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Paysafe Group Limited (formerly known as Optimal Payments PLC) is a multinational online payments company. The group offers services both under the Paysafe brand and subsidiary brands that have become part of the group through several mergers and acquisitions, most notably Neteller, Skrill and paysafecard.

Martin shares his experience on Capterra, "We used Paysafe for years. As you have read, they have the WORST customer service. No one ever answers the phone and are only available by email, not answering for days. At one point they stopped depositing ACH for 3 months with NO NOTICE just because the depositing account had not been changed or updated in so long. Why would it change? Its amazing when you really dig into your bill how they deceive you vs what they say they charge and what you pay when you add all 30 plus fees."


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Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employees in other offices are treated better and given better perks than the Houston office. Very unfair. Employees are overworked and under paid."

Call Center Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is incompetent but act like they are smart.They have no previous experience and of course, don't know how to do your job but demand you do it their way. All the good people including managers have quit. The only ones left are the new hires (1-2 yrs.), bad managers and the people who live nearby who prefer to work near home. If you need a job then come here. The atmosphere is stressful. The good people suffer and are managed by managers with pitchforks. You won't die but will suffer mentally which eventually affects your health. Definitely no advancement. They always promote from the outside."

Partner Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company when we were still iPayment. We were aquired and immediately there were lay offs. I understand they wanted to cut redundant positions but management still tried to give a false sense of safety when we weren't always safe (job security wise). There's major micromanagement and the manager and supervisor are not qualified to be in the position they were promoted to."


"I enjoyed my position and the knowledge I learned with my time at Paysafe. Needless to say that was about it, other than my coworkers that was all I liked in my time there. The management staff were very unprofessional, gossipers and just horrible. The management made my job harder than what it needed to be. The unprofessional-ism from management baffled me at times. Nevertheless I learned what I needed to learn to move away from that foolishness.Learning Experiencemanagement and unprofessional"

National Sales Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"It was a wonderful company when it was MCPS of Florida. When Paysafe took over they eliminated many, many good and very dedicated employees. They hired all their people from Ipayments. The culture changed drastically. Very one sided!"

Compliance Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Paysafe is a good company overseas; however the woodlands office does not have the capacity to train individuals for specific positions. They promote based on who you know not what you know. Management, more specifically in the Compliance Dept are clueless when it comes to training new employees. They don't have training materials nor do they have a trainer. Outdated materials. Also the supervisor is a tyrant who has an inflated ego like trump.There is unequal treatment which constitute discrimination. know the job"

Onboarding Reach Around (Former Employee) says

"Millennial heaven with sneakers and Capri pants being the uniform of the day. Entry level pay with entry level quality of employees. Sliding "incentive" scale means you will never see real money. Lousy fulfillment of hardware has many potential customers walking away. Avoid at all costs.Nice LocationToo Many To List"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"* Good parent company * Fair pay * Remote offices do not reflect the culture of the company overall * Lots of favoritism, intimidation tactics * General Manager watched what you ate from the vending machine."

Prospect Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Will never work for any telemarketing again sticking with customer service strictly due to this experience plus this company was not growing. Plus layoffs were starting to happen."

Senior Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Difficult business culture, departments don't communicate and new business contracts get mishandled and subsequently are cancelled by clients. No support by upper management, even less support from IT.High commission structurePor communication"

Human Resources Generalist (Former Employee) says

"Very fun place to work, management is iffy and culture is great. everyone is very nice and a pleasure to work with. there are very long hours and everything seems so luncheslong hours"

Global, Sr. Recruitment Manager | Sr. HR Business Partner (Former Employee) says

"Too much micro management. Employees get overlooked for advancing or growing their career there. Paysafe has gone through alot of changes lately and the culture has changed significantly."

