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Playtoy Industries was a Canada-based toy company founded by 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, with president Jerry Smith and vice-presidents Stephen Morris and Ron Burke. In 1997, it moved to Concord, Ontario. They went out of business in mid 1999.Playtoy both developed its own games, and licensed from others. Most often, they licensed from Pressman Toy Corporation. Playtoy Industries would then translat


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Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"The pay is lower then other jobs in the same field. The management is awful and they truly do not care about the kids which is the worst part. I have working in a few places like this and I can say hand down they are the worst place to work and to have your kids go.Helping kids and free dinnerEverything"

Childcare Provider (Former Employee) says

"Don’t waste your time here. Management sees you as easily replaceable. HR and upper management have been friends for multiple years and gang up on newer employees. Upper management often picked favorites and gossiped about those they didn’t like. The environment is just not a good one to be working with children.Children were niceNot enough hours, management, workplace environment"

Group Home Counselor (Current Employee) says

"You do not receive benefits or OT pay. There is no advancement opportunities or pay raises. The work with the kids is stressful, and you can bet that you will receive texts from management asking why the house was not cleaned to their standards. This is a hands off facility, which means that you are, essentially powerless to stop anything.Plenty of extra hours if you want themYou don't get OT pay for hours worked over 40."

Leader (Former Employee) says

"I worked here and never got payed for the days I worked. I wrote my boss and she said my check got sent in the mail. Still haven’t received it. I even wrote her again and never heard back. I don’t recommend working here."

Boys Home Staff (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Rocky Mountain for 6 months and in that time I seen a massive turnover of staff and residents. Many quit after being hired, starting work, and then finding out that the pay is annual at once a month. Management and training is HORRIBLE; its like the blind leading the blind! Pay is horrible when compared to the stress of dealing with residents, lack of authority, and lack of support from the directors and upper management. Pay is also SALARY and ANY overtime you work will only be your set hourly wage: $10 per hour. I have never worked for an employer where I felt so unappreciated!Free DinnerLow Pay, Poor Management, No Authority, No Training"

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"Bad bad bad Horrible management Horrible co-workers Complete disregard for policy's and rules Lack of supervision Safety concerns and issues Would not recommend to anyone who wants to protect their careerKidseverything. Management, qualified co-workers, back stabbing"

After School Leader (Former Employee) says

"This is job is great for people who don't actually need a job. So people who just turned 18 and don't have any bills, go for it. But expect to be treated badly, and for any harassment or misconduct cases to be completely ignored by management.Easy money, you don't do much.Toxic people, not a lot of money, no support or training."