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Confetti Mario Pelino is one of the oldest Italian confectioneries founded in 1783 by Bernardino Pelino and located in Sulmona, Abruzzo, a region known for the production of Jordan almonds. Since its founding, it has been a family business, and as such, it is a member of the Henokiens Association.

Pelino lacks order status and online orders are not delivered, and there's no customer service at all in any platform, according to a customer complaint at

"Hi, I purchased three different orders from Pelino. I have tried to contact their listed phone number on their website several times to obtain my order status. I have also tried to email and message them through their website and Facebook page. No responses. The phone number that they have listed on their website and Facebook page is not set up for incoming calls. I receive that message on every attempt that I have made. So, the problem is I feel this is a scam and should be reported."


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Martha Ware says

"I have loved the meals and the convenience. However, I'm not loving the shipping issues I'm having, along with the lack of response from Customer Service. Several months ago, I encountered an issue with a late delivery, emailed Factor, and received a prompt response and an acceptable resolution to the problem. Now I have encountered another shipping problem and have emailed them twice, once yesterday, and again this morning, and have not even received a response. Customer service has really gone downhill, apparently."

Jene Molfino says

"I get what everyone is saying about packaging. Just received my FIRST order today. The whole thing has to go in the trash. Why you might ask? Because every container was SATURATED IN GEL as the cold pack exploded. You know, I have been using Freshly meals for years and never did I EVER have a gel pack explode slimy, toxic gel all over my food!! This needs resolution ASAP."

Kiesha Wells says

"I have not yet received a correct, undamaged or edible package."

Stephanie says

"The food is 100%, except the 3 of 7 packages that were unsealed or damaged. Also, the melted gel leaked all over the cooking instructions and out of the box. Yuck! I would give 5 stars for the food, but the delivery makes this unreliable. Customer service hasn't responded to my emails either. ***NO response to my emails even after their reply below***"