Senior Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work but recommend being local to the Montreal office. The company does not have international processing capabilities unless you work with their e-wallet, Neteller. However the rate for Neteller is high for standard merchants looking to accept payments online. No North American mobile processing although they will say they do. Working remotely puts you at a disadvantage in this corporation while they still focus on those local to Montreal.Nice peoplelack of support"

Fraud Detection Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work usually includes large volume of work and having the need to multitask and operate efficiently. Any room for laziness and lack of help from teammates can lead to queues/volume of work falling behind. Teamwork and individual responsibilities are key for the success of the department and company as a whole. Management needs to worry less about micro management and more about individual contribution to the team and the efficiency of the team as a whole.BenefitsDifficult to advance"

Technologist (Current Employee) says

"Paysafe has a number of verticals, there's a mix of both old and new technologies. Exposure to technology depends solely on the team you get selected in. Management does not have clearly defined goals for Montreal tech department, since most of the work is being outsourced to India. Rest of the departments are quite stable Like- operations, finance."

Sr. Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"the company was great, until they did not want to pay commissions. they would do to not pay out. after about a year they were trying to get rid of inside sales. letting people go new not hiring an new. when started dept of 20 when left dept of 3 people.had fun activites alotto many to list"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Wonderful people, slightly outdated systems architecture. They firmly believe in the "work hard, play hard" motto. They are hiring for low-level jobs, no real possibility of career advancement. There is a lot to be learned, so it makes a good springboard to other jobs elsewhere."

Financial Analyst/Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Pros - Relaxed environment - Good level of careers advancement if you are the right person Cons - Management only care about themselves - Only focus of few members of staff to advance"

Fraud Detection Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Nice workplace and good environment but poor management and job security. Good pay and benefits but poor management and communication within and between departments and no job security.Good salary and benefitsPoor management and communication within and between departments"

Head of Global Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Good working environment. Modern and clean offices in canary wharf. Reasonable work / life balance. Challenging but manageable workload at management level"

Eduard Dos says

"Stay away , the biggest scam payment site like paysafe it's only can be paysafe , the support is so bad , many issues with depositing or transferring money , no live chat , contact with support via email take days to get answers and you get all the time wrong answer to your question , I have ban my account for ever and i will ban Neteller and Skrill as they are paysafe group . Still use Ecopayz account with great live chat support top limit without any issues ."

Yakov says

"Do not deal with this company, they stole 150 thousand euros from me and does not give any comments. For over 4 years I was a VIP client without any problems, but suddenly restrictions were imposed on my account and this has been going on for over 9 months. They do not give any explanations, their CEO Joel Leonoff also does not respond to emails. Are there lawyers here who can help?"

Pat Mcavey says

"This is a huge scam. The price they told me was not what the were billing me. Tryed to resolve this issue and was told sorry about your bad luck. I have called and emailed several times to try and talk to someone in charge but seems that customer sevice dosent have supervisors. I had to call my bank to stop payments because you just cant cancel. Dont waste your time and money. They will lie and rob you and there is nothing you can do about it."

Servco Automotive says

"This company is a scam!! Charged us for non use fees once we quit running credit cards through our Clover due the 50% fees they take from sales. DO NOT even entertain a phone call from this SHAM of a company. WAAY more trouble than it is worth. Sad sack of potatoes."


"This company is an ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! First they sent us a clover processor for free and showed us how much better their rates were than the Square processing system. Then we started getting fees deducted out of our bank account monthly. First it was $85, next it was nearly $200, and then $350. I called customer service, which is an oxymoron, immediately to see what these charges were from. Cierra H agreed to refund $197 in fees immediately and 79.99 after I completed a lengthy survey and scan. After 4 ignored emails over the next 7 days I began to call the phone number she provided. 15 emails and 9 phone calls later I was hung up on by "account manager" Cierra H. She changed the stipulations of giving us the $197 refund and said she issued the $79.99 refund last week. I then asked to terminate the account. She led with "you're not locked into a lease so that is good!" Then proceeded to tell me we would have to pay a $495 fee for early termination. HA! Do yourself a favor and go with square processing, they are straightforward and honest about their fees. Paysafe/Clover is anything but straightforward. This company is running a scam and the customer service is non-existent. Also if you're looking for a refund or to cancel, go through your bank fraud line, because that is what this company is. Our bank manager helped us out instantly and did not give us the run around trying to resolve. UPDATE- PAYSAFE CLAIMS THEY REACHED OUT TO US. THAT IS A LIE!!! Cierra H waived the $495 fee we never signed up for and closed our account. Never saw the refunds she promised were issued two weeks ago. The business is blocked from our bank account due to fraud. WAY TOO LITTLE, WAY TOO LATE."

