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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. — Petrobras, more commonly known as simply Petrobras (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌpɛtɾoˈbɾas ]), is a semi-public Brazilian multinational corporation in the petroleum industry headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company's name translates to Brazilian Petroleum Corporation — Petrobras. The company was ranked #58 in the most recent Fortune Global 500 list.

A former employee shared his experience in a review about the time he worked for Petrobras: "The company is Corrupt from Headquarters to it Subsidiaries, from Governmental officials, Presidents and Top management funneling money through projects, conventional and outdated practices of doing business. Alot of "Hanky Panky" between employees; the place is a cesspool!"


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M Mason-Clarke says

"Booked a transfer from Buenos Aires Airport to down town hotel for New Years eve expecting a trouble free arrival. Received a confirmation for this booking, then few hours later a email cancelling saying no cars available. Ended up taking a taxi on arrival at EZE airport, no problem, and also a lot cheaper than booking through Argentina Transfers and more reliable. Do not deal with a company like this that leaves you up in the air. Mike Mason -Clarke January 8. 2016."

Former Employee - Drilling Engineer says

"All operational decision comes from Brazil."

Gerência de Comunicação e Marcas (Former Employee) says

"Gerência que explora os funcionários. Péssimo ambiente de trabalho. Fiquei muito tempo por causa do dinheiro e me arrependo.A marca da empresAmbiente de trabalho"

Evan says

"Experience was horrible. Booked 6 hours prior to flights, they charged my account, then canceled 1 hour prior to appointment. Still have to get home before i can review files on being charged. I would reconsider before using this company especially during holidays."

Buyer Or Procurement Analyst says

"Horrible Department, very stressful and demanding. Management Level does not know anything about policies and procedures, are not friendly, and retaliates entry level employees. Also, expects you to know it all and do all the work for them. You have to be Brazilian and speak Portuguese fluently otherwise, you will not be hired for the Procurement Department. There is not any need for to have a career or qualification to get this job, apparently you need to know someone there to get the position. Management Level will only hire you if there is a clique between the employee and manager. There is not any opportunity for you to grow in the department. Good Luck if you are hired and do not expect equal opportunity."

Técnico em Segurança do Trabalho (Former Employee) says

"Inspeções de todas atividades desenvolvidas por colaboradores envolvidos, supervisionando e realizando treinamentos, palestras para a conscientização dos colaboradores, orientando sobre condições de segurança e insegurança, ações seguras e inseguras provocadas pelos mesmos, diálogo diário de segurança DDPS, estratégia na prevenção contra incêndio e pânico, tratamento e descarte dos resíduos de materiais provenientes dos locais de trabalho.Refeitórionão"

Karan says

"They accepted my booking, charged my credit card and then cancelled my booking a day later saying no driver was available and that a refund would be given to me. Very inconvenient and not happy."


"Everything besides benefits: no procedures, no training, incompetent managers, outdated use of technology, SAP implementation but no one uses it they'll prefer to use spreadsheets that no one understands except the developer, only Brazilians are in management, etc etc etc"

Supervisor Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Fiz parte de um projeto social que foi patrocinado pela empresa PEtrobras, no qual fui Monitor Administrativo.não avaliadoNão avaliado"

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