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Playtech plc is a gambling software development company founded in 1999. The company provides software for online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo games, online sports betting, scratch games, mobile gaming, live dealer games and fixed-odds arcade games online. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

A former systems administrator issues a warning on, "Expect bad management and regular bullying and harassment and well as threats at Playtech. Turnover is high and do not expect to learn or develop. Any new ideas or suggestions are seen as intrusive and not welcome. Don’t be a fool and stay away from it. For your health and mental wellbeing, I advised staying away from this company. Don't be fooled by smooth-talking recruiter. You have been warned."


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Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"Horrible management, horrible experience working there. Laid off because the company couldn't succeed in the best economy in a century."

Current Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"Prepare to be work more than 130% than you should. Prepare to get paid with the lowest amount of money. Promises that are broken such as career path and raise"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A dictatorial culture where plans for a whole department can be altered at the last minute on the whim of C level management and their attack dogs. Lack of transparency, empathy and professionalism from HR and senior management. I was dismayed to hear senior management throw long-serving employees under the bus in my first few weeks there, while some staff with long tenure stick around but contribute nothing in the hope of a large redundancy payoff. The company seemed in a constant state of firefighting, with no strategy for future growth and a deeply political culture. I was fortunate that my own time with the company proved to be a useful stepping stone but it was damaging to my mental health while I was there. I was ultimately informed I was being let go by someone who was not my manager and to this day have not had the courtesy of a goodbye or explanation from my actual manager who I believed I had a close relationship with. It’s difficult to see what positives the CEO or C level management actually bring to the company - I believe this company still needs to take quite a few steps back before it has any chance of growing in a positive way. Would strongly recommend to avoid working here."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Full of politics...You will be disadvantaged if you are not Jewish. Lack of humanity, especially the HR team. The way they deal with redundancy is to blame you on your performance or try to find other excuses (eg. you have asked for too many sick leaves, even if you have a doctor's note). I am not sure whether they can avoid paying more compensation by doing so. They overwork employees and the annual salary increase falls behind the inflation rate. They don't care about your career development or your well-being, and people in the office are relatively isolated, and sometimes there is discrimination...I can't see HR is making any efforts."

Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Expect bad management and regular bullying and harassment and well as threats. Turnover is high and do not expect to learn or develop. Any new ideas or suggestions are seen as intrusive and not welcome. Don’t be a fool and stay away from it. For your health and mental wellbeing, I advised staying away from this company. Don't be fooled by smooth-talking recruiiter. You have been warned."

Former Employee - Game Artist says

"First of all: If you are not from Israel, you are not part of " the family". You are a 2º class worker and you are not important, no matter your experience. Second: The company is full of people who belong " the family" . So you can find that your actual IT Director, is the cousin of the CEO, the other boss is the brother of your manager, etc, etc . 9 from 10 have no idea about the job. So I was working there for almost 3 years and a half. They never explain things, everything is a secret.....They aproved horrible products with a terrible quality which should be illegal to sell....Nobody cares... You warned about how terrible is the product... Nobody cares.... Then you start connecting dots... They are a bunch of family guys. They will never be fired from there ( The family is the family) So ....They dont care about the products or the company. They work just enough to " survive" in that environment. I saw how they take decisions and ....I cant believe a billonaire company can have people like that taking decisions. It´s a joke and you could make a comedian show with it. If we do the metafora with a car factory. We were making cars with squared wheels. When you tell your director, he tell you how much he loves it. At the end they decided a car with no wheels. It doesnt work in the market, but a client buy it cause a marketing team did a good job selling it. Now you have in your CV that you designed a car with no wheels and your boss have a report saying he sells a car. You see other directors from the family smiling with him and celebrating. This company is gonna fall, you think. They wont, they have " The Family"."

Current Employee - Chat Moderator says

"Company ultimately did not care about the staff or the work they was doing only the money they could make/save"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR has lots of people working in that department however I dont think any of them actually work. HR information is actually hidden and will not be given to any employees even when asked. Management have favourites hire family and friends then abuse their position by delegating favourites. The moderation of the job at hand is done by supervisors and if they dont like you dont expect a good review - even if you excel at your job if your face dont fit they will mark you down just for a good gossip and to have "fun" giving you a meeting! No team building events, no scope to move up the career ladder, no training (training was less than 10 mins of very basic rules before being left alone) if your face does fit and you move to supervisor there is no training or support (told to learn on the job then screamed at for not knowing what you need to do) belittlement in front of employees and also customers at times. contracts are horrendous given 15 hrs but never worked less than 40 however if you need a day off they go off your contract not your usual rota'd shifts. management will discuss why you are off sick and your personal life - nothing is confidential. Management will also keep all your passwords in order to spy on your messages to work friends. they will also tell you to take sensitive data to the local asda to work in the cafe if you can not access the internet making all sorts of data accessible to the public. The language is awful dont work here if you dont like the C word. employees and even customers are called it several times a day. Will breach your contract whilst also making things up in your contract in order to get you to do more for minimal pay"

Current Employee - QA Test Analyst says

"Around two weeks ago I had a telephone interview with Playtech (Camden) regarding a QA role I had applied to, following with a technical skill assessment which took almost 4 painstaking hours to complete and then I hear nothing! from Playtech not even a email to update my performance, absolute nothing! at all, I even sent email twice to the HR to see if there has been any update with my application also I got no response. How RUDE!!!! At that point I just gave up on chasing them, if an applicant is treated this way I wonder what it be like working with such company actually. If you come across any Playtech "QA position advertised" online or on Playtech website "Camden branch" my advice to you you is don't waste your time and energy on applying to such job. This people are total time waster!!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Site management is telling lies. Internal promotion is discouraged by the site management. Bad reputation makes it hard for the company to attract talents. People are leaving. Gaps are replaced with contractors."