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Pandora (often styled PANDORA) is a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen. The company started as a family-run jewelry shop in Copenhagen. Pandora is known for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, necklaces, and (now discontinued) watches. The company has a production site in Thailand and markets its products in more than 100 countries on six continents with more than 7,800 points of sale.

Hawaii33189 posted a review on Amazon after buying a Pandora bracelet on September 2015:

"I bouth a different bracelet to compare and I don't like this one because every time I take it off, the charms come off. Terrible purchase."


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Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"They do not care if you have a family at home. They only care if you make youre daily goals and bring them money into the company. Do not call out you're responsible fine replacement! Not the manager"

Commessa (Former Employee) says

"Attenzione! Fanno un sacco di promesse per quanto riguarda il lavoro ma poi non tengono nessuno c e sempre ungran riciclo perché a loro conviene!! E pretendono tantissimo dal punto di vista delle vendite ma a conti fatti appena impari qualcosa ti lasciano a casa e senza motivazione!! Cons: Precarietà competitività pressing"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place you could possibly work. The pay is way below what you should be making especially with a big company like pandora. The management, both in the store and corporate, are terrible. They do not care about your personal well-being only the business. The only good thing is the discount. There is no room to grow. They will act like they are going to consider you for promotions and will give it to someone else without even saying anything. Absolute liars. Stay away. Cons: Terrible management, long hours, low pay"

Specialized in Merchandising Jewelry of All Kinds (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had. Pay was horrible and management was unprofessional lazy people with no managerial skills. Owner also very cheap, pay was really bad. You can work 40 hours a week and you’ll be making 300 maximum"

Vendeuse (Current Employee) says

"Vous n'êtes qu'un numéro. On vous fait énormément de promesses qui n'aboutissent finalement jamais. La direction entretient un climat de compétitivité entre les employés, vos chiffres sont scrutés tout les jours et on vous rappel à l'ordre par mail durant la journée. La direction fait peser une pression constante sur les employés sans tenir compte de la fréquentation générale des autres magasins. Et si vous réclamez les avantages promis on vous fait comprendre que vous remplacer ne représente qu'un coup de téléphone donc vous avez intérêt à vous écraser. Rémunération très loin de ce qui était promis à l'entretien. Cons: Direction inhumaine"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Totale assenza di managerialità , middle management praticamente assente e inadeguato. Cons: Mancanza di HR"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"You are quite literally chewed up and spat back out, taken advantage of no career progression the assistant manager walks around like she is the she became that is beyond most peoples knowledge gets away with bullying people staff even managers are almost scared to tell her to her face about herself do not i repeat do not have any sick or illnesses or injuries at this pandora and if your from an ethnic minority you definitely do not stand a chance!! Cons: Long shifts without a break constantly watched and picked on"

Sales Associate (Christmas Temp) says

"1 of the most unhappy time ever....was the oldest in the branch respect. From most of them program really needs to be looked at. ..too long and no help..then sacked me email..rather than in person ...could have took it further but another job within hours of that email. Cons: No help"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"So much pressure put on staff for very poor pay. Manager was barely present on shop floor would go get hair/nails/ food shopping and collect child even on busy days. When shop targets weren't reached, staff would be questioned by area manager and manager would just point fingers. A lot of rumours spread by manager about girls personal life, partners, weight gain/loss. Cons: Pay, bad environment, too much pressure"

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Stay away at all costs.. the money is absolutely shameful. The pressure you are put under is unbelievable. We,as a team tried our hardest day in day out and we were NEVER thanked! Senior management could not care less about their workers well being. Any problem that was brought to them was turned back on you. No trust whatsoever in staff.. had to sign our own jewellery everyday and we were also given body scanners to make sure people were not sneaking out (overly priced) jewellery in our underwear. Cons: Pay, hours, rota, senior management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Assistant mgr and leads played favorites. If they did not like you they treated u badly. They did everything to sabotage you. Forced you to sell the credit cards when most people did not want them. Quotas and goals that were impossible to meet. Very toxic work environment Cons: To many to list"

Key Holder/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"The entire store culture revolves around gossip and it is awful. Upper management only cares about numbers and having control not anything else. My managers would specifically ask questions to other employees to find out if people were socializing outside of work without her knowledge. They use their employees (when the owner couldn’t afford to have a second assistant, all of a sudden store policy was changed and key holders were suddenly allowed to perform tasks that only upper management was allowed to and we’re not compensated for the added tasks). They will discourage you and tell you they don’t need you and will hire more suitable associates if you aren’t making your numbers. Cons: Everything else."

