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Pinnacle (formerly known as Pinnacle Sports) is an online gaming website that was founded in 1998. Since its inception, Pinnacle has become a medium-sized, fully licensed, online sportsbook. Pinnacle Sports rebranded to Pinnacle on June 1, 2016 after acquiring the domain name.Presently, the company has customers in over 100 countries and is available in 19 (including international En


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Regional Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"The properties are great and I am sure other regions are good, but the Atlanta region lacks leadership. The corporate office is very cliquey and little is done to support the teams. They have very big heads when it comes to ego and tiny heads when it comes to knowing how to mentor, encourage, and lead. Cons: VP of the company is terrible."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is incredibly unorganized. There is no career development or investment in the team members. You are essentially disposable. There is no company culture. The ability to execute quality job performance is frequently inhibited. The company has all the inner-workings of being an amazing company to work for but fails in execution."

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Upper management, HR and Principals of corporation are disconnected from the reality of daily operations."

Valet Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I ever worked for wouldn't work for them if they payed me $15 an hour they expect you to work hard for $9 an hour always make sure you look busy even no your not joke"

Food Service Worker (Current Employee) says

"I would rather die then work there. It’s a terrible place to work. Mean boss bad management the people are rude. Bad pay the bakery was alway trying to cause problems"

Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"Too much paperwork to do in a timely manner. Never any praise, just criticism. Long hours. Not a happy group of people. Push push push. Disrespectful to the Managers and love causing drama and discourse. Hides rudeness by calling it being direct. Accusatory before facts are known. Rude to the Residents."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"i will never recommend this company. the pay is horrible and they treat u like u aren't a person. they have now respect for u as a employee or a person. if someone tells management something about you they don't ask you what happen they go off what is told to them. please don't work for them. also you work there as a porter and they make u walk dogs and clean up their droppings.. and make u go on food runs for other employee which is not in the job description"

MD (Former Employee) says

"Absent administration. No HR department. Small start up with no benefits except health and dental.Hires mostly visa sponsored MDs. Short staffed in most months. Cons: Everything else"

Dietary (Current Employee) says

"Always being yelled - management do not like to work - cooks always sending wrong food - food always late - dirty kitchen- I would never reclaim any to work for them Cons: food tested bad - burn food"

Lot Porter (Former Employee) says

"VERY Unprofessional environment. Management retaliation when a resignation is given. Cons: Nothing really positive to say!"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Kansas City corporate staff is horrid. If you like to be micromanaged and yelled at non-stop then this is the place for you. The area manager is great and will even tell you that her boss does not have a nice ounce in her and maybe, MAYBE, she’ll find the kindness in her heart to help out the residents and staff. We were told that one of the reasons for the switch was because of reputation management and we had bad reviews while under a different management company. Well, with this new sheriff (RPM) in town, there will be no good reviews from outgoing residents. Everything from day one was a lie from them. We were told our vacation/sick leave would carryover, we were also told that benefits would start right away and we would be grandfathered in. When push came to shove, they REFUSED to tell us any information about benefits before the take over. And then once they did take over, we all found out that our benefits weren’t going to start for another “30 days”. When we signed up for benefits it did say 60 days, when approached about it, do you think we ever heard back?! Nope! The RPM from Kansas City is horrible. This company is just here to get their money and don’t care who they plow down in the process. The on-site staff is great and I truly feel bad for all but 1 of them. Cons: Everything. RUN FAR AWAY"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Pinnacle treat their crew members as expendable and management have a severe lack of respect for the skill and lives of their crew. Cons: Demanding long hours. very bad management"

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Pinnacle has their favorites and they let this be known. Management is very unprofessional and if they don't like you they will find a way to wrongfully terminate you. Cons: Everything"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I never received the amount per hour that I was hired for. After working a whole year with the company and taking on a roll as dock leader/ supervisor I still never receive my correct pay."

