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Polygon is an American video game website that publishes blogs, reviews, guides, videos, and news. At its October 2012 launch as Vox Media's third property, Polygon sought to distinguish itself from competitors by focusing on the stories of the people behind the games instead of the games themselves.

A former employee says of the parent company, "All of leadership and high level executives [at Vox Media] are foolish and far from knowledgeable. They basically have “kids” running the show and contributing to the consistent decline of Vox Media. Not only do these individuals make poor decisions with no evident support as to why, but they can’t even properly communicate the company’s goals and efforts to employees in a professional or clear way. Constant restructure leading to massive lay-offs of well equipped people. Extremely poor team cohesion. There is a horrible dark cloud of negativity surrounding the entire office - no one is happy, no one is encouraged, no one wants to be there. It truly is so sad what Vox Media has come to. Absolutely no room for advancement. Favoritism and politics are what determine your fate at Vox Media. Sadly the executives play dirty and will do whatever they can do win- at the expense of individuals who have been loyal and sacrificed a lot for the company. Lies, deceit, you name it, they do it. Do yourself a favor and avoid working here. It isn’t at all what it used to be, there are little to no benefits for a career here."


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Puller (Former Employee) says

"I sadly worked there and ever since i have started over a year ago its just gotten worse. They're understaffed on 2nd and 3rd shift and expect a person to do 3 peoples jobs and a leads job and get your ungodly rate that seems to be numbers pulled out of nowhere. Your expected to do 10 plus hour's of work in your 8. Management and the supervisors do not care at all about their employees unless its people on first, if your not on first your treated horribly, made to think your a not smart for not being trained properly, or just made to feel like you don't matter if you work here or not. Its a big blame game its always somebody else's fault and no one owning up to it and again if something happens on first and 2nd walks into that mess your written up for it and management doesn't do anything to the actual person at fault. Management is chasing employees out the door faster than they realize and think its a joke because they'll be replaced yet the company has such a horrible reputation and turn over rate they cant find anymore employees to replace the ones who quit. They told a whole shift that they all suck and need to work harder and faster to make up for the lack of people. In a short summery don't work here unless you really need it and even then there's something better with better management"

Utility (Current Employee) says

"All EVERYONE in that company does is promise "stuff" that never follows through. The supervisors and division manager will do ANYTHING TO GET PARTS OUT THE DOOR. Even if is not doing a step the buyer EXPECTS to be done. Example medical parts going to our customers and not being dielectric tests than a patient who under went surgery using a Polygon part ended up dying due to burning while surgery. HMMMM maybe Josh and Ben should get their heads out of there butts and when an employee actually gives a care and wants to help and brings up an issue the employee just gets pushed out off that department because that's just easier than fixing the issue. I WILL NEVER EXCEPT A SURGERY DONE WITH AN COMPONENT POLYGON MAKES........ I know what REALLY goes on there. Life or death should not be an option. Do u really wanna put a company making these parts and don't follow protocol be the one to make that choice???? Cons: Everything"

CNC Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Bosses tell you one thing, or promise something and never follow through. Family connections take precedence over hard work or success. No room for advancement. Was once given a “fake” write up after one mistake in 2 years (I wasn’t supposed to be told it was fake). Environment is filthy. Fiberglass dust everywhere and you’re constantly breathing it in. A month after leaving I could breathe so much better. Cons: Dirty"

Lathe Operator (Former Employee) says

"Place sucked worst management I've ever seen. Promises raises and you dont receive them. Set you up for failure constantly. Overall terrible place to work"

CNC Machinist/Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Ventilation not very good, short lunch, overtime,health insurance expensive Cons: hot, breaks short, personal issues not accepted"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The management will not help you advance your career. They will let you learn something new and make you do the new job without the pay that comes with it. Only when someone threatens to quit from their mistreatment only then does something rarely happen to temporarily keep that employee happy. But believe me they will hold that against you and the mistreatment will get worse."

Utility Worker (Current Employee) says

"My first few years working here I actually really liked it but the last couple years i've felt like a dead man walking any time I step through the door to clock in. People are pretty cool, other than a couple morons i've always liked pretty much anyone i've worked with, like the job security and that we aren't forced to work an ungodly amount of overtime like alot of factories do. That's where the positives end. Management was at least tolerable before new ownership took over (although the department managers still have no clue what they're doing they still somehow have their jobs), now it's like they're scared to do anything at all. Very seldom are they willing to work with employees, if you're good at your job good luck at getting moved as you need to be either be god-awful terrible at your current spot or need to be a company knob polisher to get to a higher paying position. Also if you're good at your job good luck with the amount of responsibility that will be forced upon you as management is too freaking lazy to hire new people and the slackers who talk all day get away with it because of extremely low expectations put on them. Can't take supervisors seriously because most of them have never done any of the operations on the work floor and because 90 percent of their day involves watching youtube or looking at sports highlights/scores instead of helping to push orders out. They push rates and percentages and all this garbage really hard on production workers yet as you can see above there's no real incentive to hitting production goals (no performance-based incentives Cons: Management, management, management. And management."

1=11Fiberglass Braider/CNC OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"I was very disappointed with Polygon's training proce@dures. They had no one that enjoyed training or really wanted to. Equipment poor when training..and trainee will be put on insufficient machinery. Then, questions"

Winder (Former Employee) says

"Polygon isn't bad to work for but the chemicals and everything put a big toll on your body. People are fairly nice decent pay and benefits but it's not worth the health hazards it puts on your life"

Export Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the challenges that came with the job, also Cons: management"

Labourer, Construction, Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"Its alright. Havent worked there as much as ive worked with streetside. And well out here in coquitlam the crew was alright."

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"It was a nice place to introduce yourself to factory work. Cons: short breaks, managment"

fiberglass oven , material handler (Former Employee) says

"i dont really have much to say because i wasnt properly trained due to my trainer. far from home and really hot inside. pain in the * to work near the oven."

Braider Operator (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I enjoyed my time at Polygon, though I had to leave due to some personal issues. It was very fast-paced and more of a "to yourself" area of work"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work, for the most part easy jobs and you get well trained by other experienced employees. After being there a couple years, I've tried advancing by learning more and as much as I could but they seem to be limiting me. I don't agree to that as I have set new goals for the company with my work ethnic that I proved. Cons: short breaks"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Not bad place to work. Kind of dirty. Needs more respect for certain people. Wages should be higher compared to healthcare costs. Overall not a bad place to work. Cons: High healthcare"


"I worked at Polygon for more than a year Cons: management had no idea what they were doing at the time, bad pay, would screw you for hours, on call 24/7"


"I worked at Polygon Cons: Work at Tennessee st Management need go to some classes to learn to how be good Management"

Former Employee - CEO-Founder says

"I worked at Polygon full-time Cons: Long hours intense work requirements"