Management (Former Employee) says

"I have never before worked for a less organized company with such selfish owners/upper-management. The Owners have made several off-color comments about King of Prussia’s clientele and would not like that to reflect in who was hired. In management, we were not permitted to have two days off in a row and there was absolutely no work/life balance; one night you would close and the next morning you would be expected to open, per the Ownership. In both of my in-person interviews, I was told I had full benefits and coverage, including dental and vision. When I went to fill out my benefit package, I was told that was not available to me any longer. The way this franchise handled the COVID19 pandemic is an embarrassment. The Owners have no regard for the well-being of their employees, as well as have no direction in how a business should be run. The turnover rate at this location was extremely surprising to me, but after less than a month of working there, I soon realized why. This franchise has no chance of progressing in your career. Much of my training provided for management was not completed and after vocalizing that I needed more time to learn things and further instruction, it was held against me in my evaluations. DO. NOT. WORK. HERE. Cons: Everything else"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, no proper training provided never got any support, even though you worked so hard and achieved all your targets and kpi's never got appreciated."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is for the Times Square (42nd St) location, who also manages Herald Square."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Allowed racism, sexism, bullying, and couldn’t value any of their employees. Turnover rate is ridiculous. I was with the company when it was franchised and it was a completely different ballgame. When they became corporate, the jewelry quality fell. It would come broken, break in the cases, and tarnish simply by existing. Their current district manager was fired from Banana Republic due to homophobia. Homophobia is a common issue in this company, actually."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There are much better work environments out there. This one was very unhealthy and a very hostile work environment. In all honesty, I wouldn't bother."

Conseillère de vente et responsable merchandising (Current Employee) says

"Absolument horrible comme expérience !! Cons: Salaire, reconnaissance, habits"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The owners of this business are extremely out of touch with reality and treat their employees like dirt. They made someone who was openly stealing from others and lying about their hours a keyholder. The owners will watch you from another city on the security cameras and call to yell at your if they think you’re not trying to sell and explain the stupid charm bracelets to every person who walks through the door."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Biased and hostile work environment"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: * the culture is really just toxic. i've heard and seen people cry there too often in staircases. * eng teams aren't motivated to develop and work on new products. they're not even motivated to fix tech debt. just change the name of the team/project and the tech debt goes away. magic. * a lot of finger pointing from team to team that instead of focusing on a product to build, people focus more on finger pointing and getting validating for themselves * people there are so negative having been in such a toxic culture for so long, that i'v seen team members gang up on new employees. the new employees are just waiting until the one year vest period, if they can wait that long. * product hasn't really improved or innovated in the last 5 years. it couldn't keep up with spotify before the siriusXM acquisition, now they don't even bother now. * there's more internal passive-aggressive argument between managers, directors, and leaders that there's no need to solve any company issues. duct tape and bubble gum."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"I have been working at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything throughout the interview process and on-boarding was an outright lie. All depts are being slashed and your available resources crumble or are being outsourced. Ridiculous quotas that make no sense and rolled out midway through the quarter. You will constantly be lied to about commission and told "we're working to get this figured out". Don't worry I'll save you the suspense--it won't. You will be the voice to all your clients of why campaigns are underdelivering and you have to fall on the sword everytime or you're just cutting off your nose to spite your face. I can't recommend enough do not waste your time here."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - poor leadership - next big sound - slogan-driven management - no recognition for individual contributors - recognition-driven company"

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than a year Cons: Severe politicking by tenured employees and middle management; Unwritten and enforced terrible work-life balance; HR personnel that deserve to be called evil HR people."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Pandora Media, LLC full-time Cons: The leadership team is very weak and the future seems dim"

