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Payoneer is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital.

Read the following article on about 8 things you should know before signing up to Payoneer, "The cons of Payoneer are: there are several different types of fees, high card transaction fees, and many hoops to jump through, with potential for prohibitive issues."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"lack of management and room to grow in the company. Many workers unsatisfied with pay and work environment"

Customer Care says

"( All middle management): pay lowered; not helpful system for customers"

Former Employee - Customer Care Manager says

"Terrible salary Highly political No work/life balance"

Former Employee - Customer Care Representative says

"Mundane. You'll basically be doing the same thing everyday. Talking to customers with similar problems in an endless string of calls lasting all day. They'll want you to also write emails all day when you're not on call but its hard when it gets interrupted by constant calls. Not too much micromanaging but it can be annoying."

QA Engineer (SDET) says

"I was offered a role as a QA Developer, but after a week the job became 90% manual QA work. The NY team is isolated from the rest of the dev teams in Israel. This causes conversations and things to get resolved to be very slow. I was interviewed on the Page pattern for web testing, but this is highly discouraged when you start actually working. Management is learning what and why unit tests are important. This company is not a startup, they have been around for more than 10 years. Since the company does not work with recruiters, expect to haggle over salary with HR and your future manager together. Any number you mention will be counter offered aggressively."

Customer Care Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"the managers are terrible and incompetent. It is really not clear how they choose who gets a promotion or not, I've seen people who have been there for a year or longer get passed up for a position for a person who just started. the new york office constantly gets ragged on and has to clean up the messes that the other offices make. The managers of customer care are childish and unprofessional. People who are lazy and nonchalant get rewarded while the ones who work so hard are often overlooked. the managers are disrespectful and really do not care about their workers. HR is TERRIBLE and unprofessional as well. They also do not care about their workers and have done so many things that an HR person should really know better not to do. I can go on and on but I digress, God help anyone who signs up to work there and who is currently still working there. The fact that people will quit that job knowing they have nothing else to help them make money is how you know its friday lunch, health benefits, travel benefits, discountsmanagers are liars, not enough pay, always cleaning up other employees messes, discipline isnt given when needed"

Senior Customer Relations Professional (Former Employee) says

"Started out great with a lot of promises for advancement. Overtime those promises were not kept and interviews were not even available to certain staff. Many if not all operations positions went to non employees."

CLIENT SPECIALIST (Current Employee) says

"If you simply want to have a job and are not interested in growth apply here. The work is not difficult at all but changes in management and the culture of the office is not good."

Customer Care Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Israeli based company. All of your tasks/feedback will be administered from someone in a different country. H.R never in sync with employees.No sense of urgency when issues are raised"


"The look is more important that the actual reality. A lot of things feel forced upon you. Organization of work not methodical. Work harder not smarter.DependsLots"

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"The companies mission and product are amazing. You truelly feel you are hlping SMBs around the world , the Management are really good people, but lack focuse on their ling term strategy"

Payoneer SUCKS!! says

"What a horrible horrible trashy company! The staffs are jerking off 24/7. On FB customers are fighting with them to process their application. They dont give a F about customers! If my company didnt make me use Payoneer, I would\'ve been a lot happier with paypal. And takes 3 minutes to sign up with Paypal. They dont require blood DNA, and, your hair sample to process your application. Payoneer wants to bankrupt its self!! Custom service TRASH!! takes them 3 to 5 weeks just to process the most simplest things. And they\'ll reject you for unknown reasons. They\'ve the most stupidest staff working for them. They get paid to ignore customers. Paypal needs to setup their game, to help Payoneer to bankrupt themselves since their hate customers. "

Lionel Weston says

"I have only used it once. I got a payout from eBay and now I am not allowed to withdraw my funds saying that I have to reach a limit first. I have tried searching to find what the limit it but the site has no information. I can\'t even use the funds to pay for my eBay transactions. WHY do we need this shit service. PayPal is way much better in every way. Why ruin a good thing with an absolute disaster of a service like this?"

Nicolas De Corte says

"For the last 3 weeks, I have incoming and outgoing funds that are being blocked. The platform says to wait 3-5 business days before the money is transferred, I'm waiting 15 business days now. I tried to contact the support team. The platform says that the team replies within 3 days. I'm waiting for 8 days now..."

Hanaa Elsayed says

"It's been 20 days and my bank account is still under reviewing! I'm so disappointed"

Rach says

"I ordered my card on October 03, 2020, but Payoneer asked me for information to verify my address, like "Thank you for ordering a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®. To continue processing your order, we need some additional information from you. " No problem i sent docs but they refused it without any explanation, I sent invoices again ... the same result, refused without any explanation, it lasted until November 9, 2020, when I finally received this message "We're happy to let you know that we have approved your request for a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®." I did not receive anything on the scheduled date, I tried another time, the same result, in total I tried 4 times and always the same result, until January 18, 2021, I decided to order again via DHL, and for that you have to contact support, while Payoneer just have to add a checkbox (I want to be shipped via DHL) at the time of ordering, anyway i've been charged for that, (I spent an hour), the agent finally assured me that everything is good and that the card will be delivered via DHL, a day later, I receive an email that my card has been sent through REGULAR MAIL !!!!!!, the next day I contacted support via live chat (30 min) and they confirmed that the card had indeed been delivered via REGULAR MAIL not DHL !!!! I asked for explanations, there was none. In short, Payoneer's support is poor, if you use the ticket system, it takes forever to receive a response (when they answer they mark the ticket as resolved) Dear Payoneer, i've been your clients for years and unfortunately now im looking for an other solution because of your support."