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Founded in Italy in 1942, Pedrini has a range of innovative kitchen products, both in style and in use, with a touch of contemporary European flair in all its cookware.

A sad customer wrote a review after she bought a Pedrini´s pan: I was sad because I LOVED how this cooked and was so easy to clean. The food slid right off. But the handledesign is poor. I burned my hand on the red handle because the plastic rubber is so darn thin. I with the makers of these products would think things all the way through and maybe test them for themselves beforeputting them out on the market. Is was very disappointing. It could have been a good product.


Tara says "Sizing guide is giving the wrong information. I am usually a size 12-14. But I am finding a gap at the top of the leggings size M and L and they keep falling down. I have two leggings both large and both fit differently. Very strange. Unfortunately unable to return so I am stuck with these products. I think I will stick to gym shark from now on, more expensive but atleast it fits! I would appreciate a refund as I followed instructions on the site but they have not offered this as I’ve taken the tags off. And it’s only a problem you notice once you have worn it for about an hour. Also, you may notice that on the site you are unable to leave reviews for products. If they were that good they would have added this function. Do not believe all the influencers who are promoting this product, as they are being paid."
Tisha says "Love your products and workout gear."
Dan says "There needs to be a contact number because it is really hard to get a hold of customer service and I am not satisfied because I need to return two packages that should have been medium but were small instead"
Eve says "Having ordered over £100 worth of items two sports bras did not fit. I returned these had to pay £9 to do so paid first class and I am STILL waiting on a refund. I posted them on the 11th July. The customer service team seem not to be bothered in the slightest and seem to have no intentions on sorting my refund. Rather they insist I continue waiting after already having waited over three weeks. I am still out of pocket and quiet astonished that this Is how difficult it is to get a simple refund!!!! Highly infuriating especially given I have shown them proof of postage."

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