Current Employee - Sales Development says

"I have been working at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Poor top management, coupled with extremely negative gender politics and a lack of any true marketing or strategic leadership in the org make Pandora a very challenging place to work and be happy. Also so much dead weight - many VPs who add little to no value to the org."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - No clear direction or leadership or vision for the future. - No accountability. Decision making is so spread out that it takes forever to get anything done. As a side effect, low performers are never held accountable for their terrible decisions and poor work output. Product development management is more concerned with playing politics than actual results. - Lazy, inefficient employees - see the 3 day weekend/ "work" from home Fridays. Difficult to get anything done due to people working 10-4 four days a week. - Useless product managers. No innovation to speak of with "me-too" feature ideas, always playing catch up to the competitors. They add to bureaucracy, try to drive every decision, and ignore engineering input. There are far too many product managers for the amount of engineers, resulting in a huge backlog of work and not enough people to do it. - No engineering culture. It's impossible to drive new product or process ideas from the engineering side. See above for how product controls everything. - Subpar pay and no 401k matching. - Terrible morale, most people are just running out the clock until the next opportunity pops up. - Bleak business outlook, most people believe the company will be bought soon. - Terrible place to be a woman, men are constantly manterrupting, leering, and creating uncomfortable situations such as asking coworkers on dates. Raising these issues to management resulted in victim blaming and no positive outcomes."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor communication Horrible company culture Elitist mentality Outdated operations Silo-d Departments"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Pandora Media, LLC full-time Cons: Demoralizing environment No opportunity for growth High turnover"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Pandora Media, LLC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: -Toxic, negative environment -Severely political -Unhealthy snacks/bevs -No 401k match -Comp structure is based on your resume, alone (not on performance or how hard of a worker you are) -Merit process is a joke -Passing the buck is a thing here for most managers -Something is very wrong at the top and no one is addressing the elephant in the room Really sad how I walked in so hopeful for this place 4 years ago, given that it really did excite me to work for such a great company with great values and big goals. Leadership has been completely turned upside down since my start here. It’s a bureaucracy and no one seems to have the power to make tough decisions or, better yet, be realistic and openly talk about the bottom line. Your job will have no stability here, and it’ll likely be outsourced. The turnover is so high, and the morale is low low low. Your team will dissolve and the expectation is for you to continue to be buried in their workload plus yours, with no financial incentive. Do not buy into the hype of this place. It will drag your spirits down and spit you out faster than when you walked through those doors."

Debra says

"I ordered a sister charm online which was priced at £22.00 on 30th November 2020. I joined Pandora as a member so I could get free delivery. My gift arrived and free delivery. In December I checked my bank statement and noticed Pandora had charged me £28.00 after I had paid. I then checked my emails and £28.00 charge. I then rang customer service, no joy. Assistant just kept saying it was £28.00 at the time of sale. I tried to log on to Pandora website but it kept saying my email address was unrecognised so I couldn't check the transaction. So I then took the matter up with Resolver but again Pandora refused to budge. It's not the amount they overcharged me by (I give much more away to animal charities), it's the principal. This should not be allowed to happen. Disgraceful company and I hope they eventually lose customers and go bust, it's all they deserve."

Brian Beckett says

"Ordered my new partner a Christmas present from here and as like the other negative reviews experienced the exact same issue. Money was taken from my account on the 5th December then never received anything, as I paid through PayPal it said I would be notified when the order had been processed, I gave them the benefit of the doubt with corona and left it before contacting them, with time ticking down I emailed them to look into what was happening and left it the period of time they asked and followed up. It actually took me taking to social media to shame them into responding, I got a very curt reply telling me I had cancelled the order. They wouldn't accept that they were in fact wrong and told me I would have to wait until the new year to get my money back. I spoke to my bank who said the money had indeed come out of my account and was awaiting to be claimed by Pandora, I spoke to PayPal who confirmed the same, eventually after about 4 hours I managed to speak to a human who assured me they would rectify the problem and I would receive my order. I received nothing until I chased them for them to rather rudely repeat that I had cancelled the order and they refused to accept that they had not requested the money and in fact the issue was theirs. They then restated the money would not be released until the new year. I ended up running around talking to PayPal and my bank to get my money back, I received an email 2 weeks after all this to say they had cancelled and released the funds. The company are shockingly bad, their customer service is appalling and the attitude of the staff leaves a lot to be desired."

