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Pearltrees its a company that provides exposed interest graphs. The company's mission is to help users "Democratize Organization of Knowledge" As part of the product's social features, Pearltrees users can synchronize their accounts with both Twitter and Facebook. This bi-directional functionality supports the collection of new pearls[further explanation needed] each time a link is shared or tweeted. New links added to user accounts and new collections created by users can also be broadcast via a user's Twitter and Facebook accounts if users have enabled this feature. Users can also embed a collection into most CMS products including WordPress blogs, Drupal websites, Typepad blogs and others.

An angry customer said this in a review "I thought Pearltrees looked good, but when I went to try it, I couldn't do anything without setting up an account. I absolutely hate this trend toward apps that make you give info about yourself before you can even try the app to see if you really want it. So I went back to the App Store to re-read the app description and reviews. As I often do, I brought up the most critical reviews. That was how I learned that user's Pearltrees and profiles are public by default and you have to pay $30 yr to keep your info private! And some of the reviewers had only learned this when they were contacted by complete strangers online. I think it is outrageous for a developer to insist on your giving them personal information just to try out the product. Moreover, I think it is devious of a developer to make the information public by default without clearly saying so".


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