Ryan Fulton says

"EDIT: I was contacted by Cassandra from Paysafe Customer Relations. We spoke about my situation and she is working with me to come up with a solution. I'll update when I have more information. Con artist salesman from Paysafe/Edje sold me a $14,400 lease ($300/month for 48 months) for equipment that retails for $800-1000 TOTAL when the equipment I already had would have worked just the same on their processing system and he knew it! I was signed up by Jay McGraw an extremely dishonest, deceptive salesman from Edje Solutions who knowingly scammed me and my small business (restaurant) in the middle of the covid-19 Minnesota dining shutdown. My sales rep, Jay, looked at one of my monthly statements from my old processor and told me that with him that bill would have been more than $800 lower. He said this was because his company is a "wholesale iso" that allows them to offer far better rates than other processors and that I could cancel at anytime with no questions asked. I thought that sounded great, however, at the time that I switched I was already under a lease agreement for two Dejavoo Z11 machines with around 36 months left for $98.65/month. I told my sales rep that I did not want another lease and asked if it was possible to reprogram my Dejavoo machines to his system. My rep told me that those machines would not work on the system and that I needed First Data machines (This was a BLATANT LIE. Dejavoo Z11's do work on their system, in fact they sell leases for them as well!). He said that lease agreements are no problem to get out of and that I would be able to get out of my previous lease, as well as the new one with him, anytime that I wanted with no penalty. He said that the new lease would be more expensive ($329.33/month w/tax) but I had to do it to get the cheap processing fees. He added that with $800/month in savings on processing fees plus the $329.33/month lease, I would still be saving around $500/month. For the record, every bill for the past six months has also been at least $900 more per month than the price Jay told me it would be. I have been given two $400 credits, with the promise of more, but the amount I am being overcharged is adding up much faster than the credits are coming in. I have tried to work with them for the past six months, but they will NOT LET ME OUT OF ANY OF MY CONTRACTS and every attempt to lower my monthly bill has failed."

Fiona Ford says

"Avoid this company at all costs. They are facilitating fraud by readily processing refunds for fake transactions from booking software provider MINDBODY. Financial conduct highly questionable - with all the sophisticated tools available, as a payment processor, no checking actually done to see the payment was received in the first place, before blindly issuing a refund to fake 'client' and their credit card, for services not being offered during a pandemic. I have been issued with a bill for over £350 in chargeback fees, with 5 days to pay the 'debt'. Highly questionable timing of this 'debt' letter, just two days before my MINDBODY account was set to be closed having had no notification of this debt accruing or even a simple confirmation of my 30 day's notice to close the account, which would have reduced the chargeback fees or at very least, alerted the fraudulent activities and chargeback accumulation. It is clear it not in their interest to stop these fraudulent activities, as it is a useful income generator for them, so I would look elsewhere for a payment provider with an honest policies and how they intend to communicate when provided with the opportunity to do so, about fraudulent transactions so they do not easily accommodate them. It is not difficult as a payment gateway and software provider to contact your paying client, notify them that they have been contacted by a fake customer to refund £10, check the credit card is legit, find out whether this fake customer received the service they paid for and remind them it will incur a £25 fee to refund under their chargeback scheme, unless they are happy to profit from it and do NOTHING but blindly process a refund to a fake card that did not pay in the first instance! Where is the responsibility in the contract between payment gateway and client? I have experienced none in this scenario and recommend that others avoid this company as they are super fast to absolve of any responsibility so far. Avoid Paysafe at all costs. -------------------- Further to Paysafe's 'cut and paste' response below - please don't be fooled. To date, Paysafe have not 'reached out to me for more information' nor would they 'love to help or find out more about my situation'. I have however had a debt demand email and an explanation that Paysafe do justify that they can accumulate charge back costs to the merchant without following the same protocols as any business bank in the financial industry. Their operations and policies are almost as fake as the non legitimate 'clients' who triggered the chargebacks from numerous fake credit cards in Hong Kong registered to UK addresses."

