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Malden Mills Industries is the original manufacturer of Polartec polar fleece and manufactures other modern textiles. The company is located in Andover, Massachusetts and has operations in Hudson, New Hampshire.

An angry customer wrote a review about the parchase of a Polartec Gen 3: ¨Don’t buy this product, it’s advertised as Polartec Gen 3 but it’s thinner than any on my flannel shirts. Polartec has three grades and generation 3 is suppose to be three time thicker. All the tags that came with the garment says it’s Gen 3 but its really thin. I called Polartec and complained but they told me there not responsible because they only manufacture the material and sell by the yard. It’s probably Gen 1 with a Generation 3 tag.¨


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Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place had so much racial tension in it you can cut it with a razor sharp knife. The management was not professional at all, it was very more like a buddy-buddy type of relationship between supervisors and management. so basically if you had a problem with someone nothing would get done about it. my supervisor was a condescending lazy jerk. The rumor in the department was that she only got her position because 1. Her mother was a supervisor 2. she didn't want a different position which required her to actually work. there was a old man in my department who is very racist. No matter what he said he would never get in trouble. He always said things about black people and Spanish people and Asians. Funny thing was he was in that department for nearly 20 years but still didn't know any technology. He was afraid to do anything without help. my supervisor allowed it because he was friends with her mom so that [made] them kind of chummy, which gave him some sort of golden pass to do whatever he wanted. this was the most unorganized department in the most god-awful company I have ever worked for. The training was so bad that I was passed around from person to person because none of them had actual training abilities and people skills. Six months after me learning everything nearly on my own they hire two more people which they told me to show things to. The only good thing about this job was the paycheck - but other than that who cares about anybody there. I'm sure the old racist guy that was in my department thought he was going to retire from working at this company...Dental, Health BenefitsThe entire company"

Folding Fabric Operator. (Milliken) says

"Management- cares very little about employees and makes no effort to reward employees for hard work and let's employee raise slip by after 60days (on raises that should been recieved after 60days.). This company lacks in rewarding employees for hard work. Honestly, do not waste your time."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Polartec closed their doors of their factory in MA. The company left a lot of MA employees without work. The company has at least one other US location."


"A typical day consisted of reviewing all fabric goods sent to hold area where I inspected and documented all my findings. I then made decisions based on my experience about whether goods needed to be reworked or otherwise. There was'nt any air conditioning and temperatures would rise to between 85 to over 100 degrees in the summer season, and no extra breaks were given to the workers on the floor. Many times I saw supervisors rushing the workers and at times verbally shouting at them. My co-workers were very hardworking people who had to support their families. There were many grievances filed by the union once polartec took over the company.Many great co-workers that I formed longlasting relationships with.Company is closing down, Management driven by corporate greed, No considerations were given to hot, Overtired workers during summer season when there was no air conditioning, Attitude of some supervisors to the workers was obnoxious and overbearing, By far one of the worst environments relating to the workers on the floor and throughout the mill."

Planning Coordinator, Asia (Former Employee) says

"very outdated workforce everyone there is scared to death every working day of their life feels like you are in someones extended family get together as everyone seems to be blood related no advancement opportunities whatsoever everyone there has been clinging to dear life for decades."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"The Cleveland plant doesn’t have good management don’t care about there employees they are fireing everyone that’s been there a long time. It’s bull you have new people can come in and start a job that you have ask about. They had points on you that you don’t know where they come from. They make a difference in the guys and girls. The guys can walk around and not do anything why the girls bust there butts but that doesn’t matter at this place. They let the people they like to work all the over time they won’t when someone else ask they say no they took 4 hours of our vacation from us"

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"The department I work in a cross between a daycare and a senior citizen home. Employees decided what they are not going to do and how much work they are going to do. Supervisor turns blind eye and does not want to deal with problems that face the department. Every year you are forced to take layoff(s) and use your vacation time, if you have no time to use you must file for unemployment.Hourly pay, it pays well.Yearly shutdowns, immature atmosphere, management is hands off with problems, & no advancement opportunities."

