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Playtone (stylized onscreen as PLAY•TONE) is an American film and television production company and record label established in 1998 by actor Tom Hanks and producer Gary Goetzman.

Gordon shares his experience on IMDB "Ithaca produced by Playtone tells the story of a fourteen-year-old boy, who takes up the job as a messenger to deliver telegraphs back in the dark times of the second world war. The book might have been touching, but this film unfortunately does not work. The story does not seem to go anywhere. It doesn't develop the characters, and viewers don't understand why any of the characters are at the point that they are at. Why does the boy need to take up a job? Why does the older guy drink so much? What about the other messenger? The lack of background information makes me feel distant from the characters. It takes forty minutes of screen time to deliver the second telegraph. That's way too long for a film about a boy delivering telegraphs. The film could have explored more on how the sad telegraphs affected him, so there's wasted opportunity. I watched the film for Tom Hanks, and I don't even recall him having said a word!"


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