Frank Iuro says

"Was contacted by a sales rep from Edje who told me (what turns out to be) blatant LIES about credit card processing charges, percentages, services, etc. Before service even started I was charged the full gamut of monthly fees for the month BEFORE my service began. I called and that was refunded. The first monthly statement came and the total charges were about TWICE what my previous processor charged. I called and was told (what turned out to be) MORE blatant lies about PCI charges "in lieu of" yearly fees - but the following month, lo and behold, the yearly fee showed up on the statement. For two months some random fee of $39.95 suddenly started being debited from my account. I have still had NO attempt to rectify the situation except an ineffectual email saying that they'd like to keep my business. in a related incident - About a year ago a mystery amount of $19.95 began showing up as a debit against my account. After A LOT of tracing down with help from my bank and parent banking organizations we were able to track it down to one of the affiliates within this organization - They had "somehow" tapped into an account THAT I HAD NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR OR ACTIVATED (although they had received my banking info in order to do price comparisons, etc. THREE YEARS PRIOR!!) I question how many other businesses are being fleeced of money through random bogus charges that appear legitimate on bank statements!! **Edit - Added after reply by Paysafe - How did you attempt to contact me? I saw no email, received no phone call. Was this just a standard reply that you send out to all entries here?"

Aminah says

"I cant think of other worst words to say. I didnt realize at first that Paysafe, Neteller and Skrill were all the same company... Their fees is 50% and literally charge you idle fees if you dont use account over a month. The sad part is people still use them even after their account is blocked and money stolen by paysafe thugs..... THESE COMPANIES ARE TERRORIST WITH REGULATION...They even sell your data (adress, name, phone etc) to other criminals."

Marina Sievert says

"NO!!! NO!!! and NO!!! After 2 days they shutdown my company account and put on hold the money for 90 days! Now they release $3500 and telling me the other $2500 they don't have it. After investigation, they founded the money but WAIT they telling me they NEVER charge the customers... WHAT??? I do have a Successful Credit Card Settlement Report and they were charge but PAYSAFE just still $2500 from the small company! Shame on YOU!"

Jesse Connor says

"Small businesses beware!! Do not use Any companies affiliated with paysafe! on two separate occasions with two different companies affiliated with paysafe multiple charges from my bank account that could not be explained they did not refund, these charges were made before and after my account was closed they will lie to you and say anything to get you to sign a contract. Believe me you will have random charges to account and they will play dumb and not give it back. I have all my emails and all my bank statement lined up ready to send into Better Business Bureau they will be notified this has to stop I'm not the only person that this has been to done to dont be the next!!!!!"

Jerry Smales says

"The salesperson from Edje Solutions who uses PaySafe. The sales rep told me I could cancel my account for any reason. When I got off the phone a read the fine print, the contract says I am responsible for the equipment if the company fails to pay for it. I was not told this upfront, and I surely would not agree to it. I tried to cancel, I called the salesperson back the next morning (he would not accept my calls), I emailed him and customer service and told them I cancel my account. Yesterday, a customer rep told me that I can't cancel that I am stuck with it. So I am in the process of filing a complaint with FTC for deceptive practices if we can't work this out."

Phil Villaflor says

"Beware Paysafe they are big scum ."

safe says

"Same as a lot of others recently. Pafesafe and the complaint. They teamed up and messed about with peoples accounts taking money I had won on the pools out of bank account weeks after I withdrew it. This clearly shows on my bank and was NOT a duplicate error as they have claimed. From then without fixing problem struck a deal with to fix error.. they have fixed nothing and wasting everyones time! I as with many have left a review both here and thepools I am filing a complaint with the FCA and my Bank of the actions of this company and dipping into peoples bank accounts messing around with it via whom do nothing about it! FCA need to know about this"

David Denny says

"Was directed to the paysafe website from a 3rd party sports betting site when trying to deposit using paysafe card. I deposited on there thinking it would allow me to deposit on the sports betting site. In a number of emails they have told me there is no way of giving me my money back without me paying what is 14% of the actual deposit. I think this is ridiculous, when I’ve asked for alternatives, I’ve just been sent details on how to cancel the account if I’m not happy. Taken my money, and are trying to take a fee to give me it back, without providing any service."