Budd & missy Johnson says

"I ordered 5 items online in the sale, 2 were for a birthday gift. The order went through no problem at all and I checked my bank and the money had been taken. I was so excited for them to be delivered on the 5th of January. The birthday was the 7th of January so plenty of time to get them wrapped and delivered to the birthday girl. I logged in to my Pandora account on the day of delivery to see if they had a time only to find out they had cancelled my order a couple of hours after me paying for it. They didn’t bother to send an email to let me know they had cancelled it because that is the kind of customer service Pandora have. I was shocked when I saw the cancelled order. I thought surely they must have emailed me so I checked my spam folder and my trash just in case I deleted it by accident, nothing. I obviously wasn’t good enough for them to let me about what they had done. I contacted Pandora through online chat and explained my predicament. The customer care team tried to tell me they had a problem with taking the payment. I can assure you the payment HAD been taken and now I’m having to wait to get my money back. They then blamed it on the items going out of stock while I was trying to pay for them. If that’s the case it doesn’t let you go through with the transaction. I have ordered from Pandora enough times to know what happens if something goes out of stock during payment. If that was the case why take my money. It’s not really the fact you cancelled the order, it was the not informing me you had done so. I’m so angry at them, for such a large company to treat customers like this is appalling. Just let me tell you Pandora, NO business is too big to go under if you treat your customers like 2nd class citizens. It’s the likes of us that took you where you are now and if need be we can take you back down again. A little piece of advice Pandora, treat your customers well and we will come back to you over and over, treat us like dirt and you will choke on our dust as we bypass you and purchase from a better company."

Jenny says

"They were closed. And now we're going into tier 4. What am i supposed to buy my boyfriend for christmas now. They really wanted a pandora ring. Now what am I going to get them? go to swarovski? they dont want a swarovski ring, they wanted matching star wars pandora rings!!!! its a joke. Angry is an understatement. Ruined my christmas!"

rusha shahrin says

"Horrible experience!! They lied. I order some gifts on Black Friday sale. After 8 days when I Called them where is my products they said manager will call you back with in 24/48 hours. NOBODY CALLED ME BACK. Then I called then back after 48 hours they said it showed it’s been pending but they are pretty sure it’s been canceled. Now they are offering me they can go through with the purchase but IN REGULAR PRICE. SERIOUSLY. Horrible"

Stuart James says

"Appalling customer service. Bought three items on Black Friday. Emailed to ask when they would be delivered and got no reply, called there helpline, connected to another call answering company and told that they could not find my order, checked my Paypal account to discover my payment was pending, then told that my order had failed so the items would not be coming and that I would have to order again at the normal price. What a cock-up. Will not be using online Pandora ever again."


"I purchased a ring online from pandora website on the 31st of oct it is now the 4th of Dec and I still haven't received my order or a refund which I have requested helpline dosent answer and emails going unanswered disgrace very unhelpful"

c standing says

"Bought some extra Xmas present for my Daughter. They arrived today 2 to a cheap box with even cheaper foam in which one assumes they can be mounted. No the foam is cheap and tacky. Pandora you need to get your act together. If you spend £50 or more for an item at least have the sense to send it in a proper presentation box not some cheap rubbish you use. I spent £200 and expected better. I know this is junk jewellery but even so you expect a far better presentation. Shame on you Pandora"

Good Service says

"Spend a lot of cash £220. Pandora cannot even send gift bags. 4 items and not one box or gift bag......what can i put them in...Food bags. Disgusted......"

Lee Ryder says

"never will i buy on line again i returned an item in july and still waiting on the refund !!! absolutely disgusted in the whole charade !!! email; after email and still no resolution !! and no ever answers the phone"

Wayne Switzer says

"Poor search function. Search for Echo Beach - an 80s staple - yielded MANY other results and NONE of the versions of the actual song. Not the first time - this is a pattern with Pandora. Buh Bye Pandora. Don't write. Hesitate to call."