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PokerStars is an online poker cardroom owned by The Stars Group. It can be accessed through downloadable poker clients for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It is the largest real money online poker site in the world, controlling over two-thirds of the total online poker market.

A user complained, "Hi, I have been using Pokerstars for the past few months. The most I won playing 2 days was 5 times the amount. It only happened when I first made my account. I was flying high but was cautious. Playing for the next 2 days brought my account to half of what I started with.

Pokerstar will let you win when you are new, then slowly take away everything.

Then I decided to put only a certain amount, play, winn ittle and cash it back into my bank account. This is where the real scam starts.

Once you withdraw money, Pokerstar will make sure that you loose rest of the amount as soon as possible. For example, lost my 33355 full house to 33366. This is just one example. Lost my KKK to AAA with both two aces opening on turn and river. The guy I lost to had nothing but Ace high in a round with two K on flop and me going all in as I had triplet. Hw TF that guy knew to go all in and getting 2 Aces in the end. This is not just one case. I have played real live poker alot in my life and I know that no sane player will go all in like that.

I believe Pokestars have sponsored players playing along with you who know what cards are gonna open up. Also, I have seen single player dominating the whole table with getting Aces, straights & full houses in literally every round. They will keep on bidding higher for flops. It will happen continuously for many rounds and you will be folding continuously saving money. Then in one round you will get Ace and king, the same guy will raise again, you will counter, you will get two pair of A & K, the 3rd card in flop would be something like 5 or 4 you will go all in, he will call, turn & river will bring out one more 5 or 4. Now you can eat shit because the other guy's cards will open up and you get to know that MF was coming all in against Aces & kings with 5 & 2 in his hand scoring a triplet of 5 against your 2 pairs of A & K. How TF a sane [person goes all in against A & K with just a pair of 5 in his hand.

I have not spent a lot of money, but I have understood that Pokerstar is rigged."


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Rostyslav Khanyk says

"Customer Support and Customer Service are just a disaster! I have issues with money withdrawal and after several emails and requests haven’t got any answer for more than 3 days! Can’t believe that gambling market “leaders” let their company to be so a big frustration for their customers! I suppose that this is the example of how the revenue making strategy wins against customer centricity!"

Prateek Agrawal says

"I am surprised with the customer service provided by Pokerstars. I requested a withdrawal on 15th Aug, haven't received money and also no proper response from their end."

Adrian Buliga says

"based on reality that they offer ill say 1 star,for,im mostly playing slots and things are going fine...for them..from time to time they keep sending me messages that ..we notice that i spend to much time than average...well time and money paybacktoplayer ...well not for me..likewise for couple of friends...there was some fun at the begining ..but at these stage its kind of stuck on the only lose..with quite zero fun,wich made me to take in consideration a friend advice to screen recording my activity..they were right it gives a fishy feeling about them..there is 0 chances as per my experience,it looks all in total control...rigid ..1 way only..jokes on players..legit. well i hope my rev. is in help for dreamers to stay away,and if they decide to play do not risk nothing..there is no i stay in control and if you feel like giving or throwing away some money do it for some good not mad,or upset or feel like i need revenge or something,personaly i think that people doo good on shareing experience..shure it will help us for the future quality of all kind of services."

PokerKing says

"Yes, in every table there will be no more than two real players and 4 of them are their own bots. I am not sure if they are bots or staff. Bots win all the money for the company making huge profit for them simple as that. It's no rocket science. You can try it for yourself if you haven't tried yet but don't put too much money because you are going to lose that anyway. Poker stars engineers are so dumb that they couldn't even find a way to disguise their bots. They have given a few different usernames for their bots and they are everywhere, any table, any buy in, any time. See if you can recognize some of these names suhas, kidpoker, juwari and there were more but I can't remember them all. In reality the chance of you seeing a player for the second time will be so rare in a site with that many players. Anyway don't let them steal money from India guys. Delete this app immediately."

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