Floor Hand (Former Employee) says

"If you have a family member you'll be taken care of - you'll be 'protected' from any type of verbal or written acts of criticism. No overtime. No teamwork. No friendly environment. No future in the company.paycheck, benefitsthe rest"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Only apply at Polartec if you are into politics. It doesn't have anything to do with your work ethic as far as advancement is concerned. If you become friends with management and hangout with them outside of work then you'll have it made. Years of service or hardwork and experience isn't rewarded."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Typical day was working with customers to put out fires because of delivery problems. Production was being outsourced to 3rd parties and company was no longer hardly actually making anything on its own. Helicopter management style prevented actual work from being done.Health InsuranceNo Matching 401K, Communication from top down"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"Little to no job security bad relations between managment employes no room for advancment3 day work weekpoor managment bad working enviromemt no job security unhealthy employee relations"

New Product Development Knitting Manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"I was employed at Polartec a total of 19+ years.The previous owner "before it was bought out" along with the former CEO took care and respected the workers. They were the ones that made the place run. In the beginning, I felt like I made a difference and they acknowledged it through yearly review and raises. The last 2-3 years I was there we had no reviews and no meaningful development for a future here in the United States.This company has been slowly transitioning itself into a third world country for cheap labor to make their bottom line better. Summary: This company back in the day "97-10" had great health insurance, 401k matching and competitive wages in the industry. Thanks for reading.Hours worked are flexible Mon-FriHealth insurance, no 401K matching or raises"

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"I've been working for this company for almost three years. Unfortunatley what wasn't said to me during my interview was the company has constant shutdowns during the final quarter of the year. That requires most of the employees to be technically laid-off. That means we have to file for unemployment and/or use whatever vacation or persoanl sick time the company granted us for the year. Unfortunatley I cannot keep going through this every year or waiting to find out the bad news a few days before the layoffs even begin. The place is OK to work at but the layoffs are something terrible.Simple work and great payConstant layoffs and poor management"

Frame operator/material handler (Former Employee) says

"To much chemical smoke for the air handler to keep up with. Smoke is very toxic and hard on lungs if yo have asthma. If not for that I would have stayed working there. I asked many times to be moved to another area and was told no I was stuck were I was."

A machine operator / Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"A good place to work but it’s very hot you don’t get enough breaks managers are OK it’s just an OK place to work to get fast money make sure you take a water bottle"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"it was a wonderful company to work for I wish they didn't move to Tennessee if not I would still be working there I had hoped to retire from there because I enjoyed working there so muchthe company itselfthe company moving"

Dyehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Typical day was hectic and strained due to changing prioritysLearned to multi task very quicklyManagement's attitude was one of do as i say not as I doCo-workers were eager to help one another outTrying to meet all of management's demandsSatisfaction when goals for the day were metsteady employmentcompany politics and intrigue"

Quality Technician I (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like that there was no room for advancement. And some employees got paid more for doing the same job as the other employees. My coworkers are great. My supervisor and manager were very skilled in their role.Great co workersLess pay as other employees doing the same job."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Working at polartec was a mixture of things. At first things we're easy going and pretty easily paced but towards the end of my employment there, things started to become more grounded and the management was becoming more Stern and everything was slowly falling apart there."

Napper operator (Current Employee) says

"If you can find another suitable company choose it. The plant manager is horriable to the employees and is never respecrful and all managers are good ol' boy buddys and only promote if you are friends with them."

Karen Derain says

"I ordered 2 Duvet sets for my grandsons for Christmas and received 4 pillow cases thrown together in one bag. When I ask them where is the duvet covers? The first answer was I did not select a size. I said it was twin. There reply was then you will have to pay an additional cost. I ask them to read the receipt Email sent to me stating I ordered 2 duvet sets. I have not heard back from them."

Linda says

"I purchased several sheets and pillow cases Some of the sheets were obviously purchased and returned by other customers When I received them they came squished into a plastic bag Not even folded"

Mary Lou Engle says

"I bought a product from you and had to return it. It cost me more to mail it back than it cost to buy it. I should have just donated it to Goodwill! With Amazon Prime in the world today, how can you compete with not paying for shipping on a return. Because of that, I will never shop with you again!"

Thomas Deucker says

"Never got the product"

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