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A pom-pom – also spelled pom-pon, pompom or pompon – is a decorative ball or tuft of fibrous material. The term may refer to large tufts used by cheerleaders, or a small, tighter ball attached to the top of a hat, also known as a bobble or toorie.

Although pom-poms are used frequently, you can encounter several problems making one such as these ones listed on blog.pommmaker.com, "Yarn or thread can break when you pull too hard. This is the worst case scenario. Always use a strong thread. However hard you pull your thread, it loosens again before you can knot it. We used to press the loop hard with a finger tip while trying to make a knot, it’s frustrating and the loop will always find a way to slip back a bit. The final knot can also loosen over time, resulting in your pompom eventually falling apart after regular use (whatever you do with your pompoms)."


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