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Post Holdings (officially Post Holdings, Inc.) is an American consumer packaged goods holding company headquartered in the suburban St. Louis community of Brentwood, Missouri. It operates in the center-of-the-store, food service, food ingredient, refrigerated, active nutrition, and private label categories. Its Post Consumer Brands business manufactures, markets, and sells both branded and private label cereal products. Its Michael Foods Group business supplies value-added egg products and refrigerated potato products to the foodservice and food ingredient channels. Through its Post Refrigerated Retail business, Post offers potato, egg, sausage, and cheese refrigerated side dishes products. Its active nutrition business markets and distributes protein beverages, bars, and gels.

A customer shares her experience via, "The first time, I bought a box of PowerGel in Nov 2019. Some of them leaked while I was running with them, but I thought they were just pressed hard by other stuff in my pack, or I carried them too long/often without using. I bought the 2nd box in June. This time, I was being careful. When I took gels with me for a run but didn't use them, I put them in a different ziplock so I can use them first for the next run. By doing this, I'd learned it would start leaking after 2-3 runs. That's ok because I really love PowerGel, I just need to be more careful (though inconvenient). The problem is some are leaking without being carried (just being on my shelf). I was going through my inventory today (Aug 9, 2020) and noticed they were leaking."


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Jens Neumann says

"die Tarife sollten eigentlich einheitlich sein. In Rostock gelten regional erhöhte Tarife und die Mitarbeiter hinter den Schaltern lassen sich nicht davon abbringen.Ein Großbrief erreicht mich von Hannover für 1,45 aber zurück wollen die Postler nichts unter der Maxigebühr machen,obwohl Abmasse meines Briefes unter 35x25 cm lagen und er keine 500g wog.Ich habe klein bei gegeben ,der Brief musste weg.Argumente zogen nicht.Ist das die Arbeitsplatzangst oder ein Defizit aus der Schule ? schaut euch mal die dänische Postbewertung an,so hätte ich auch gern gelobt,aber Monopolisten haben es nicht nötig.(siehe Telekom)"

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