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The Philadelphia Phillies are an American professional baseball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the National League (NL) East division. Since 2004, the team's home stadium has been Citizens Bank Park, located in South Philadelphia. The The Phillies are the oldest continuous same-name, same-city franchise in American professional sports.

Mark shared his experience, "okay I buy 5 tickets to the Phillies game I could get 4 seats together I needed one handicap seat okay so they give me a discount because I tried to get tickets through a government gov website for veterans and I couldn't get a handicap seat so they gave me 4 seats supposedly in section 322 while I get the tickets and her Section 333 first mistake then I get to the ballpark have to go buy tickets at will-call which is no problem get in the ballpark on the way in my girlfriend's wheelchair started to run out of power so when she got to the seat she plugged it in right next to the bile and there was nobody next to her one in the whole section they put four chairs up in section 333 my girlfriend was in 332 in her wheelchair all by herself I wasn't even allowed to stand next to her I couldn't sit in one of the four seats that they put up for us I said okay that's fine well as you'll see in the picture I didn't sit in my seat but two security guards were watching the game leaning against the railing talking to their friends and one of the pictures and why I was taking picture I turn around talk to my girlfriend turned around again woke they took my seat and they were sitting in my seat up her friends or whoever they were that she was talking to so I said something she said you know duplicate tickets okay if we could take it's whatever I got fed up I said I'm leaving she said no your ejected from the park and continue and I walked away and she continue to follow me harass me all the way to the exit where I wasn't allowed to even write a report on her nothing now here's the pictures to follow with an attachment being a lifelong Phillies fan and a disabled veteran living on 798 a month I had to scrape and save to take my grandson my niece and my grandson's girlfriend and my ex girlfriend now because of this incident to the Ballgame and I didn't I saw 1 ending maybe now I'm devastated because I lost my grandson and my girlfriend and on top of that I can miss the old dominion concert and most of the game cuz I only saw maybe one in it because of walking around getting a Cheesesteak and french fries for $17 Chickie and Pete's french fries $12 a beer what was it $17 or something"


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