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Posten Norge or The Norwegian Post is the name of the Norwegian postal service. The company, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has a monopoly on distribution of letters weighing less than 50g throughout the country. There are 30 post offices in Norway, in addition to 1400 outlets in retail stores.

MALGORZATA AGNIESZKA CYNDECKA talks about the abuse of POSTEN NORGE in its dominant position in the market for business-to-consumer parcel delivery services with non-prescription delivery in a review published by THE UNIVERSITETET OF BERGEN: “On 18 April 2012, the EFTA Court upheld a decision by the EFTA Surveillance Authority “ESA” that Posten Norge AS had abused its dominant position in the market for business-to-consumer parcel services with over-the-counter delivery in Norway by pursuing an exclusivity strategy with preferential treatment when establishing and maintaining its Post-in-Shop network. Nevertheless, the fine imposed by ESA on Posten was reduced from EUR 12.89 million to EUR 11.112 million due to the excessive length of the administrative procedure 5 years and 8 months from the initial request for information sent to Posten to concluding the investigation, and a year for drafting the final decision since Posten’s last submissions”


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cab driver (Former Employee) says

"i found it to accept favoritism,dispatchers would accept payoffs for good runs i would'nt work for them again"

Taxi Driver (Former Employee) says

"was a good steady job till company closed"

Former Employee - Første Postbetjent says

"I worked at Posten part-time for more than a year Cons: Repeating work, can make you a little bit crazy. The flow of mail, never stops."

Customer says

"Poor customer service on the local post office in Leirfjord. They refused to mail my package to a national customer!!! Even if I paid for my Postnord package slip! We better start getting postnord fillials to replace Posten Norge!! I refuse to pay NOK 180,- for what I could get for the price of 136,- on PostNord! I called postnord and they gave me a refund for the unused package slip. I told them about posten denying me to mail the package through postnord."

Slaven says

"Pure incompetance."

Mick says

"Flexibily from extremely limited to none, if you have other freight options go for them instead!!"

georgios says

"The worst postal service. I lived in 4 countries. 10% of the orders are delivered well. They do not respect our money we spend to use them. They do not respect our packages. They do not care. Slow service, very expensive service and many racist employes on the stores that deliver the packages. And the worst of all? They have removed the email address from their site so we cannot complain!!!"

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