Foreman (Former Employee) says

"They ask the world of you and more at this company and want you to make the job your life but never are happy with what you do. I did everything they asked and more and it still wasn't good enough for them. They want you to be a perfect robot."

Home Depot HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"Wrong people in the wrong position.A very unprofessional company. Managment had no clue on leadership. Iwould never recommend this company to no one ."

Crew coordinator (Former Employee) says

"If you like being treated like a slave , have no personal life its the company to work for. The office is extremely stressed and pressurized by the directors and management. Absolutely no job safety. Coordinators have no understanding of what the crew is doing on site and often have no understanding of event industry. No training provided to the crew . There is a large turn over due to their business model."

Area Manager (Current Employee) says

"Run as far far away as you can! Definitely manage low end properties and money strapped. Do not recommend unless you don’t value yourself, which I’m sure you do. Cons: Too many"

Painter/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"horrible place to work to work and i would never recommend it to anyone. the people are too lazy and dont like to work. it was too much work on me for 9 bucks an hour."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed being out on the road, meeting new people, calling on business's, and making positive things happen for each business. Would have liked to stay working longer but the economy was not good all over the U S in 2008. However, it was an exciting challenge to dig for more business and make things happen. Cons: Too much back biting about workers."

Paul Clarke says

"My account was blocked and I needed to reverify myself. 18 emails later, same polite, but repeated requests for this . Never the same person twice. After reading these reviews, I should double down on my patience on trying to get my money out of these guys. 10 years, no problem, now this. Sad they driving customers away like this. Please heed this warning, it is awful customer service."

Clau says

"I have requested an account closure and withdrawal to my bank account or to my credit card which I've used to deposit on my pinnacle account, because I've moved to Germany and they don't accept users from this country.

First they asked me about a bank account cause withdrawal via credit card is for the moment suspended on their site and they apologize for that. I've provided them a Revolut bank account but they declined because the bank account country is different for my residence country. I've told them that I have no bank account in my old country, which is also registered in the pinnacle account because I've moved away from there and it's no reason to keep a bank account there.

Instead of helping me with that, I was asked to provide them again documents for verification, for the third time since I have created my account. The first 2 times I have passed the verification and now they ask me again to re-re-verify the account, which is annoying. I have provided them the documents again and a selfie this time, plus an invoice with my new address, because of new residence and it was declined. I really don't understand what is the problem, why are they keep rejecting my documents. I got a standard email, which means nothing, only that my documents were declined, but without pointing out the exactly reason for that. I can't contact them via chat and their support per mail is inexistent.

That's only because I want to close my account and withdraw my funds and it's only 600€."

sudeep nv says

"You had better throw your money into a river than making a deposit with Pinnacle, it's a scam. You start winning, they will freeze your account and you can't withdraw even a penny."

J says

"I made several bets and even tho I clearly win noticed they would only award 50 percent of my winnings stay far far away when I asked they gave me some BS explanation that makes no sense at all all you have to know is I can make the same bet on another site and I'll get what's agreed upon these guys there's always a catch"

Georgi says

"I wanted to close my account (in USD currency) and open another one in EUR currency, but it seems impossible"

MN says

"The turnover or 10% of your deposit is insane. The user experience is also difficult to navigate compared to Bet365. Overall, the odds are better on Pinnacle and the interac e-transfer is way better than Instant Debit used on Bet365. But its sloppy interface and ridiculous turnover keep me at Bet365 app. See how easy the Bet365 app is and you'll know what I mean."

kodjo agbeko Akoeso says

"Hello, it's been a month since I have € 250 blocked on my pinnacle account I can neither play nor withdraw from the base I have credited my account to play once I have credited it pinnnacle blocks my account asking me to verify my identity by making a selfie something I do but with each selfie sent I am told that is not correct I made almost 15 selfies with different positions but always the same answer money always blocked help me."

mackenzie says

"My money disappeared for over 48 hours. No explanation. Which cost me not being able to make 3 winning bets ($300). Then you have me my money back (again with no explanation on why it went missing) and only offer me a $10 frickin credit. Worst customer service I have ever encountered"

Craftylemon says

"The customer support is pretty fast at answering your questions but they probably only understand 1% of what you need help with even if you write extremely carefully and repeat exacly what you need help with. Which results in no solution to your question at all. It's like a third year old child reads the question and just smacks his head on the keyboard thinking he gave you an answer. I'm currently waiting for the fourth email from the support."

