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Pimsleur Language Programs (/ˈpɪmzlər/) is an American language learning company that develops and publishes courses based on the Pimsleur method. It is a division of Simon & Schuster, a publishing company that is a subsidiary of ViacomCBS.

Gail shares her experience using a Plimsleur learning program, "I tried Pimsleur it and it doesn’t work for me. I need a visual on the words or I don’t remember them first of all. If their reading list of words included all of the words that would be ok but it doesn’t. After a lesson it says a reading lesson will follow but the only way I could get anything written was to call them and have it emailed since the reading list is not accessible from the lessons. Second, they are totally unresponsive. They have a help function where you can leave questions that they obviously don’t look at since there is never an answer. This might work for some people but it sure doesn’t work for me."


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Sales Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I've ever worked for. HUGE scammers."


"This place is not morrally correct. Their buisness practice is border line legal. You wont be proud to be an employee but if you go by the book you are gauranteed a paycheck every other week. Cons: Everything Else"

Customer Care Advocate (Current Employee) says

"if you like to be Micro managed then this is the place for you.. Cons: Micro managed by inexperienced staff"

Customer Care Advocate (Current Employee) says

"This is a very deceitful internet marketing company. They practice bait and switch which is actually illegal. Not to mention that they have a Huge turn over rate. Cons: mentally unhealthy work environment."

Bilingual call service representative (Current Employee) says

"I answer calls in english and spanish and try to get them to keep a product that most people do not know they bought."

Customer Care Rep (Former Employee) says

"Review available upon interview. I would prefer my review to not be shown publicly on Indeed or any other site."

Sales Associate / Bill Collector (Inbound) says

"Provided Customer Service"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Easy going place to work. Constantly have work going on but can have an amount of downtime. Not much room for development. Typical call center atmosphere Cons: No room for advancement"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"During work, I simply listened to music and did my job of sorting through language CD's. The atmosphere was fine and my job was simple. I enjoy doing the same thing repeatedly for a good amount of time, so it was nice."

Sales/ Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"When I worked at Stroll I enjoyed the atmosphere. Unfortunately I noticed that there was a little too much gossip and hearsay involved in the advancements offered. If you aren't a popular co- worker don't expect to be promoted. Also, don't speak about anything but the weather. Anything you say and or do can and will be reported by co-worker looking to get ahead. Cons: The democracy is a popularity contest"

Sales Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would entail with reviewing sales numbers of each team member from the prior day, then monitoring live sales calls and providing feedback and constructive criticism, holding individual coaching sessions, taking supervisor calls as needed and providing generalized assistance to representatives on the floor. I worked directly with higher management to discuss ideas about boosting sales and moral. I learned how to balance a variety of different responsibilities and to execute difficult decisions. Cons: Lack of sales commission, not enough challenge, redundant work"

Customer Care Advocate (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Stroll could be very busy or extremely slow. It would require me to be ready for anything. I had to be able to keep myself busy finding other work related jobs to do when it was slow or kick my pace up a few notches when it was a busy day. I enjoyed free lunch every Friday and my co workers were not only friendly but they were helpful. The hardest part of my day would be when dealing with angry customers. As mush as i wanted to help them it was a bit difficult trying to do that while being cursed and sworn at. Although it did teach me to grow a thicker skin. The most enjoyable part of my day would be when the pace slowed down and me and my coworkers could do independent projects to further help the company grow."

Olivier says

"The customer service is non existent. This is an online business which insist on their worldwide customer base to contact them with a US phone number. The website is a joke. Try only to logout and you will still be logged in. Try order the "Arabic" language and the basket will have the "English for Spanish speakers". Contact them using their online contact form and who knows if they'll ever respond to it."

Jodi Friedman says

"This company has the worst customer service I've seen in years. It was a holiday weekend, no email notice that there was an upcoming billing so I emailed them just 5 hours after they charged my card saying I did not want to proceed with their tool and to please refund. They were rude, short and obviously out to just scam me out of my $19.95 - no customer service. If you value service whatsoever you should go in any direction other than this one if you don't want to be taken advantage of."

Mie Winther Sørensen says

"Even though I cancelled my subscription, Pimsleur still drew money from my account after I had already cancelled. I wrote them asking for a refund and got no response."

Andrew Jernigan says

"Multiple cancelations without cancelation being processed. No care on the call other than precision of the script of policies don't allow for a refund/credit or flexibility after you spend hundreds with us."

Ragnheðin Ryggstein says

"I tried to learn Greece and my wife tried to learn Danish using this system
I never came past lesson one and my wife is on lesson 4
It didn't work for mee and my wife says that it is difficult because they speak to fast and since there aren't any text she has a hard time knowing what to say. I believe her, I speak fluent Danish so I know
Not recommended"