working at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: I have never worked for a company so hungry for money. They do not care about the safety about kids or staff as long as they keep the money flowing. I truly tried my best and feel like it wasn’t enough. And don’t plan to ever get off on time because they are always short staffed. It’s so so sad."

Former Employee - Early Childhood Educator says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time Cons: Director was more concerned with money, numbers and who might be talking about him than the children or the staff. Teachers are treated like children, are spied on and told they can't talk to each other. For someone on a crusade against (gossiping) this director was the biggest gossip in the building. beware, they are great at making you feel good about the work environment, then they throw you to the wolves and give you zero support or feedback."

Former Employee - Assistant Young Toddler Teacher says

"I worked at Primrose Schools full-time for less than a year Cons: Owner doesn't care, they only care about money and whats best for them"

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