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Brooks Automation was founded in 1978 and is based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The company is a provider of automation, vacuum and instrumentation equipment for multiple markets, including semiconductor manufacturing, technology device manufacturing, and life sciences. Polycold Systems is a small subdivision of Brooks Automation that makes cryogenic cooling machines.

A former employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "No sense of urgency or customer service in the entire place [Polycord Systems]. Antiquated technologies with no vision on upgrading. I would never recommend anyone to this place."


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Contractor, through Footbridge Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Utilized AutoCAD to create drawing of cables. worked well with management"

Vice President of Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"I have enjoyed every job that I have had over my 30 year career. Outside of this one. I cannot recommend this company for quality professionals. If you are an engineer, it may offer opportunities to exercise your talent but because products are rushed, there are more often than not issues. Customers get upset and quality has to go in front of customers to hear their complaints while knowing all along, products will continue to be rushed, and issues will continue to happen. There is no commitment to quality.My boss was great, but he has left he companyJobs are rushed, quality suffers"

Lead IT Administrator (Former Employee) says

"No sense of urgency or customer service in the entire place. Antiquated technologies with no vision on upgrading. I would never recommend anyone to this place."

Materials Coordinator III (Former Employee) says

"Mundane day to day routine activities. Little to no on the job training. GREAT co-workers. Not enough support from corporate. CO-WORKERSGreat Co-workersnot enough support from coorporate"

Product Tester (Current Employee) says

"They won’t pay you well and good luck being hired perminate they also don’t care and won’t help you out even if you have been a loyal employee they only care about them selves and how much money the ceo and managers getA jobThey don’t pay well"

IT Compliance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy working in a cut-throat, stressful environment then this company is for you. Management style for many of the management staff is questionable. Not a good work environment. People were very stressed out and angry. I was glad to leave that environment."

Field Service Engineer III (Former Employee) says

"Working for Books Equipment company had to be the low point of my career. The management is terrible, the advancement potential was zero and the management could not even answer simple questions when they did answer at all.There are no Pros working for theis company.Everything about this company was bad."

Technician I (Former Employee) says

"There is no documentation or SOP's in order. The good old boy club set of mind. Nothing more to say, but the manager is a wonderful guy !"

Materials Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Company moved due to corporate management giving up on the Poway location and transferring operations to MassachusettsGood skilled peopleMany contractors - don't hire full time"

Engineer for Semiconductor Wafer Handling & Processing (Former Employee) says

"I left in 2010, and the company was in major transition starting from about 2008. The company was divesting poorly producing divisions (like software), but the management lacked focus and direction, and underestimated the competition from Asia. Massive layoffs hurt morale, and caused many quality employees to leave. Certain departments were keeping the company solvent, and yet management came in and juggled most of the employees of that group, disrupting the customer contacts, etc.. Management brought in one young knuckle-head with little experience and he axes many good employees. He came up with ridiculous "money saving" schemes that had no long term benefit. The stock price during this time tells the whole story. Management couldn't convince investors that the stock (and thereby their management skills) was worth more than single digits. For more than a decade, the stock couldn't get above $15 a share... sad. No matter how many bells and whistles the new management put on their "dashboard" and how many metrics they measured (usually cheating by carefully slicing the data to favor whatever non-sense they thought the investors would swallow) the stock floundered. The young hatchet-man moved on not too long after I left, and the stock remained under $10 for years. More recently it looks like the Board of Directors may have got the right people in positions that matter. The stock is moving in the right direction, it would be a good company to watch going forward.Generally, flexible work environment, but that was years agoManagement; again... that was years ago"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Do not work in the stockroom or shipping if you do not like to butt kiss. Also make no plans because that manager will tell you you HAVE to work until 10. Expect no back up and if she does not like you she will lie to get rid of you. Expect to work like a dog while the pets pick and choose what they would like to do. Pay is bare minimum (15) when you can go else where and make at least 17. ALSO if you are white, or were born here don't bother she won't like you. Extremely racist and biased manager.Great peopleManager"

Machinist/Welder (Former Employee) says

"The day shift was five eights with periodic overtime. Corporate management frequently purchases U.S. companies, then shift production overseas and closes U.S. facilities."

Global Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Products are not ready to ship and the stress this puts on the entire organization creates an atmosphere of frustration and sloppiness.nonemany"

Corporate Consolidations and Reporting Manager (Current Employee) says

"...management focus is on the short-term not the long-term.Poor communication has created a barrier for positive change."

Production Planner/Scheduler (Current Employee) says

"Brooks Automation is a supplier of automation products consisting of Robotics, Cryogenic Pumps, Front End Semi-conductor systems, Bio Life-science tools, and critical care solutions. A typical day at work consists of a large amount of unproductive, unnecessary meetings, every one wants results typically a certain amount of shipments per day but no one does the work to improve the processes and systemic issues to do so. The workplace culture is not good either, they have a lot of immigrant workers with a huge array of different skills that are paid far below what they are worth. Management is only interested in the revenue goals and pushing employees to work as many hours as they can, without any sense of empowerment or celebration when goals are attained.Interesting products, Production personnel very talented, Good benefits.Poor work/life balance, Management does not empower employees, Expected to work huge amounts of hours"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Company was fun to work at before 2012. Once the new CEO was placed, all he care about was Life Sciences. He didn't care about the current products being offered. Sr. Management has no clue why employees are leaving and our customers are unsatisfied with the quality of products and lead time. Incompetent people get rewarded while hard workers get overlooked.Free coffeeNo communication, no support from Sr. Management"

Engineering Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good engineering company, perhaps light on new product development and investment lately. Cyclical industry requires extra work when cycles are up and are typically slow to hire new help. When cycles are down they are very quick to lay-off. No benefit to working in cyclical industry (no significant bonus or raises when doing well), but quick to freeze raises when doing poorly. Long term - bad investment of your time - poor career advancement.work done was enjoyablefequent layoffs- pay cuts - lack of raises"

Manufacturing System Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical workplace with plenty of work and overtime. A 15 minutes breaks is allowed every 2 hours due to the high volume of product to be manufactured. This idea was created so that employees would work more than an 8 hour shift and minimize stress levels. Most employees are hired as termed contractors. This company rarely fill in a contractor to a full-time position.break every 2 hours, plenty of workparking can be a problem"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This review is for crossing automation which is acquired by brooks. Not a great company to work. The fremont campus is old crossing and they hire and fire people like crazy."

Manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"Treated as nothing more than a cog in the machine. Work was foremost on the managements mind. There was very little home / work balance in this company. often forced to work weekends and holidays without any regard for employee's.."