Roch says

"Tried to join Pinnacle. I provided the required documents but kept getting a generic email back saying that the documentation that i submitted was declined. I resent the ID (drivers licence) and Utility Bill and followed the very detailed instructions that Pinnacle has but to no avail. Kept getting declined.

I tried to get them to be specific as the reason i was getting declined but kept getting the same generic answer back "Decline due to one of the following reasons..."

Around my fifth attempt, someone replied back that i was being declined due to the fact that i sent a copy of a Utility bill in someone else's name. "The Utility Bill has 2 names on it" i tried to explain one last time. "My wife's name and mine". I got the same reply from a different person.
So gave up and joined Bet365 and PartyPoker sportsbook. Sent the same documents and was approved at both places on my first attempt."

Lisa Audia says

"The 3x rollover betting is absolutely ridiculous and shady AF. It’s one thing if they give you a free bonus but if it’s your own money than I should have a right to deposit/ withdrawal at my own leisure.. especially during these times."

Joe Lucci says

"I transferred $3000 to the site. Right away I noticed they removed certain types of betting options from me after my first few wins.

I kept making bets, some I won some I lost. I got my account from $3000 to $7000 and figured I would make a withdraw. I find that certain sites out there trying to make it difficult to withdraw money, that way your money never leaves their site.

Pinnacle does exactly that! In order to withdraw all my funds they told me I need to roll over the $3000 3X. That I had to make another $4000 in bets before I could withdraw otherwise I need to pay them 10%.
I was really shocked considering I didn't take any bonus or promotion money.

It's really unsettling that it's so easy to transfer money onto a site and lose it, but that they make you jump through hoops to withdraw money.

Another thing to mention is that they only communicate through email. You cant call them or chat online.

I really advise anyone looking to withdraw money off a betting site to really consider the odds. I got lucky and won. Most people betting 3 times their deposit amount are sure to end up losing in the long run.

I haven't received any of my money yet. Looking forward to getting it off the site and will most likly need to pay them $400 just to do that smh."

tim says

"Very good odds but they do not offer a cash out feature and their live betting is very poor. With the exception of soccer they don't offer live score updates which makes in play betting virtually impossible. Would really only bet futures markets on this site."

EM says

"As a new customer I had enjoyed my first week playing however my account was abruptly disabled (as I was making a play) and when I inquired I was told my account needed to be verified. Wasn’t happy but understood and provided all of the required documents in total I have now sent 4 documents but still disabled going on 2 days. I joined to play not wait the process to verify is just too long needs improvement."

Thomas says

"the problem is that iv not yet made a withdrawal there are some few issues"

Aleksey says

"Very Very very long verification proccess, although I have sent all of my documents possibble. Very poor customer services. And also there not the best coefficients for tennis or football events.
Very dissappointed with Pinnacle, although I have heard only good reviews"

Kli says

"The options were decent but there were no bonuses for opening an account. All other sites have a match up to 200 dollars and I deposited 750 for my first time. Maybe there was and I just didn’t see it if so could someone maybe contact me ?"

Jeff says

"Mostly good.. lacking a few types of wagers that I can get on other sites. not as easy to navigate aswell. All in all happy with the site I would recommend to others"

Seth says

"Wish there was an app, I do love how fast withdrawals take, have had a couple glitches happen but overall good customer experience and I think I will be staying with pinnacle for a while."

al says

"Wish you could parlay with props.... more live betting"

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