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People is an American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories, published by Meredith Corporation. With a readership of 46.6 million adults in 2009, People had the largest audience of any American magazine, but it fell to second place in 2018 after its readership significantly declined to 35.9 million.

Yukie mentioned, "People magazine always comes up with the most gossipy, eye catching topics. It is a good read to pass time, but nothing to actually take seriously. Nothing is ever based on facts, so you read it like a fiction story. I would not recommend to others, because of its garbage contents and it exploits celebrities' lives too excessively."


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Don't want to say (Former Employee) says

"Staff are very rude. If I had known this was a staffing agency, and a poorly run one at that, I never would have applied or wasted my time. RUN from staffing agencies, especially this one. You will never get anywhere with them, won't ever get good references, will make horrible money, and be treated like garbage. Always apply for jobs directly from the company!"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"This company didn't help me at all. I ended up finding my own job after being with the company for more than 2 months and they never ever sent me on a job assignment. Actually the one job assignment they sent me to, I was there for a week and they had the nerve to tell me that day I didn't fit the job! And how is that possible since you placed me as a good fit with the job? Anyway I ended up finding my own job outside of their help so I would never use an agency again to find a job."


"All About People is the staffing agency that placed me with Apogee Physicians. All About People does not truly care of about those they employ. They care more about maintaining their business relationship with their companies and get very comfortable making money off there temp staff and could care less about having them hire on permanently with other companies."

Patient Information Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No training! They offer 3 days at a facility where you won't even be working so when you get to the faster pace facility you will know what to do BUT they will NOT let you do anything. Pay is good. But the coworkers are very unpleasant, non intelligent to what is going on. The physicians are rude and use very bad language. If you take this position, make them train you! There's a reason there's a huge turn around rate here. Cons: No training, lack of knowledge of co workers and they are unpleasant to work with"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Cheap company, they dont let you use your accrued sick pay. The benefits are overpriced and they deceive you with the contracts. When i applied position was temp to hire. After i started it was contract only. Then my point on contact changed and i was never notifed Cons: Pay"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I had 3 separate encounters with this agency and each got progressively worse. The details don't matter or change the fact that likely you will be treated poorly as a candidate here and nobody in management thinks this matters. I have excellent test scores - above 90% for Office 2010 components, a polished image and good communication skills and still was treated terribly. I moved on to another agency who valued my worth and got me out interviewing the same day! Cons: everything"

call center (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a permanent position,this is not the place! Even if they mention their customers are considering tempt to permanent, do not believe them. We were hired on in a group and we dropped like flies. They would find the smallest things to fire the tempts. All about people were late and sometime skipped payments. They always have to talk to multiple people and give you the run around. NEVER will I go to a agency after bring with them! Soo horrible! !! Cons: Late payments"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"After your temp position is over, you never hear from them again. While you are under a contract with them, they are not very available for your questions and I waited several hours longer than I thought was appropriate for them to respond to my needs and questions."

Collections Representative (Former Employee) says

"all they did was the paperwork and primary interview, then they would send you out to the main employer to see if they liked you"

Ehh (Former Employee) says

"The recruiters seems nice and they have an inviting place but then you get there and I’m they are constantly criticizing you and they don’t care to take criticism themself . When the minimum age age went up they where shook because now my better wage because I am bilingual didn’t matter . Still stayed at 10 dlls an hour in Arizona Cons: Unstable"

Classroom Operations Rep; Call Center Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They were not very communicative, and would not have jobs that were compatible with one's skills. The work was very repetitive, and although required a college degree, no skills learned beyond elementary school were needed."

Sr. Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"AAP NYC CLOSed after a year Rate this company*required"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"My direct supervisor played favorites, and was not one of her favorites. Actually, her own daughter worked for her and was one of the top favorites."

SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"I reccommend this company to those that dont need a work-life balance. Long hours are required and the compensation and benefits dont match the pay scale."

Nothing (Former Employee) says

"They gave me a Skype Interview and later when I wanted to reschedule an in person interview they ignored me. It proves to me nice people lie and enjoy it. Cons: lazy, have no respect for people with other plans."

Litigation Support Partner (Former Employee) says

"I only worked this has a temporary job and found it very hard to compete with permanent employees, Not a lot of training on how to work with customers"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Temporary work assignment with All About People as a Administrative Assistant Cons: Temporary Assignment"

Cashier / Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"this is a great temp company to work for they will keep you busy all the time."

Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Very friendly, professional and helpful. There are no guarantee of weekly work. They do not follow up after leaving a message. They need to be more vigilant in looking for work for those that are seeking work. Cons: Short term contracts. On average less than two weeks of work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at All About People full-time Cons: No clear guidelines in place Franchisee and Corporate are not on the same page You are at the mercy of your Branch Manager's mood swings"

Former Employee - Business Development says

"I worked at All About People full-time Cons: This company should not be selling franchises"


"I worked at All About People for less than a year Cons: Then out of the blue I'm let go. No reason, no indication. No nothing. Zero. I had no idea. BEWARE they let you know when your assignment is up after you have left the job site. No advance warning. None. So if you have personable items at workplace take them home and don't bring in anything else."


"I worked at All About People Cons: Totally nonexistent after placement. Will leave you on your own without any support system or benefits. No updates when recruitor was replaced. No personal contact for over 6 months."

Diana says

"misleading information throughout the whole site."

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