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Popchips is a brand of popped potato and corn products marketed as similar to potato chips. They are manufactured by processing potato starch at high pressure and temperature, in a process similar to that used for puffed rice cakes.


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Manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work if you are a Woman. Your opinions will not be heard. Only men advance here. Only the opinions of male employees matter. Only men understand manufacturing. Women are just the assistants to the men. If you speak up as a woman, you will be treated differently after that.Free chipsManagement"

Jess Moore says

"Unfortunately ordered a hamper and the chicken included was off and had a terrible smell ? have ordered from muscle food before with no issues (and the other red meat was fine) so was really disappointed with this!"

Helen Francis says

"Has been good until last order. Damaged and limited life on product. Would of been unable to use in time."

Evan says

"APPALLING AND IDIOTIC ORDERING AND DELIVERY PROCESS!! Received various emails giving delivery date; minutes later another email pushing that back; then another email confirming original date; then message from DPD saying box would be delivered SIX days after sending; then email saying original date (which had passed!!); then DPD confirming again SIX day delivery; then.......!! ON AND ON AND ON!! Thankfully Patric from their help dept (must be a BIG dept!!) eventually sorted things. Boxes arrived FIVE days after packing with all gel packs melted and food JUST OK.. NEVER AGAIN!!!"

Mr unhappy says

"I never got my order even though I paid for it and went to my neighbor's to see if they had delivered it to them as that was what the text said they didn't have a package for me. Very disappointed and I want my money back"

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