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Edison Properties is a privately owned real estate holding and development firm based in Newark, New Jersey founded in 1956. The company has holdings in New Jersey, New York City, and Baltimore including many parking lots marketed under ParkFast and storage units marketed under Manhattan Mini Storage. The company is affiliated with the family-run Gottesman Real Estate Partners.

A customer shares his disappointing experience on yelp, "Parked tonight at Parkfast Hippodrome. We always do but this night we prepaid through spot hero for parking from 5:30 PM for 12 hours. At checkout when we went to get the car at 11 pm was advised we owed 8 dollar surcharge because we entered at 5:27 instead of 5:30. We had paid for the spot for 12 hours, picked it up less than six hours later and because we were early to arrive by three minutes there was a crazy surcharge? Then we went to pick up the car and the poor attendants were bringing up car after car that did not belong to anyone on the ever-increasing line. Some kind of glitch with the computer system that posts the cars on a screen after you pay. Took forty minutes to get the car along with all the people behind us still waiting for them to sort out the computer issue."


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